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  1. Ok, so you buy a car. It comes with a set of keys, yes? So if you throw awaym lose or damage your keys, is it up to the dealership you bought the keys from to give you new keys for free or a new car for that matter? No.
  2. When I improvise the only thing I can do and make it sound good is pointless shredding. I can't even come up with riffs that sound anything like metal(which is what i'm after).
  3. Seriously. I have been playing guitar for over 2 years and have still cannot write music for shit. I've done hundreds of covers, I can play full metallica songs with great technique. And I know some music theory, and I improvise over progressions ever day for hours. But, I still know no licks, cant write rhythm, I pretty much feel like I have no creativity in music and I'm about to give up. I'm asking for any help at all, and if this fails I'm done with music.
  4. You sir fail. Theres a reason why Malmsteen isn't as popular as other "guitar gods". Sure he has feeling and emotion in his music. But when the majority of people are saying "his songs sound alike", "all he does is shred", or "he uses the same scale to much" are all of those people wrong when only a few people say otherwise? And of course, music is completely based on opinions and likes. But theres a reason why people like Petrucci, Vai, Gilbert etc. other than Malmsteen. Why do you think that is? The way I see it is theres always 2 parts to music. Your skill as a musician,(your appeal to people, your ability to be different, your knowledge in music theory, etc.)and your skill at what ever musical tools you use. Malmsteen is an excellent guitar player, no doubt. But his musicianship is not so good. I don't see how you can disagree when in his own videos he explains his favorite scale runs that he even says he uses quite often. And obviously he uses the same scale often which(if you know anything about music)also means he is using the same chords. He may be arranging the progressions differently, but its still the same chords which make his songs sound the same. His shred style was innovated, but the same thing over and over and over for 20 years shows his inability to come up with something new. But if you listen to Dream Theaters cds its obvious that he is constantly trying new rhythm and solo ideas. I'm not trying to turn this into a Petrucci vs Malmsteen fight, so I will also say that there are plenty of other plays who are always trying to be different and innovated while still keeping their style intact. Lastly, when pretty much everyone in this thread disagrees with you, what makes you think your individual thinking is right over all of these other peoples? Edit: And as for you playing, it is sloppy, and it's nothing that hasn't been done before. You pretty much sound like a Malmsteen copy, which I'm pretty sure is what your after.
  5. I tried the metronome thing and I'm still not getting it. I'm not sure if I'm getting it right or not.
  6. Can someone explain time signatures to me? I'm a guitar player who is having trouble understanding them. I'd also like to learn how to play with an metronome. I need to improve my technique, and an metronome is the way to go. But I have no idea how to practice with one.
  7. Just about all of the guitar gods play with a metronome, Vai, Satriani, Heafy, Etc. Are you saying there wrong?
  8. PCI- e I would like to keep it under 50
  9. I'm looking for a video card that will let me play World of Warcraft on max settings. The recommended for WoW is "64 MB 3D graphics card with Hardware Transform and Lighting, such as NVIDIA® GeForce™ FX 5700 class card or above". But, I would like the cheapist deal I can get, around 50$ is all I have to spend.
  10. So I just installed a new hardive, installed xp and started my windows updates. After, or during the updates my screen went blank, but my hardive is on. When I reboot my graphics screen comes up then the screen with all of the text comes up, then it goes blank again. And I can't start it up in safe mode either. Any ideas?
  11. So, when ever i'm playing a riff that involves PM, I always get some noise like I'm not palm muting right. But i'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm muting the string, i've tried moving my hand more to the back of the bridge, moving my hand twoards the pickup, and nothing is changing. Heres an example http://www.geocities.com/synth2036/pmp.mp3 Help?
  12. I can't fiqure out the left guys(cory)picking pattern. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryK4zQBNIws A little help?
  13. Synth

    Job Interview

    Edit: Sorry about thread title I hit enter befor I finished. Its supposed to be "Job Interview" if a mod can change it. So I got a interview tomorrow at Gamestop. I've been out of the gaming loop for a year or so now. Obviously the new things are Wii, ps3, and 360. So can someone give me a quick run down about the good games for these systems, and ones for ps2, xbox and teh cube. Or really just anything I should know about gamming befor I go into my interview.
  14. The profit part is not illegal, since it was all donations.
  15. Mainly Michael Jackson. Obviously he sings in his songs, but what about everything else? Does he/other vocalists do everything themselves?
  16. In the December issue of Guitar World, Trivium gives a lesson on harmonizing with thirds and they use their song "A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation" an as example since it uses harmonized thirds. And I'm a little confused about it. First off, the scale is D harmonic minor(D E F G A A# C#) A few notes of the melody goes like this D,D,C#,E,F. And I know that the harmony in thirds goes like this F,F,E,G,A. Thats when its raised thirds correct? But what about if I want to have lower thirds? Would I just count 3 backwords like I did upwards in the scale? And the lesson also mentioned sixths are related to thirds, but in what way? Anything else I should know about as well?
  17. If your into metal. I would go with a schecter. I have a schecter Gryphon,($400 and I like it more than my $700 Ep Les Paul in every aspect.
  18. My valvetronix does not have a tuner. And I bought the effects becuase it dose not have that great of a way of switching effects with the foot pedal. The amp obviously has the guitar input, power, line/headphoes, and the footswtich input.
  19. Aww yeah, didn't know I was saying it backwards. Well, the overdive is more of a distortion than overdrive(boss blues driver)so I have 3 distortions. I have no idea how set up an effects chain. what should be after the turner? Well, my amp is the Vox valvtronix which is an hybrid. The main reason why i'd like to use amp and effects is becuase i've put a lot of money into them. And it would kind of seam like a waste if I just ended up using for example the stealth thing instead. Does Amplitube have something like digitechs whammy pedal? oh and what do you use to record with sixto?
  20. suzu, heres how my setup is. My amp goes into my chromatic tuner>chrous>distortion>overdrive>distortion>wah>Guiar. Why is direct recording not a good idea? So I guess the best way is just to suck it up and just use the toneport without effects/amp? Well what would I need to mic it? A mic, mixer?..
  21. I to have a combo with only a head jack. From what I got from the toneport, and pod explanations is that you set it up like this. Amp>effects/guiar>guitar>pod>computer for a direct recording.
  22. Well. I'm not sure if that will do what I want it to do. On the site it said "plug your guitar into your computer as if it was an amp". Thats not what I want. I want to be able to use my amp, my effects with out any computer effects junk.
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