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  1. This is a song im writing fo my alternative orchestra. (guitar part excluded.) Thoughts? Rightclick Save as
  2. okay, so apparently I only ordered 1 xxl ... when I thoughtI had 2 in the order... and XXXl black is already on backorder. no chance of baby dolls?
  3. I cant wait till my shirts arrive. djp should totally get the OCR controller/headphone insignia made into a decal so i could put it on stuff. ::starts working on a stencil::
  4. You should be proud to show off your stomach. Besides, 6'3 isn't so bad. Feel for Karl (Bladiator) who is 6'7. 6'7 of sexy. He has nothing to feel bad about.
  5. man... DJP is it too much to ask for to have a black OCR sweater vest? or a black hoodie? I just placed the order I said I would in the community Poll. stop being tall. duh!
  6. I personally would be buying 3, if possible. an Xxl for me, an XL for me in 1 month, and an XXXL for my female counterpart's loaner pajamas. (shrouding a S/M sized girl in an XXXL shirt, and panties and nothing else... OMG HAWT even better if it looks like her Breasts are wearing headphones.)
  7. at first I was like: Then 1:25 happened. Then I was like for about 5 seconds... then I was like then 1:57 happened! and I was like again. When this song rocks, this song rocks. There needs to be better vocal placement before I will even pretend the lyrics sound good. Whatever exciter they put the audio through its not working, and is making everything sound very hollow. There is a very indy quality about this song and while the actual music is pretty sweet, it certainly lacked
  8. YOU WHORES!! I WAS SOOO PISSED WHEN THIS SONG ENDED! tis sexy if short stuff. To put it in a more sexual light, "It may not have lasted very long, but it was a series of incredible short experiences." I got this shit on repeat.
  9. thanks for the positive feedback ya'll. really brightens the worst of days
  10. that stuff is going to be fixed as best I can in the coming days, Im focused more on the style and the writing.
  11. No comments in 20 page views? that bad huh?
  12. Null. I removed the song and such because its not ready for the public.
  13. ::listens:: expect an edit in a sec. But yeah that intro beats my ass... (in a good way) Edit1: wow... This is one of the only OCR's in the last 10 or so posts that i've liked. Edit2: OMG. This is a work of art. Edit3: ENDING!? WTF NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. KEEEEEEEEP GOOOOOOOOOOOOOING. Man i was sad when thast crap stopped. Okay, so yeah. Awesome awesome attention to everything that is just good musicality. The rhythm destroys all manner of worlds. The Basses are appropriate at asll times. The tone and voicing is flawless to near perfect all the time. There are lots of creative risks taken that work really well. The remixer takes advantage of the good points of his rather less than steller strings, and as a result makes them sound amazing. Overall there is some excellent sequencing going on at all times. How much of the rhythm was actually sequenced, or simply sampled I cannot know but it sounds great regardless of the methods employed. Im not one to typically enjoy stuff with such bell-like leads, but this is for whatever reason wholly the best choice I could fathom hearing. I love when this piece starts to Growl, I love everything about this one... really EXCEPT! the ending. this piece needs to be about 10 minutes longer and just keep making me want to make bad decisions in the dark with multiple women. -trenthian
  14. wootxor, I was looking for this thread way back when. good to know where it is now. gonna have my finished Guile uploaded and available to directors soon.
  15. I think from a mixing standpoint, this is a crystal clearand lovely example of how piano and vocals should be placed. As far as the material itself goes, the piano and singin is top drawer, as anyone who has followed Pixietricks' and Ruebens music before. Technique: there are a few parts in the arrangment where the rhythm and vocals do not work as well, but it is to be expected on an arrangement like this, where it isnt actually performed in the same room. Compy Fox, you did a wonderful job mixing this, Reuben, Great Piano and arranging, and Pixie, some really great singing. If there was any worry that Chrono trigger as source material was a dead subject, this mix Superbly demonstrates that, as a certain flamboyant vampire once said, "there's life in these old Bones yet!"
  16. Quoted for emphasis. I'd have put out. How could you resist the singing pretzel?!
  17. This remix sounds like a PSX adaptation with slightly better samples. Its all very Midi, all very stiff. The crotales need to not happen ever again in musical history the way they happen in this mix. The mix overall especially in the ending section is cluttered with new age nonsense that has nothing to do with the source material. A lot of the ideas between different themes could have been more relavent to the original source as well. Largely this mix suffers in the listenability due in part to the sample desicions, the disregard to arranging FOR said samples. If I were to ask for specific changes, I'd see the Bell part played on classical guitar instead or second piano, There are characters to some of the chord choices and progression throughtout the mix that give the entire piece a sound that feels like Abadoss is simply rambling along not actually focused on a specific sound or Idea. Thats not a good thing. I'd ask that the harp part be retooled completely so as not to clash with the rest of the mood. I'd ask for more fluid transitions between themes instead of a near end of movement feeling. Aside from the flute in the early parts of this mix, the samples are pretty nasty. So while in my opinion this mix has some strong points, it has far many more issues that need to be dealt with or retooled. NO.
  18. hello everyone, pehaps one of you would know. I want to get a midi drum controller, such as the trigger finger by m-audio. But I would like to have a pedal pad. basically, I'd like a simple drum trigger with a kick pad. Any of you folks know a simple setup for this? otherwise down the road Im either gonna have to get a real drumkit, or a middleweight electric set. Given my current space limitations, the latter would be disasterous.
  19. Once I get my new machine I could definetly do something like this on my idle machine.
  20. you dont need to be close by to submit an arrangement. Also, I have two completed scores now. Please, if you even think you might want to do something drop me a PM or IM. I have a crapload of musicians who want to play for me while im still in LA.
  21. Alright, I just got a new performance synth, so Im currently available to play keyboard (Jazz/Funk/Rock/Electronica) I can play by ear, and I can more than adequately record the performance. For reference the synth is a Yamaha S90 ES Its got some GREAT keyboard capabilities (Clavi, Wurlitzer, EP, Piano, Rhodes), and some of the most believable piano I have ever heard out of a performance stage keyboard. Added to that is some very thick heavy bass and lots of way wierd SFX and Melodic SFX and electronica patches. If you have an arrangment in mind, Ill talk to you about it and see if we can work something out together. But I would LOVE to get some dedicated playing time on this towards some sort of end result.
  22. West LA music. The it's a legit shop. I negotiated the prices of just about everything I bought that day down to well under the secret real msrp because I was buying a lot.
  23. I just bought Silver edition orchestra for so cheap its not funny. its finally licensed, and a few thing have happened since buying it that will allow me to afford an upgrade to gold and maybe get the expansion. I think Im going with EWQL. End of thread,
  24. Im not asking for people to comment on it from the demos, but I am loking more for people who have it or have played with it. The demos are NOT very impressive to me.