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  1. This is really well done, fantastic FX processing. It feels a little thin texturally, but still quite enjoyable as a moody, effects-driven piece. Cool stuff.
  2. This is the first I've heard of this, so excuse any remaining ignorance after skimming over the site and taking a quick listen...but what disturbs me most is the fact that the guy profited from this. If he released his work for free with sources credited, that would be one thing. But to solicit donations (with a rather threateningly desperate sales pitch) without crediting anyone? Whether or not it's an IP violation, it's certainly unethical even by today's loose business standards. I'd think the most effective way to discourage this kind of thing would be to better advertise OCR, R:TS and other active remixing sites that cultivate higher quality musicianship - places where your donation actually makes a difference to the community and future of said music, rather than to some guy trying to make a buck off other people's work. It seems pretty telling that he apparently banned someone at a site for speaking out about this, then shortly after the exposé decided to close his project. Where does the figure of $900 in donations come from? I didn't click the PayPal link.
  3. I'm using both of those too, and another dozen or so minor addons...so hmm. Is it only on certain sites, or any?
  4. Weird, this hasn't happened to me at all yet, and I post a lot on various forums... What extensions are you guys running?
  5. Only if you send to both the master and another FX channel, which was why I said to choose "route to this track only," which removes the default send to the master.
  6. So it goes. I've had a mixed opinion of him over the years, but at least he took chances and adhered more or less to his personal standards, even if they panned out poorly sometimes. Not many writers bother anymore. :\
  7. OMG! Are you the Maxim from the game? ...Altus, I'm digging this, cool stuff. The guitar could be clearer and brighter imo, feels a bit out of place next to the very clean bright sounds in the rest of the track. This has a great mood. No vox from you on this one?
  8. Joker, interesting comments. There are actually tabla and other hand drum fills and syncopated beats playing throughout most of the song, more noticeable at some points than others. I can see the "hollow" sound though - overuse of tube saturation and compression. :\ All these things start popping out after you've put the mix aside for a bit. Meh!
  9. Skrypnyk, send me a PM with some details. A couple people have expressed interest already so I'm going to work with them, but I'm still up for more stuff. Thanks everyone.
  10. I've done freelance design work before, I know how it is. But I don't have anything recent to show, and it's easier to produce work per guidelines than to come up with it off the cuff. Of course experience counts, but networking with your potential clientele and a healthy-sized portfolio are assets too. Plus, I figure it's nice to help out the people who make stuff that I enjoy. Thanks though.
  11. Hi guys. If this is in the wrong forum, my apologies. I'm looking to flesh out my design portfolio a bit with more contemporary work, and I'd prefer to work for people who share common interests. So, do you need a web site, album art, logo etc. designed? I'm offering to do it for free. Check out my current portfolio here: http://leah.johnsandford.org/ If you like what you see, get in touch. This will not cost you anything, regardless of what you use it for (you can use it to promote a commercial organization etc.; you cannot resell or redistribute my work, though). My main condition is that I will include the work in my portfolio when it's done. Obviously I can't take on tons of projects at once, nor will I be inclined to do everything that's requested, but please, feel free to contact me with your ideas/needs. Thanks!
  12. I was excited reading about the concept - and you pulled it off pretty well! You're already aware of the articulation issues, and I'm sure you also know you need more effects (reverb at least) to tone down the MIDI-ish sound of this. But the arrangement is great! It was smoother and more faithful to the original than I was expecting, but has a nice consistent flow. It's almost sad to listen to something like this and imagine what it'd be like if an actual jazz band played it...ah well. Keep it up. This is such a great source, and your concept is working quite well for you.
  13. Set up a send. I'm 99% sure this is the same in FL6 as 7, so using your stuff as an example: Route Slayer to a free mixer track. Go to a different empty mixer track, and add Guitar Rig as an insert effect. Go back to the Slayer track in the mixer and highlight it, then right-click the up arrow above the "FX" button on the Guitar Rig track and choose "Route to this track only." Ta da, you have a send. You could just insert Guitar Rig on the Slayer mixer track itself, but using it as a send instead allows you to route multiple tracks to it, which is great when you need to use one effect for a lot of stuff (e.g. reverb). HTH.
  14. Okay - make your sig smaller. Getting a 404 on the song. edit: Okay, I see your new post...nice start! Sound quality is great. A bit on the repetitive side. What synth are you using for the acid line? It sounds awesome.
  15. I really like this too. Yeah, there are some timing issues...but you know, aside from fixing the more jarring ones, and doing a little more rigid quantization in parts where rhythm sections stick out (like the exposed bass), there's a nice feel of swing and humanization in this which give it a very lively and fun lurch. It could be substantially brighter. If these are sequenced samples, maybe switch a few things to play an octave higher. Also, the piano is panned toward the right at the end - was that intentional? It's a little disconcerting. Arrangement is awesome. Love this, sounds like I just walked into a saloon in the middle of a bar fight. Keep it up.
  16. Um, yeah...the offbeat stuff makes it really hard to listen to. This is a case of too much humanization, which is rare, but possibly more detrimental than the opposite. So how did you manage to get the kick offbeat anyway? Did you record it in by hand? o.O
  17. Can we stop spamming this? It's been posted like 4 times in the last month or two.
  18. Digitally Imported Internet Radio is a great place to listen to EDM (electronic dance music) in general. It's hard to give blanket recommendations for electronic music...if someone asked you "What's some good guitar music?" you'd have everything from country to prog to death metal to jazz etc. to choose from. If you find some specific electronic music genres you're interested in, we can offer specific suggestions for further listening. Wikipedia also has pretty good definitions of all the various electronic subgenres, so don't be afraid to search for terms that are unfamiliar.
  19. Yeah, that percussion that comes in about halfway is way too loud, it sounded like clipping distortion to me at first. Turn that down and you can probably raise the overall volume more - it seems a bit on the quiet side to me, even for orchestral. Granted I didn't check the waveform so maybe you've already pushed it as far as it can go without squashing dynamics. This is pretty enjoyable to listen to...but it doesn't seem like you expand very much on the original. The chimes/strings break near the middle sounds new, but it's very sparse and more like embellishment/ornamentation filler than reinterpretation, imo. The rest of the piece is more faithful to the original with some further embellishments. It's good, but again, doesn't seem up to OCR's standards for reinterpretation. All I can suggest in that vein is to listen to the remixes posted this year, and compare them to the originals. You might also want to check out both of The Wingless's Super Metroid "Girl" remixes - they're highly interpretive, and they were posted a few years ago. I'm not a judge and don't speak for them, but I suggest you don't submit just yet. I really don't think this would pass as it is, and it may get tied up in the judging process for months, during which time you probably won't work on it anymore while waiting for it to be judged. That said, this is a great base for a song that is primed for you to expand on. I liked the female vocal as well, is that from one of the EastWest voice libraries? If you really can't go back and edit it anymore, that's a shame, because there's definitely potential here. I have to ask though - do you have a really old-ass computer? What sample libraries are you using? You could fit everything into one or two instances of some sampler like Kontakt which uses minimal CPU and potentially minimal RAM with disk streaming, so it's weird that the project file is using all your resources. Do you have tons of effects on each mixer channel or something? I'm curious, maybe we can help you get it manageable so you can work on it some more.
  20. This is stunning. BGC has been one of my favorite remixers, but it's incredible how much he's improved even over his excellent earlier work. The lead solo is cool, but it was actually the sliding bass solo at 1:27 that I enjoyed most - that's something you don't hear often outside of jazz. Nice production on this one too - the mix fills out the spectrum richly. A small concern though - the kick is barely audible for most of the song. The bass is on the quiet side too aside from the aforementioned solo, but I suppose it's a compromise when there's so much going on during the busier sections. This song sparkles. It feels so full, expansive, and soaring - simply excellent. I know the comparison is trite, but for me this really evokes the rolling of end credits after some epic conclusion in a movie. The bar for electronic music here at OCR just got a little higher - well done BGC!
  21. Seriously! I've heard this track probably hundreds of times while playing the game and know it pretty well...but I'm just not hearing anything in my head while listening to it. It's a pretty full arrangement as it is, reasonably varied bassline, nice harmonies...I'm just blanking on this one. Meh. Will be quite interesting to hear everyone else's mixes though.
  22. The intro reminds me a lot of the "Burg Lost" theme from the original Lunar. Once this gets going, it's incredible. The wah guitar is utterly pimp. This whole track evokes the 70s - as DJP said, running the gamut from funk to prog and hitting various other genres along the way. It's just bursting with creativity and ideas and a complete blast to listen to. A couple of the pad and arp sweeps hit piercing levels, and the volume of the mix as a whole feels inconsistent, but it's not enough to detract from the overall badassedness of the mix. This is a great piece of music.
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