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  1. I got it on iTunes. I'm lovin' it, especially Breathing You In. Jill is an amazing vocalist (better than 90% of the mainstream singers, IMO) and zircon did a great job with the song. It's epic, it's powerful, it's amazing. It sets the mood for the rest of the songs to make an amazing album.
  2. Subz1987

    Spider-Man 3

    I went to the midnight show. The movie was awesome
  3. What do you guys think about the music? It's not too bad, although I still need to get used to it.
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, the first Pokemon remix on OCR will be posted on OCR as soon as this project is finished! I've waited 5 years for this! Good luck with the rest of the project!
  5. It's hard to find a unique Ice Cap Remix that is done really well. This piece is definitely unlike the other Ice Cap Zone remixes I've heard. It's done very well. Awesome job as usual, BGC.
  6. This weekend was awesome. 3 hours for 3 days of the best South Park cartoons
  7. After listening to both versions, I prefer the collab version. It works better with the additional instruments and it moves smoothly throughout. Excellent When I was listening to this song for the first time, I was reading I, Robot. And now, for some reason, everytime I think about this song I think about robots, the Three Laws, Trantor and the might of the Galactic Empire as well as the genius of Psychohistory.
  8. Dammit! No Mega Man Anniversary Collection clearance for the Gamecube?
  9. You could pretty much do this entire project by yourself
  10. Do you think Next Gen would have been better if the teams weren't split? What if Sonic Team decided to stay together and work on Next Gen first before going onto Wild Fire (I know that isn't the right name, but I really liked the title "Sonic Wild Fire")? Any chance both games might have been better?
  11. nice! Congratulations! You'll have OC Remixes playing during the wedding of course, right?
  12. I was looking over the track list, and I was thinking: Why not combine the Haunted House and Merry-Go-Round songs into one song? There is a remix on OCR that already does that, and it might be simpler for the remixer to just incorporate those two songs into a single remix for the project.
  13. That can go both ways. The good thing is that people that go to colleges that don't have e-mail services can now get a facebook, but the bad thing is that now everyone can get a facebook. However, Facebook does have a feature in which only people who are in high school and college networks can see you. If you're not in a college/high school network, they can't find you. I think the feature is still there. They implemented it when facebook opened to everyone. And you can also control what information they see when they search for you. Everything is under the privacy tab. Facebook really goes a long way to making sure you can control what people see when they search, and what info they see in your privacy. They are also good at listening to suggestions from the users who use facebook.
  14. Sonic Heroes was a step in the right direction. Sure, it was cheesy, but the return of 2 act levels and bosses, as well as the debut of special stages in a 3D Sonic Game was a promising start. Sonic Heroes should have been the launch point that would lead to a great 3D Sonic game that would have the gameplay of the Genesis games, but in 3D. However, Sonic Team went down at Shadow the Hedgehog, and it hasn't been the same since.
  15. damn, 30-35 is a lot. They're going to show more characters to hype people up. Not all of them, but still more characters
  16. I love how you turn a 15 second song into a 4 minute remix. Awesome job, dude!
  17. My family and I play Pictionary a lot (the board game), and this music really does remind me heavily of when we play.
  18. Damn, this piece is awesome. This is your best work yet, djp
  19. This is, by far, the best title remix for this game. None of the other title remixes come close to this. This is a masterpiece.
  20. You guys are judging the lyrics too harshly. They're not supposed to make sense. That's what makes this song so unique and amazing. This is an awesome song, and I love the lyrics and singing
  21. Before the Storm wasn't too bad of a piece. I liked the space station mood in the beginning, but the Death Egg theme really didn't fit into the song, so when the theme came in at 2:08, it sounded sloppy. I love the idea behind the remix, but it didn't fit in with the Death Egg theme
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