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  1. I jumped off the MegaMan bandwagon after MMBN4 sucked so hard. Being forced to replay the same, dry plot three times in order to get all of the cool items in the game was just too skullcrushing. I tried 5, but I never got back into the new games of the series and now have lost track completely. But I agree that a legends revive would be pretty awesome...
  2. If the tracks are jumbled, and some have gaps in them, then the torrent hasn't actually finished downloading. If you don't have any gaps, just jumbled songs, then I think there's something seriously wrong with your BitTorrent client. Yeah, just the jumblies. Just happened with Kid Icarus MegaloKidMarch. Its usually at least three songs. EDIT: Again with Halo Ruined Desert
  3. I just finished downloading the torrents a couple of days ago and listening to the remixes, a lot of them aren't working. All three torrents finished but a loi of the songs seem to be mixed with others. One song was going through at least five remixes that I recognized. I know I should have taken down names, but I didn't. Whats going on? Something is wrong with thr files, I expect, but I don't know what to do about it.
  4. What to say? I loves it! Rap is not one of my favorite genres, but unlike country I haven't totally excluded it off of my platter. This is a well done piece! Awesome stuff! The lyrics are the coolest part, obviously. The unseen sides of the EB characters!
  5. Me demands pics of babydoll tee's on the ladies! Yes, yes, yes! Did I say yes?
  6. Stickers probably would sell well. Think of how many of use have laptops, guitars, guitar cases, lunch boxes, backpacks, and binders that we would sport them on stylishly. I'd happily slap one on my guitar case. By an overwhelming vote of three, the OCR populace demands stickers!
  7. Are the jerseys comfy? I already have a white shirt and hoodie, but I want another OCR shirt. I might get another white shirt, but if the jerseys are comfy I think I'll go for one of those. I think OCR stickers would be cool too, for waterbottles and stuff, ya know? My laptop would be happy with the OCR logo on it right below my J!NX "Choose Your Weapon" sticker... just an idea though.
  8. Sigma's final form in Mega Man X... I dunno what the deal is but I just cant beat him. I did it once, but I had the assistance of my Game Genie. I still love the game though.
  9. OMG this is awesome. His last two mixes were awesome, but this just blows me out of the water. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!
  10. This is a very cool remix. It's too bad that the remixer has died. Very catchy tune. I would have liked to have heard more from him.
  11. Download this song NOW! Awesome, catchy, calming techno song. One of my favorite ReMixes. Has been for a while. get it. NOW!
  12. Very good work here. The variations really keep you interested througout the entire piece. Very relaxed piece. It really makes me want to go finish the game.
  13. This just made my dreary day so much better. I've always loved this game, especially the Moon track and this just kicks so much ass. Awesome job. Truly amazing work. I don't hear the aforementioned singing though....
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