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  1. I saw reviews that said they had the splitter cable using two displays at the same time.
  2. I'm running a GeForce 6200, which has a DVI Output and a VGA Output. I have an Acer AL1912 and an HP w1907 hooked up. I also have a Magnavox 19MF337B. I have been running the Acer and the HP at the same time. The Acer has been hooked up with a VGA cable, and the HP has been hooked up with a DVI>VGA converter with a VGA cable. I've been using the Magnavox to run movies off of my computer by switching the VGA cable from the HP over (because they use the same display settings so I don't need to mess with anything). I recently bought this little thing (click here) to test it out. I planned on hooking up the HP and the Magnaavox at the same time, the HP with a DVI cable and the Magnavox with a VGA cable. It will only display one at a time, choosing which one at a random time, and is a real bitch about it. Is there anything I can do to get this to just clone those two displays or is this a worthless cause?
  3. Fire Emblem is not mediocre by any means, and neither is Tanks on Wii Play
  4. If you can find Seiken Densetsu 3 for the SNES, buy it.
  5. ok maybe someone can help me out. I mostly use Ike, the Sword Wielding Bus...and sometimes hell start doing a leaping somersault and ill do it a few times in one direction. I don't know how I'm doing it. Does someone know the button combination to perform this?
  6. what happened to the clanocr database for friend codes and shit?
  7. Picked up my copy yesterday. I told myself I was going to get really good with Ike, so I've been workin on it. He's slow, can't jump for shit, and has horrid recovery. On the up side, he can kill people that are on 50% damage, and at 200% he can be hit with a strong attack and still not be KOed if he's hit to the left or rigth (if he's hit up he'll die). My brother picked it up yesterday too. I live in New York using a wireless connection at my apartment, and he lives in Arizona and is mooching off a neighbors internet so his signal is weak. We tried online play anyways and it was not bad at all, little to no lag. Played Subspace Emissary with my friend that was over, lots of fun. Only on like 8-9% and played for an hour, that makes me happy. Can't wait to get outa class today to go play more. Edit: Oh yeah...Olimar blows.
  8. From what i remember... Solstice was a really fun and challenging game It has a sequel on the SNES called Equinox, which was also challenging and fun
  9. MAYBE ill have plenty of money to go to NYC for the day by then
  10. could be useful to get back to the stage...as long as you're not below it
  11. you're actually pretty damn close to me...i'm in rochester but i build my own stuff. But if you ever deal with people in rochester and need some help let me know.
  12. i played this last night. it was amazing. Ike is strong, but slow. Meta Knight is crazy. Wolf...dominates.
  13. i've got a friend who can get it at 90% on expert...but he also lost his soul to it for a few weeks
  14. Hawkwing

    Nintendo Wii

    ive got it, i made a thread about it that a few people reviewed it in, if you search for it youll find some info on it
  15. The Wii has re-invigorated my love of video games.
  16. you've got almost the exact same thing i have except i have soren linked to shinon and boyd linked to ike. Nephenee and Gatrie are a devestating combo, especially when Neph has Imbue. I also gave it to her due to her high magic as a fighter. My Gatrie is also one of my fastest people and can even double Swordmasters. i don't mind the last part where you can only bring a few choice people in because theres a core group of people i like to use anyways. I barely ever bring the herons in, it scares me to do it cause they're so weak.
  17. most websites gave this game a high rating. the only sites that gave it a low rating griped about the difficulty level. but if you can beat PoR then RD should only give you moderate difficulty. I will admit that this game is MUCH harder than the last one, on average i play a map about 3 times. But you just have to plan ahead, know what the enemy is going to do based on what you did, and keep vulnerable targets outa range. I wouldnt let some bad reviews make you shy away from this game. It's excellent.
  18. So, I know there's a Wii thread but other games have their own threads. For Christmas I recieved a Wii and FE. Hence forth it has mostly consumed my free time. I was just wondering who else has played this? And if you have just make a little discussion about it. I think that this one is much harder than its prequel on the GC. I'm dissapointed that Largo isn't in this one, so now there's no more Bandits/Berserkers, so no the only walking axe units are warriors/reavers. I like that they added a 3rd tier to the classes. I also like the increase in difficulty level. My favorite new cast members is probably Nolan and Edward because it reminds me of using Ike and Boyd to dominate. Just leave them next to each other and watch them decimate. The new support system, I like it. The fact that you can choose who you have a support with is nice, but I miss the quality of support dialogues that the GC one had. My favorite characters this time around are Gatrie and Nephenee, they completely dominate lives. My least favorite characters are some of the laguz, they just suck this time around unless you have the Royalty ones. The only good non-royalty laguz are Ranulf and Skrimir. Meg also sucks pretty bad, shes an Armor Sword that has almost no defense. Supposedly as she gets leveled up higher shes good because she's much faster than any of the other generals. I would just like to hear your thoughts on this game, maybe some party setups, or support combinations you use that you find particularly useful. I'd like to completely wreck this game my 2nd time around. I'm going to replay FE on the GC to max out some characters that I use frequently in this one so I can get the stat bonuses from transferring them over. So any cool things you guys have found along the way I'd love to hear.
  19. argitoth, i take it youve never played a console game? i dont see any mario, sonic, final fantasy, not even tetris.
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