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  1. YES! I was really looking forward to this mix and was hoping it would be posted soon. Nice to see it finally on OCR. Great job, dude.
  2. Subz1987

    Zelda Wii

    IGN just posted on their blog a Roundtable discussion with Shigeru Miyamoto, and one of the things he revealed is a new Zelda game utilizing the WiiMotion Plus. First Super Mario Galaxy 2, then a new Metroid, and now Zelda Wii. I think Nintendo at E3 pwned pretty hard.
  3. You can't imagine how I felt when I saw Robotaki and Dire Dire Docks together. An awesome reMixer remixing one of my favorite tunes. It sounds awesome, like your other pieces. Can't wait till you finish this and the other songs up
  4. I was enjoying that Corridor of Time remix before the French Horn sample started playing. The sensation was like enjoying a piece of pie but then realizing moments later that it was rotten right before you vomited. Also, were you remixing Day of Summer in the Ice Cap zone remix? Cause parts of it definitely sounded like Day of Summer
  5. ... ... WOW Seriously, dude. This is just stunning. It's absolutely amazing in every sense. You need to do the world a favor and finish it and submit it along with the Manoria Cathedral reMix.
  6. Well, if that track's any indication, then this project is going to completely own. Might even surpass SOS in terms of ass-kicking
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOQvcMLll4E Bits of the actual song actually sound like Dreams of an Absolution
  8. Have you guys decided on a title for the album? Or is Serious Monkey Business the title? BTW, you should definitely stick with that title.
  9. ...I'm guessing us non-project members can't listen to it. Oh well
  10. Awesome! Nice to see this project finally come out! Listening to the album right now, although I'll have to finish it tomorrow since it's midnight right now where I am
  11. You know that calm feeling before a storm? It feels like that now. Although, to me, this feeling's probably been going on since 2007
  12. It always tears me up listening to Reuben's reMixes, because they are all fantastic and his piano reMixes are very mellow and full of emotion. The thing that gets to me the most is that we'll never hear any more new works from him. The world lost a great person on that day. Love the piece. Very emotional and a great reMix from the great Reuben.
  13. Wow man, this is beautiful. You've really gotten a lot better at making music.
  14. Did you ever finish this piece? It cuts off at the end, and it sounded like there was more to it
  15. I'm speechless, so I'll describe my feelings about this song in a gif Can't wait till this is finished and submitted
  16. Nice. Pretty awesome reMix. I love how you seemlessly linked all the playable characters' themes around the 2 minute mark and later on in the piece. The song really gives the feeling that you're at the final moment facing the final boss, and that everything that you had done up to this point and all the playable characters comes together to finish Lavos once and for all. Great feeling. Hope to hear more from you, dude.
  17. The links are gone because he submitted it to the judge's panel. If it gets accepted, it'll be on OCR. If not, then I hope he puts it back up
  18. It'd be hard to submit this as it is, since it is over the 8mb file limit, but you should definitely submit this in 2 parts or in a smaller form
  19. Any reason why you're not submitting it to OCR (not attacking you for that decision. Just curious why) I never really liked this version of Ice Cap Zone. But this remix is definitely awesome.
  20. What happened to the website you guys had up before?
  21. The aplus mirror keeps sending me to that Reported Web Forgery page. It's happened on a couple of reMixes (all 3 Zombie Ate My Neighbors ReMixes). Was that site hacked or something?
  22. holy shit, dude. This song is full of so much win. Awesome reMix from an awesome reMixer. Good job dude on this reMix. 10/10
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