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  1. Computer Athlon 64 3500+ 1GB Ram 60GB Harddrive SoundBlaster 16..? Guitars Squier Affinty Strat Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty Yamaha F-335 Acoustic Schecter Gryphon Amps Marshall MG100 Half Stack Vox Valvetronix 30watt Fender Frontman G 10watt Effects Boss md-2 Mega Distortion Boss V wah Boss TU-2 Tuner Keyboards Yamaha DGX 202
  2. Thanks for the help so far guys. I'll check those out yooz Actully, I would like to know what scale i'm playing in. That is actully what i'm trying to fiqure out, but I need to know the key first right? I'm not playing on a piano/keys, but a guitar. I had to look it up, and its F#.
  3. So, i'm writing a song, and i'd like to know what key i'm playing in. Also, if its not to much trouble, can someone explain how to know what key i'm playing in? The notes i'm using so far are b,f#(or f flat i'm not sure)g, and e.
  4. So, I'm a guitar player and, I'm working on my first song ever. Pretty much, I was messing around and came up with this, and I want to put a guitar solo over it. But this is where i'm running into my problems. I can't come up with anything, and I have no idea of how to approach this. Any ideas would be great. Thanks.
  5. My main guitar is a Schecter Gryphon. And my budget would be between $400-$500 An old friend of mine had the Behringer V-AMPIRE LX1200H Head. And I belive it was the Behringer Ultrastack BG412H 4x12 Cab. He was getting some pretty good tones, and it fits right in my budget. But then again, its modeling, which i'm having some issues with now as you can read. EDIT: But I guess it will give me trouble if I were to use some pedals with it?
  6. No, I like the amps on the vox just fine. But I wan't to be able to switch from clean to distortion without having to go up to the amp each time. Vox does make a footswitch to change from the amp types, but from what i've read you can only switch between 2 effects or 2 amps, which is kinda of a let down. Hmmm maybe a new amp is in order, what would you guys say is good? I've heard that Mesa Boogies are good for heavy stuff.
  7. Yeah, thats what I kind of thought. I guess i'll take back the ME-50 and get a footswitch for my amp, a distortion pedal, and a wah wah. Any recamindations for the distorion and wah pedal? I'm looking for a rock/metal sound. Thanks guys, much help
  8. When you say bright, do you mean lots of mid? Sorry i'm a guitar noob. I have a Vox valvetronix if that helps.
  9. So I just picked up the BOSS ME-50 Guitar multiple effects. And, i'm not liking it one bit, the distortion tones are horrible imo. Has anyone else had any exeperince with this? Maybe i'm just setting it up wrong.
  10. Whoa, thanks for all of the info. But, in the end, i'm still clueless how to set up an amp.
  11. Finnnalllly, i've been waiting for this game to be released just to hear your work on it. Amazing stuff, although i've heard most of them in their early stages. Does the games music engine run on the mp3s? If not, will you be releasing a mp3 version of the soundtrack?
  12. I know that, i'm speaking in general.
  13. So, i've been trying to recreate some tones, but I have no idea how to set up an amp properly. (mid treble bass gain etc) What would you guys say the amp settings are for this?
  14. I don't think you can get a 88 key keyboard for that range. I have a yamaha DGX and it only has 72 keys( i think) and it was a little over $300.
  15. Yes. Get that one. The Producer Edition. It's got sexy ass Compressor shits, with some drum shits, and some sexy mixer and sheet music shits. So Sonar 6 is full of shit then?
  16. his life story you make me lol soo much. Late, but congrats both of you!
  17. Okies. I've decided that its time I sit down and actully write some damn music, but i'm not sure to what I need to achieve what I want to do. I havn't really come up with a style of music yet, but I do know what I kinda of want my music to be. So heres a list of what I want to be able to achieve. I know that I want to use my guitars in my songs, so i'm going to need a way to record them. I don't want any amp sims, i'd like to get a great recording from my amp. And acoustic recording. I want to have processed guitars(gateing, panning, crazy stuff) that sort of junk. I'm not sure if Fl would be the best for that(which is my sequencer) so i'm guessing I need some type of audio editor. I'm also looking for studio quality sounds, but i'd still like to keep it on a low budget. And fruityloops isnt the best for live audio, so I'd also like a more audio-friendly squencer. What I currently have, is guitars, a midi keyboard, FL, Reason, and a decent computer.
  18. So I tried your ideas fishys and your snappleman, and I get nothing. I'm guessing its impossible with my set up(vox valvetronix 30 watt amp, schcter gryphon), i've easily done it on others peoples gear.
  19. Here I am again, with another guitar question So i'm playing foxy lady by Hendrex but my problem is I can't create the feedback in the into. I know jimi does it by vibratoing(lol) the 14th fret on the b and the 16th on the g. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. In fact, i've never been able to create feedback on any guitar, not even on accident. Help?
  20. Same here. And I really like how we stayed on topic.
  21. Ok. Xelebes, in guitar world its called vibrato, we are not talking about violins.
  22. My vibrato on guitar blows. Any good exercises to build good vibrato? I'll take just about anything at this point.
  23. I gotcha, thanks I appericate the help. Bad tone? Sloppy playing? lol Your playing better than I can play when i'm in my prime. I remeber you saying you have a carvin...is that what i'm hearing?
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