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  1. Iam looking for all types of military soundfonts. Drums, brass, woodwinds, strings. Thanks
  2. Let me give you a little hint. Get the demo of fruity loops. I know you thinking i cant save but your wrong. Say you started a mix and you wanted to save it take each channel and copy it to a midi out channel. Then delete all of the other channles but leave the midi out. Then go to file-export-to midi. Then when you want to work on it some more open up the midi. When you are done and you think its time to add some good insturments. Dont use the vsts that fruity loops came with.(Vst are the things that create the sound ex:sim synth, plucked, etc). Download some new ones. The defult fruity loops vsts arent that great eather. Once you have all of you sounds made. Just export the song to mp3 and BAM. You got your self a mix.
  3. Back in the day OCR must of had low standards for there mixes. This is alright. 2/5
  4. Iam glad to see this on ocr. Ive always wanted a mix of this. Very good playing from mc. Good job black and mc.
  5. ok i have 2 1. When i am making a song with midi out it wont let me have more than one drum channel. Ive opned up some midi that had 3 so i know its possible. When ever i do it i cant hear any sound. 2. I have a pentium 2 . Is their any way to make fruity loops work better with out haveing to get a new processer? I cant stand all of that damn clipping.
  6. I am thinking about buying fruity loops 4. But i was reading about the differn verisions(express,producer). On the producer it says download only so that means i cant buy the cd. I was looking at the info about the express verision and it dident say much. But i did notice it dident say anything about a piano roll. But the producer did. Do any of you have the cd verision of fruity loops 4? If you do does it have a piano roll? Also could someone exeplane the differnces between the 3 verisions the site didnet say much. Thanks.
  7. I just download the fruity loops 4 demo. When i opened up a song i couldent hear anything. So i went to the help and it said for audio select a directsound driver that has DS on the ending or one that has AS. None of my options have those all i have is primary sound driver and sound blaster PCI 16 bit or something like that. And midi dosent work eather. HOw do i fix this?
  8. I didn't plan on coming back here darn it... Well, what VSTi's would you suggest I get? I grabbed that Crystal thing. That kicks some arse, but anything else that's really good? Thanks, ...ƒreid Go to www.kvr-vst.com or its www.krv-vst.com i cant remember. Get dream kill and ninja they are great.
  9. I dont know about editing the .mid's themselves' date=' but you can import midis channel by channel into the piano roll. It's an option in the pull-down menu, which by the way is just GREAT for when you're not quite 100% sure whether you're after a b or a d..... Or you can open up the piano roll and click on the little keyboard at the top. Go to file then import midi it will import the hole thing into one channel.
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