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  1. I don't have my guitar with me to try it out. But in the video he ins't keeping his palm at the bride....is he brushing his palm on the strings with each strum?
  2. The one guitar technique i've been trying to get down is left handed muting/rakes in the style of vai. An example of this is in "Bad Horsie" http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8319341695402083479&q=bad+horsie After the first trem dive he is muting with his left hand....or its what it seams to be. Here is the tab(song is playing in droped C). |-(7)>><---------------------------(5)<<>-| |-(7)>><---------------------------(5)<<>-| |-(7)>><---------------------------(5)<<>-| |--------0-0-x-x-0-0-x-x-0-0-x-x-0--------| |--------0-0-x-x-0-0-x-x-0-0-x-x-0--------| |--------0-0-x-x-0-0-x-x-0-0-x-x-0--------| Can someone explain excatly how to do it the way Vai does? I've been trying a long time, and it should be an easy technique but I cant seam to get it down.
  3. This is slick, very slick. But I can only hear very very small parts of melody of frogs theme. Try to incorporate more of the melody, otherwise its more of an orginal than an remix. But what you have here is very very good. Do you have any other tracks? I'd love to hear them.
  4. Well, uh, happy birthday EDIT: I guess I should probably be on topic in addition... lemme check my join date: I was 13 when I started remixing. Thinking back, that's a lot of memories - the WIP board era, the VGMix noob era, the VGMix not noob, era, the OCR era, the #OCReMix era... cool stuff. Hey want a wip http://www.tjhsst.edu/~alederer/Music/Rellik_-_Samurai_Lullaby.mp3 yeah I've been watching Samurai Champloo, yeah I can't do hip hop... although I bet it's much easier if you don't have to create from scratch the material you want to sample. Synth, I didn't realize we had anyone of that age around here, much less remixing - I'll bet you have a lot of peer pressure pushing you towards other interests and activities, and just want you to know you have my respect, at least, for "going against the current" so to speak. I'm really 17. How much respect do you have for me now? btw....hurry up and finish your sor2 collab...can you hook me up with the wiP
  5. I was 69 when I first submitted to OCR. I'm now 71.
  6. Sweet dude, your playing always impresses me. I reconized a few Vai songs. I know I won't sound like Vai or Satriani, I just love their tones. Is it just me or is Satrianis tone a little over compressed sometimes? I also have a shity strat copy that I payed 2$ for that i'm going to scallope tomorrow. I'm going to put Yngwie Malmsteen pickups in it.
  7. Well like I said befor, I really likes vai's and satrianis tones. Since Vais evo2 bridge is a highpower and Satrianis is only a medium power, the evo2 would be a better choice for metal, correct? And i'm thinking about getting a satriani pickup in the neck, but I need to really play a jem and a satriani to know what i'm getting myself into. I appecerciate all the help so far guys. EDIT: Sixto, could you give me a sample of what the bridge and neck evolutions sound like?
  8. I traded the Ibanez for a Schecter Gryphon...which is a guitar center exclusive, but its modeled after Schecters C-1 series. It has Duncan Designed pickups, which are modeled after Seymour Duncan JB (SH-4) & Jazz (SH-2n from what I have read. It also has a coil tap which they say is only on the bridge but I can hear the diffrent on the neck as well. I have a question about coil taps, will it work with any pickups? Like I said i'm looking for something very versatile, I want to achieve sounds like avenged svenfold, angra, vai, and satriani. Basiccaly I want a heavy metal tone with lots of versatile.
  9. Yeah, these pickups blow. What would you guys say about dimarzio evolutions? I want to go for a heavy sound, but I want versatitatly(spelling?).
  10. Tightening the springs did nothing for me, so I traded it for a Schecter Gryphon, which I like much better than the RG. Thanks for the help guys
  11. They might not be bass strings, but they are uber thick like them. I'm not sure about the guage. If I do trade it, what would you guys recommend? I'm thinking a Schecter Omen 6
  12. I just bought a new guitar, its an Ibanez RG5EX1 with a floating trem. When I bought it, it came with bass strings for the lower 3 strings, its super heavy; its turned to drop A#. Anyways i'm taking it in on saturday to get it set up for 10 guage strings, but i'm having other problems with it. Double locking trems shouldnt go out of tune correct? Mine is, mainly the G strings, some times I can hear it drop tune when i'm freting. I'm think its becuase its one of ibanezs cheap floating trems and it cant be fixed. Anyone know if it is a problem that can be fixed? I have 20 days to take it back, but I dont want to have it set up for 10 guage strings, then find out I wanna trade it for a non-trem guitar.
  13. I enjoyed this a lot. Great drum programming, especially the bass drum trills.
  14. Ok first of all, what kind of guitar is in this video? I'm trying to obtain the tone in the 1:00 mark, what do you all think the eq settings on the amp are? And, what song is he playing? Thanks.
  15. Ok, so I can't turn two single coils into a humbucker, but if I put two togather, would it even work? I wanna experment with pickups to get my own custom tone.
  16. I have two guitars, both have Single coil pick ups. One of the guitars I use just use for spair parts for the other. I want to take the pick ups from that guitar and put them togather to create humbuckers. The pickups arn't that great, but I want to use this as a test. I'm sure someone has tried this befor, but I can't find any information about it. Anyone have any ideas?
  17. I'm just trying to grasp the basics. If anyone has a good theory site that won't confuse the hell out of me, that would be great.
  18. I always stretch my stings when I put new ones on. The sping thing worked, thanks guys.
  19. I hardly know anything about theory, so my question might be confusing. Say i'm playing my guitar in the key of A minor. Are you only supposed to use one scale, or can I mix them within the key. For example can I mix the arabian scale with the blues scale as long as I stay in the same key? Are there any rules to remember when doing this? Thanks.
  20. I have a Squire Strat. With a standard trem bridge. I'm learning a song that has lots and lots of bends, but when ever I do them on the high E and b strings, they go out of tune. How can I fix this?
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