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  1. Is there a way to make custom avatars? and testing my sig. Edit: gotta fix it
  2. Ok, just got FruityLoops, I have barely any music background at all. But I'm loving it thus far, and have learned a lot of new things.. One thing that bugs me, is whenever I load up a midi and apply those crappy samples (but whatever, I'm just playing with it). Anyways, what annoys me is when I stop, pause, move place the sequence in a specific place on the remix. All my settings for the particular midi setting are defaulted.. meaning the sound, Pan, FX etc are all screwed up. It's annoying I haven't figured out how to stop it from doing that. Anyone know what I"m talking about/can help me with it? Edit: Btw, I'm refering to the volume in the channel settings, also I'm using 3.4
  3. Protricity is the absolute best at what he does. No musical background he says.. I don't know what to say. It must be pure stubborness to fail that has urged Protricity to produce such great music.
  4. Disco Dan is my hero. This song makes me weak in the groin. (vaguely remembers the "Music of my Groin" song) This is the best Zelda song out there, and on my top 5 list. Hm, probably at #2. I'm going to repay you for the love you made to my ears by donating to you my first born.
  5. hmm, I couldn't get it to play either, I guess I'll redownload it on my slow ass dial up, I was looking forward to that sax that djpretzel was talking about. Calabrel
  6. This is such a great remix to a great song. The added piano, which is just godlike, was the perfect touch to this. Masterpiece. Calabrel
  7. All I can say, is the originality combined with the great battle music of FF makes this a winner. Calabrel
  8. This song takes me back to when I actually played Diablo, I don't know if that's a good thing. But anyways, I really love it, whoever it was that talked about the eerieness of it; they got it exactly right. Would recommend. Calabrel.
  9. I actually prefer this version over the other versions I heard of it. I really like the intro in this one. And the bass in the middle. Nicely done Mega Man IMO. Calabrel
  10. I've seen nothing but excellence from Protricity, I wish I could just find one he hasn't done perfectly, but anyways. This is another one, great fast paced, love the climatic feel at the end. Just great. Calabrel
  11. I really love these soft mixes, and if you ever played this game you'd realize why it was so sad. Whenever I get a mix, if I had played the game, I have to remember exactly where it came from in the game. And as I listen to it, it takes me back to that part of the game. This song did a very brilliant job at doing just that. Very nice remix . Calabrel - who needs to get himself a sig
  12. It's hard to determine which part I actually like the best, but I think it's the orchestrial part. All in all, this is a wonderful mix. I love DKC music, done nicely.
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