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  1. who let argitoth back on the internet?
  3. Just buy a cheapie pulse set and replae the heads. 300ish dollars for perma drums, and they arent shabby. When you eventually are ready for something bigger, you can get a nicer set for more money, and keep the older drums as effect percussion and for a particular quality you may have liked from the old set. Old drums are great for a drum circle.
  4. one more time for the bass, thanks guys, taking the song down now.
  5. more like solid and awesome am i rite? Ryu never turns down his volume.
  6. now try giving it 4 beats on the bass drum, all while experimenting on the hi hat with 8th and 16ths, with minor off pedal reliefs. When you are comfortable controlling your hi hat with this four on the kick rhythm, try incorporating the snare on 2 and 4. Video this then post.
  7. Neminem missed his chance to fondle JJt and Zyko. I didn't.
  8. I'm going to save the panel a little time on this one. No - resubmit. Rhythm section is utterly underpowered, ( guitar, bass, Drums) This could be salvaged with some better drum arranging, and better Drum and Bass samples all around. Maybe even some more creative use of the bass. The Guitar recording is really weak, and while many will argue this can be saved with EQ, unless you have someone who can do this for you, I'd expect you'd need to be really experienced with processing to save this. Pro-tip, get a better recording interface. 7.xxMB is too big for OCR = no override. The encoding is in no way optimized, and a crappier bit rate might actually make this sound better. The singing comes across as tongue in cheek laughable. I dont know what you are trying to do, but you do NOT come across as threatening or death metal probably also in part because the backing instrumental is lacking power in almost every way. Your arrangement while expected of a metal track is much too straight forward and relentless. Dont take relentless to be a negative thing, thats something you should want to pull off in a good metal piece, but because everything seems so subdued, in this case it is entirely undesirable. the sequencing is kinda dull, and lacks expression and dynamics. Suggestions: Get a better recording interface, such as an M-Audio 419 firewire or an Mbox, or some cheap equivalent. (make sure your PC is compatible.) Get some nice medium sized 1/4 inch cables. (they neednt be expensive if you dont get cables that are too long.) 3 medium length and 1 shorter would be a good idea. Try using different pedals, or get a Pod or some other type of modeling box. ( if you have the cash, the Pod Xt Live is awesome.) A decent mic (such as an mxl 990,) or soemthing a little more expensive like a audio technica or shure, check out their websies for what they reccommend for vocals. It may also be a lot easier to stomach some more melodic singing. Check out drumkit from hell superior, BFD, or addictive drums as alternatives to whatever you are using. ( even soundfonts from sonivox might be in your best interest, I'd reccommend staying away from these for metal however, though you might be able to make them work Virt has in the past.) This mix requires a lot of fixing before it gets accepted.
  10. Also: I'd love some help coming up with a title that implies ryu has some big brass ones. Like Venereal Fire Two Heated Balls, "your idea here"
  11. And also, thanks GT for all the wonderful photos. We both thank you soo much for your wonderful shots.
  12. Courtesy of the most wonderful woman alive, without whom there is no chance that the meetup would have been so unanimously appreciated, whose idea it was that we eat at Bj's, and whose tireless commitment to learning the ways of the nerd allowed for us all to have a great time, and genuinely loved every one of our wonderful guests, I bring you (right-click save as) ((someone make a smaller version for the poor eople with dialup,)) Just a quick shot of the action taken from behind the scenes when she wasnt busy cleaning up or making sure there were fresh snacks, or being a tech ninja, and go get it girl with the master plan, or just basically making it so that we all can't wait until the next meetup. Personally, Both she, and I thank you for coming, and helping us to have a great time, and chalk up another social victory for our community and its continued stride towards excellence of character and tl;dr.
  13. Just to inform everyone, Zyko is alive and well as of me leaving for work this morning at 8:15. Though I had to augment his memory somewhat, as to confuddle him as to what really went on.
  14. Just in case you are wondering, yes show up at my place at 1:00 pm There are plenty of chaps coming. BYOB We will have some drahnks but you should definetly contribute to the euphoria. There will be games (ps2, wii, feel free to bring multiplayer games for these,) There will be SWIMMING! YAY. There will be food and snacks! weee. As well as good music brought to us in part by the Kingdom of Trenthia, and in association with VGM's D-lux. Dinner at BJ's which we will be going dutch on.
  15. Ill be trading in my two anti-ps2's today for a pro-ps2. So Ill have a ps2 yuou guys are welcvome to bring your own controllers.
  16. lame. give the kid a gun, and get on the bus.
  17. live by mae's example, taking a greyhound, to local busses and shoeing it the rest of the way, shes turned this into a video game pilgrimage. Tim Buckley would be proud
  18. Okay, sooooooooooooo The 21st is coming. ITs in 2 days give or take. Its gonna be a blast. For those of you who cant make it, such a shame :-/ If you have parents or gaurdians who think the intarnats is gone eeeeet you, have them give me a call and I will assure them that you will not end up butt-hurt. If your car is broken, find a ride. if you are womans over 4 years old come on by and have a good time with the guys. If you are thinking of coming to the meetup, think no further, and just DO IT. find a way. Break open your piggy bank. hijack a plane. Sell your grandma to science. Make a deal with bealzebub in exchange for a round trip apparition plus hotties. Rob a liquor store. Steal a car. Help old ladies with their groceries. Cant wait till saturday! -trenthian
  19. if you have about 200 bucks and a place to stay, you might consider flying in. (it'd be a little more than if you had driven)
  20. Like all SNES games, it'll work with the Gamecube controller or the Classic controller only, and the GC controller shouldn't pose any problems(Unlike some games) Man, someone donate a controller to this man so he can play what is quite possibly the greatest 16 bit Rocket-Propelled-Game of all time.
  21. I tend to let the dust form a protective heat shield around my components. the real root of your problem was that this protective layer of dead skin and dirt was no longer there to prevent your "old man" ram from overheating. Thus your Puter realizing its age and the complexities of the way the world works, decided that it would take a holiday. Your computer isnt broken, its just having a midlife crisis. Moral of the story, DONT FUCK WITH NATURALLY OCCURING PC DUST!
  22. Trenthian

    Sony PS3

    people still talking about the PoS 3?
  23. while this is all lulz, lets try to keep it in PM and IRC/aim. we are scaring the lurking newb girlies away.
  24. 5 bucks, but again its not required unless you want to be awesome. Dinner you should read the menu, I have it in the evite text. That should give you an idea of what to bring for din din. If you guys have any questions just shoot it to me here in the thread or in PM or AIM.