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  1. Yup. I'm looking for the cheapist way to record electric guitar. I'm guessing a good way to go would be to get a Floor pod 200$ and allready set up for recording. Or I could just go for a standard POD, but I dont play on using any of the sounds in either(hope thats possible), just using it to record. I also have a shitty soundcard, not sure what it is, but its nothing special or ment for music production. Although it does have midi. I would rather I dont buy a soundcard for a while if I dont have to. So, anyone have any input on this? Or a even cheaper or better way to go?
  2. That was my oringinal idea. But I dont have a good way to record for a rythem track yet. And my squencing skills need some work
  3. So, anyone know of a good site for guitar backing tracks? I'm not talking about like backing tracks for songs like say a metallica, but something that I can solo over. Or, Snappleman, Sixto or who ever else plays guitar here, would you guys happen to have some you made? p.s. if possible, i'd like to know what key there in, and what scales would work over them.
  4. I'm a getar player, and I suck. I know you guys can't tell me how to write, but any tips would help greatly. Heres on of my improvs(excuse the shitty playing for now). Its in the key of G, using the G major scale.
  5. I've seen in a lot of videos of Vai and Satch who can switch from playing clean to heavy distortion just by raising their volume on their guitar. How do they do this? I'm guessing its only possible with tube amps?
  6. When you say "pull songs onto my computer" you want to transfer the songs you wrote on the DGX onto your computer correct? I own a DGX 202, and with mine that is not possible. And i'm pretty sure its not on yours. All the DGX can do within that area is transfer midi from your computer to the DGX. If thats what your talking about, this is the software you need.. although, like I said, it probably will not work.
  7. So are the anime/game composers using higer quality samples than availble to the public? ...Is Uematsus music also sampled?
  8. Couldn't I pay a sound engineer to make samples of an certain insturment for me? But in general. Do you guys think its live?
  9. Do you guys think the majority of Anime/vg music is live or squenced? I'd love to get my hands on the flute samples from naruto
  10. WHoa thanks! Quite a few people told me it wasnt possible a few years back. Is this a new feature?
  11. So, everyone knows that you can't use a sustain pedal in Fl with a midi controller by defualt. My susain pedal is midi enabled. Is there a certain sustain peramater I can link it to to enbale sustain? I once linked it to the Sustain in the ADSR filter in the fl soundfont player. But once I release my pedal, the sound keeps on going, so that dose not work.
  12. He definetly explained the basics. He told me, "this may not complety make sense to you, but in time while we go over some other stuff you will understand." I'm also considering to just take piano lessons as well.
  13. As a piano player I also want a full. But even if I wasnt I would still want a full. I may not use those lower/higer notes that often, but I still want the ability to.
  14. Also. Do you guys know of a good site that teaches how to read sheet music? I've googled quite a bit, but they all seam crappy.
  15. Just what my teacher has been teaching me. He did say that I probably wont understand modes since its a little advanced.
  16. Ahh ok. Thanks for all the help so far. But, wouldnt it sound the same as the nomral G major scale since its the same notes? I dont really see the point of modes.
  17. Ok. I understand that now. Next set of questions is about modes.. Still working in the key of G major. Ok. So 7 modes. In order they are Ionian, Dorian, Pheygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aolian, Locnian. 7 modes, 7 notes, 7 chords. To get the chords I skip one note after the first note. So if my first note is G, I skip a note, then its E, skip the next to get to D. Which makes up the G major Chord correct? I understand all of that part, but just to clarify.... G Major chord is Ionian, Am dorian, Bm phygian etc. But what I dont get is this. Lets say i'm playing this progression Am(dorian), D(mixoldyian), G(Ionian) and Em(Aolian). And over that i'm playing the G major scale.......This is where i'm completey stumpted. SO lets say im playing the lead in g major scale and the rythem hits the D chord...does that mean i'm in Mixolydian? Or does the Mixolydian mode have its own scale...or what...I'm still note quite sure what a mode is..
  18. In my guitar lessons we went over major and minor bar chords. And the only diffrence from a major is one of the notes is droped half a step right? So I thought the minor scale was based off the minor chord.
  19. I'm learning my theory and I'd like to know if I'm getting this down. First off, I'm sticking within the key of G just until I understand everthing. Ok. So G is split into G major(same as E Minor) and G Minor. Correct? The notes that can be used in G major, also know as the G Major scale are G,A,B,C,D,E,F# Correct? And in key of G Minor, the G minor scale notes are G,A,B,C,D,D#,F#. The only diffrence is the E is changed down half a step to D# Right?
  20. Synth

    Naruto Fillers

    Wiki also covers whats been happening in the manga. I read it all, and let me tell you. Naruto Shipuuden is going to be good
  21. Synth

    Naruto Fillers

    So does anyone know what the episode number of the first naruto filler is?
  22. I've been wanting to control midi with my guitar for a while now. After reading around, it seams like the best way is to go with roland. They have a special pickup which you install on your guitar that sends vibrations into the roland box thing which converts them to midi if I understand right. Has anyone had any experience with this? I'd like to know what i'm limited to. I doubt its possible, but with this will the knobs and switches on my guitar work with midi to? I'd like to go for a cheaper route than roland(500-600), but so far I dont know of any.