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  1. Bump for the lulz. Oh yeah, and the evite is almost ready to go.
  2. Trenthian

    RIP Arguru

    My primary sequencer sheds tears of blood.
  3. I'd be overwashed with joy. And maybe Larry "Caramella" Oji might not have to listen to me refer to him as my queen as often.
  4. Oh yeah! Wii. People, I will have my Wii number available so you can download your very own trenthian mii to your wii's when you get back from the shindig. I encourage everyone who has a wii and wants to trade mii's to have their Mii id numbers ready to go. Love love.
  5. Its all good, i think starting july, Ill be hosting a Bi-annual meetup, one for July, and One for Dec/Jan. so all is not lost for you Mr. Getman.
  6. Hot chicks punch and pie. fun fun fun now is not the time for flakeyness.
  7. Ill be setting up a Evite soon. But I really would like to see a larger list of who all is interested in coming. Chime in, also ideas for entertainment are welcome.
  8. tentatively Saturday the 21st of July. yes I know harry potter is like right around that time, so it might conflict with your sensible social life, but yeah its a saturday in july that works for me. the only other July option would be the following saturday.
  9. if you dont ever leave you house, you can come too, but you must be prepared to cast off inhibitions and be social.
  10. After talking with Arek, we will be hosting at my place most likely. Who is interested in having great fun for great justice?
  11. Just chiming in to gauge the possible attendance if I were to host a SO-cal OC meetup In LA sometime in July. Ammenities included - Limited house Access(bathroom, living room, kitchen) Pool, Jacuzzi, and Umbrella table. Minutes from a VERY large park, (bbq? ducks and geese... but no pirate ) Please respond before June 15th if you are interested.
  12. just some stuff I pooped out. I stated off as a chiptune like nonsense, and then layed drums over fl Defaults. (Nes)-track1.mp3 (synth)-track1.mp3
  13. the fret noises are driving me nuts. Less is more boyo.
  14. the only disappointment i have about last nights concert, is that I couldnt stay there for another 8 hours. Well maybe also that they didnt play "Thoughts of a Dying Athiest" I havent heard of them ever playing that live though... so I guess i cant really expect them to start.
  15. "Our management is shit!" - Matt Bellamy
  16. i want to rewind to yesterday.
  17. How early should i get there? doors open at 7:00pm their openers start at 8:00pm muse starts at 9:00pm, Im thinking if we are on site at 7:30 pm, everything should be fine. thoughts?
  18. Anyone going to the MUSE concert tomorrow in Inglewood CA? Ill be there with my fiancee. Maybe we can organize a car pool?
  19. updated, only looking for a little feedback. trying some new EQ. the PC and headphones Im using to produce this are very poor. Dimensional Migrant Pre-Alpha
  20. thread TLDR This is possibly the only thread on OCR EVER that made me uncomfortable as i read through it. And i used to lurk Unmod in the days of LJU
  21. Don't