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  1. Oh... we, could have... YES, we maybe did... We definately maybe made it a hip-hop track. It's a fo sho possibility. Don't like to give hints about the songs, eh?
  2. Hey, I have a question about Starting line. It's not gonna just be on the data select screen, right? Is the theme song gonna be in it, cause that would be a great beginning, to have the theme song of Sonic and Knuckles in the beginning of the song before transitioning to the data select screen. If you don't want to tell me, that's ok. I'm just curious. Can't wait! This project will kick some serious ass!
  3. now that's funny This mix is amazing. it is definitely one of my favorite OC remixes. And the rest of your music is amazing!
  4. anyway, the project is looking great so far. can't wait for this to be released, and I hope it surpasses Hedgehog Heaven. not saying that Hedgehog Heaven was bad, but I hope this project turns out better.
  5. well, at least the music is ready... 2 days won't be so bad. Just get it done properly and smoothly. That's what matters
  6. wow... just wow... What a BEAUTIFUL piano piece. It's the type of piece that makes you feel at peace, especially at 2:41. It's just an amazing piece, a great piano solo, beautiful quality. An amazing piece. Kudos to the remixer for making suck a beautiful piece.
  7. the vibes sound like the theme from torvus bog in Metroid Prime 2: echoes. almost alike. this is a great piece, and i love it
  8. very beautiful mix. i love the intro and the main body, but the thing that i don't like is the ending. and that last note, (shudders). it doesn't sound right, or maybe there's a note missing. a higher note that goes with it. but it is a very beautiful mix
  9. this is a pretty nice piece. it transposes between different tempos and melodies nicely. and some of the sound effects are nice. i chuckle everytime "marhaba!" is said
  10. this piece is BEAUTIFUL! i love it. i keep listening to it. nice work there
  11. this is an excellent piece. the sax part steals the show here, but i also like the backround. its also very close to the theme. good remix
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