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  1. I never had a SNES (I was a Genesis guy), so I missed out on a bunch of games. I've been playing a lot of SNES games on the Wii and the DS that I missed out on
  2. ...after having listened to the reMix before the original. I'm playing Chrono Trigger for the first time, and after having listened to the reMixes from here and Chrono Symphonic, it really is amazing to listen to the music and go back to the ReMix that I had heard first. You can see where the ReMixer was inspired by the original to make the reMix. Anyone else experience this too?
  3. Wait, everyone but Zaphod is dead. How are they going to do a sequel?
  4. Not a big fan of the dates now being below the title and author on the main page. I would prefer it being on top of it like it was before, so I can tell what remix(es) were posted after my last visit to the site.
  5. nice. Two birthday boys. You two need to do a collab
  6. Hate the abrupt ending, but the rest of the piece is amazing. Jill's voice is as great as ever.
  7. I use this one: There's also this one:
  8. How are you releasing it? Are you going to sell CD copies? Or will you also put them up on places like iTunes?
  9. Wow, that definitely sounds amazing. When do you plan on releasing the album?
  10. That's because it was already posted on OCR. Look on the front page and find it.
  11. Wow, I've been on this site for years and I can't believe I missed this gem. This is so masterful and so enjoyable to listen to. Props to you, Fray, on a beautiful piece that I cannot stop listening to. Hope to hear more from you.
  12. In other news, Rockstar has confirmed the Wii version of GTA IV to be released alongside the Wii version of MGS4.
  13. Same here. I liked the vocals in your previous WIP better. But this song is still nice. Can't wait to hear the finished product.
  14. Bah, I'd wish they'd put more platforming into these games
  15. Oh man, this is so amazing and epic! You need to finish and perfect it!
  16. I've noticed that most mixes get four YES/three NO before getting accepted/rejected. Others don't seem to follow that with a mix having a lot more YES or NO votes before getting accepted or rejected. How do you decide how remixes get accepted or rejected? Do you guys discuss remixes that happen to be on the line between being accepted or rejected in a separate judges forum? Also, can you explain NO OVERRIDE?
  17. Oh man, I'm in tears over how awesome the Route 209 music in Brawl is. They really worked hard on this soundtrack along with the rest of the game
  18. Just the bolded ones. Thanks, dude. I appreciate it.
  19. Could you put up Sonic's music on here?
  20. Does anyone know what game the song "Butter Building" in the Smash Bros Brawl soundtrack comes from
  21. That's actually the Victory Road theme from Ruby and Sapphire. Not the actual battle. and HOLY FUCKING SHIT! THIS MUSIC IS SO AWESOMELY EPIC! The Mario Tennis and King Dedede songs are going to be so awesome to fight to
  22. Nice! It's good to see you back, buddy. Hope to see future remixes from you
  23. I love the laid-back feel this song has. It also reminds me of the music for V for Vendetta for some reason
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