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  1. my sister says its boring ...i can't get enough
  2. I don't like vocal remixes...but this mix is extremely enjoyable.
  3. I wouldn't boast the wonders of Rest...you have to be inside your enemy for it to have an effect and if it misses (which it almost invariably does) it leaves her open for getting KO'd (which, let's be honest, you could do by giving her a slightly suspicious glare)Young Link's additional speed isn't really handy unless you're playing keep-away...though considering it's an open warfare game I can't see why you would. I don't throw characters given how ineffective it is. It's much better to do attacks that do more damage. Like anything but a throw. Ganon does do more damage, but considering you can go and get a sammich between the time he starts an attack and the time he does it, that's not so hot. Luigi's...just a tool and I hate him. Another example, Pichu. Did we really need a worse version of Pikachu? I could understand if Pichu dealt more damage with the more damage he took (kinda like ABA from guilty gear) but...he doesnt. He's just a self-destructive poor second choice for self-imposed "No clone" rules. Is...that even possible? Rest is really easy to pull off, really easy. Downward spiral into a rest, works every time.
  4. With the bass pumped all the way up on my 9 speaker system this song kicks everything elses ass. Hands down my favorite mix on the site.
  5. Without a doubt, my FAVORITE remix on the site...I've listened to it at least once a day since I came across it.
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