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  1. WHERE THE HELL IS THE UPDATE but seriously
  2. Update Guitars Squire Strat Schecter Gryphon Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty Yamaha Acoustic No-Name Acousitc Custom Build Strat Copy with Scalloped neck(built from a Carea) Amps Marshall MG100HDFX Stack Vox Valvetronix 30 Watt Effects Visual Sound - Jekyll and Hyde Distortion/Overdrive Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Boss Ch-1 Super Chorus Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner Jim Dunlop - Crybaby 55q Custom build pedal bored.
  3. Synth

    Tony Macalpine

    Probably the most underrated guitarist. Hes currently in Steve Vais band, and still doing his solo thing. http://youtube.com/watch?v=sHANPpj5vqY
  4. So, I have one dvd burner. And I want to burn a dvd with it. I know i'd first have to rip it to my computer to probably convert it, then burn it to a dvd. Anyone know how to do this?
  5. This is pretty badass. I'm digging the little solo at :51. I see no problem with it, except I would like to see the rythem guitars beefed up a bit. AND FINISH YOUR SOR2 COLLAB
  6. Since the podxt live is allready an amp modeler would it still sound good with a modeling amp?
  7. I noticed that on the 10th fret, B string my guitar is giving a harmonic/feedback sound. But only on that note. Heres what I mean http://www.geocities.com/mtop2036/harmonic.mp3 First I play the 10th fret, E string which is fine. Then I play the 10th fret B string, which is producing a harmonic/feedback like sound. Anyone know what the problem is here?
  8. I havnt had any experience in either one. Sixto knows what he's talking about, and with saying that if you allready have single effects I'd be more for the Pod.
  9. Well, he was teaching me on a classical, and he was "trying" to play rock style stuff with a pick. And while were on the subject. I've been trying to play this Should I be useing trem picking or alternate picking for the intro? I've been working it on for a few days and I can't seam to get it down I have the tab if anyone wants it.
  10. And it went horrible. My teacher told me that I could no longer use my wrist while I pick...And that I couldn't rest any part of my picking hand on my guitar...He wanted me to play stiff armed. When I got home, I read up on about 5 picking lessons, all of them say motion should be from your wrist. And, watched some videos of Malmsteen and Satch and they of course were using their wrists as well. What do you guys think about this?
  11. Really, we need a sticky for guitars. So appeerntly Eddie Van Halen is doing music for porns now. But, honestly it's the best I've ever heard out of eddie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpACZS0vSO4 My question is how in the hell is making that sound? I know theres a wah, but what else? It sounds like half of the notes are harmonics.
  12. Jesus Christ. Satrianis 5Watt amp is $600. Thats right you heard me, "5Watt".
  13. Hey IJP290, I'm sure the people in Unmod will treat you much better than these jerks. Post your song there, we'll enjoy it.
  14. There isn't a single pedal that simulates or can produce tube like distortion?
  15. What are some good DOS games? I can't remember any expect doom. I'm sure most of them are floating around the net since there so old.
  16. I'm not quite sure on how to set up distortion properly. All I'm able to get out of my pedal(boss md-2) is metalish sounds. How do you guys go about setting up this sort of junk? Theres a lot of diffrent sounds I'm trying to achieve but what I really want at this moment is something similar to Joe Satrianis. For those of you who don't listen to him(you better start ) hes has kinda of a rock/blues distortion.
  17. Thanks mucho guys Now when you guys say practice, what excatly do you mean by that. What should I be practing?
  18. Allrighty, thanks guys, I'm taking it all into consideration. I think another one of my reasons why I'm failing is because I'm not learning full songs, I'll start off with the begining and get bored with it. Also, I been only learning metal(Vai, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold etc.). I want to be able to at least be able to pull a bit off in blues, rock, metal, jazz, and classical. But, I'm not sure where to start. So can you guys name off some blues players, jazz players, and your favorite rock players? And no fast Yngwie Malmsteen shit yet
  19. I've been doing the same as on the line of tabs. What has really been discouraging me is I have 4 friends who started roughly around the same time as I did, and they are writing some of the most amazing shit, and playing crazy fast solos. I know speed is the last thing I should be worried about, but after 2 years, i'm thinking why can't I do that?
  20. So i've been playing guitar for about 2 years now, and I have a $2500 set up. But over the past few days i've realized how much I really really suck. Kinda of depressing. I've never had any lessons what so ever, and never really knew what i'm doing. I know there are a lot of players here. So my questions are How did you start? Exercises? Scales? Theory? Your thoughts on covers? Lessons? Styles? Pretty much I want your life story on how you learned.
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