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  1. DW kick, Pearl Signature Snare. Sonor toms, Paiste 17 inch crash Sabian Studio 19 inch crash Sabian 20 inch crash 22 inch paiste ride, 14inch Sabian hihats.
  2. hehehehehe link removed breaking in a new drumkit, and a giga whistle.
  3. oh, if its on wii, I dont need a 360. JOY
  4. game confirmed legit. Ill drum or guitar for anyone who wants to form an OCR Rockband. This is the only thing in teh world that would gt me to spend money on a xbox 360. Even THIS game couldnt make me shell out for a P Shit 3 edit: Vig, Zircon, I and Star Salzman shuold form a super group.
  5. Thanks for the kind words, taking the wip down now so it will disappear into obscurity
  6. This i something im tossing together with some newly obtained celtic instruments. The music is from Suikoden 1 and 2. Both of the castle themes.
  7. I think I should do what carl johnson would do. I gotta rob some bitches before the big bust.
  8. Hey ya'all. I woke up today to find a mailing leaflet under my door. It was from the Inglewood superior courthouse near my Job in El Segundo CA. It says that I failed to appear in court. I owe CA 1462 dollars for bail. My Drivers license is on hold. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY! I call the Court, and a fix it I recieved bk in april which I thought I took care of, is the root of this evil. A 10 dollar processing fee, and proof of registration and insurance, that I thought I took care of ended up going from the fix it to a Failure to appear... Any suggestions on what to do?
  9. Trenthian

    Nintendo Wii

    You guys should become testers for NOA. They give their testers free wii and games. (WEEKS before their ship date.)
  10. This is one of the least pretensious remixes I have heard in a while. Very listenable and fun. I really love the bounce and the attention to vary standardized and pretty use of tone. I was disappointed when it ended, I was like... WAIT!!! ROLL INTO A 30 MINUTE LONG MEDLEY. But no. I cannot have coital relations with a remix in Four minutes and Fourty-four seconds. I need at least another 15 minutes.
  11. I think Sega should top making sonic games, and focus on putting money into high quality arranged albums of old sonic games. The music is the only thing i ever really loved about any sonic game... although I didnt really like any sonic music after sonic adventure.
  12. phoenix wright has made me the woman of character I am today. At work, I ALWAYS slam the table and yell "HOLD IT!" I also scream "TAKE THAT!" when I am about to present sound proof against someone's half baked arguments.
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    Nintendo Wii

    [jokes]Oh no, don't get me wrong. we anally violated him in the car as we dropped him off. What kind hearted americans wouldnt? [/jokes]
  14. Sources which im protecting because they kindly violated an NDA
  15. My sources claim development has been slow but steady for the next street fighter. There is still a possibility that the project will be shelved.
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    Nintendo Wii

    My fiancee and I waited in line for a wii last saturday. It was to be my Birthday gift to myself. (this friday, the 16th) We arrived at the first target on our list. There were 54 people waiting in line for the sunday shipment. My Fiancee being the resourceful type, totally had a map ready with all the targets in my area ready to go, and they were all on major street intersections and probably as unlikely to score as this target. All but one. There is a little target in the middle of a hard to reach residential area. I got there. 2 couples in line. we recieved the 3rd place in wii line paper. Then the vultures started their decent. There was chaos and tires squeeling. Children as young as 7 years old (very brave asian kids these days) coming to the store Unoccompanied by an adult, with get this... A EFFING PIKACHU PIGGY BANK FULL OF DOLLAR BILLS. We said he as with us, and made sure he was far away from predatory wii buyers. (he got 4th place in the wii line.) By the end there were only 24 consoles shipped to that target and 60ish people in line. Yes, they had to turn away 30ish people there for wiis. no rainchecks or anything... groans and everything. And surplus people were still waiting in line, as if any of the chosen 24 were going to drop out of the line 5 minutes before the store opened. We kept pikachu kid close all throughout the event. ( and even drove him and his wii home. He walked 5 blocks by himself.) Just as frantic was the line for the DS. (yes a seperate effing line for the Nintendo DS.) I picked up Twilight princess (OMFG I LOVE.) and Trama Center, Second Opinion (havent had a chance to open it) A 1 gig Wii SD card, ( I probably should have just got a regular SD card, but I was worried about compatibility, which there are probably no problems, but I dont mind paying a little extra to nintendo. I picked up a Classic style wii controller, and an extra wiimote and nunchuk. And 2000 wii points. All in all after spending a small fortune, I adore my wii. After all that hubub, I just got a present from some extended family, (they teamed up to buy me, a ... nintendo wii.) I have an extra wii... so, Im going to sell it at cost to a friend or family, or for a best offer on craigslist. It was a very good wii experience. Nintendos stock (NTDOY) as of E3 (may 06) was 17 dollars a share, and their stock last I checked was being traded at 34 Dollars a share ( and thats not their peak). Anyone who'd have invested E3 era, made bank
  17. I know there is someone here who wants to do something with us.
  18. this was a cold read yesterday, 01/27/07
  19. dude thats what real guns are for. Amateur...
  20. hehe, I think Im going to go ahead and make good my threat of arranging a VP2 medley for T-ROOT. Original piece from the soundtrack clickies sketched in 15 minutes Clickies!