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  1. You hit it right on the head when you said smooth and melodic, it flows sooo smooth and perfectly. If you really just lie down and close your eyes and listen to this piece, you'll find how relaxing this piece really is. A++ on this one!
  2. hehe, I love the little 3 second intro, very jazz like, and enjoyable! I think this is a fun little piece, and very well done. I'm a big fan of the piano in this one, I think the little soloing in the background is perfect!
  3. This a very "out there" and crazy remix.....well done, and VERY unique, but just seems a little too crazy for me....but then again, maybe we all need some craziness in our life
  4. A good beat allows the the melody to take center stage (with a little beat solo in the middle of the piece). Just an all-around wonderful piece to listen to. One of my fav's!
  5. Talk about a classic. I only remember this game from the arcades in hotels when I was younger. But djp does a great job expressing a salsa flavor for this game. Chinese...? I dunno about that, but whatever. I still enjoy this mix! Way to go DJP!
  6. Starts off quiet, but builds and builds for about the first 40 seconds. I like the buildup, very suitable and enjoyable. My recommendation is don't have the speaker volume too high, cause this one does get up there. Nevertheless, I like this, very good experiment, and a very good remix!
  7. Very painful indeed...nevertheless, it totally reminds me of this classic game. Hehe, while painful, very nice job!
  8. Yes, work on the guitar samples a little bit more, and this would be a very excellent and complete remix. Nevertheless, I still enjoy it. Good job!
  9. Agreed, but I still reallllly enjoyed the track from SSBM
  10. I love the way you can listen to this song at the beginning and just feel the beat moving across your speakers. It's awesome...also, he keeps the traditonal theme simple and doesn't expand it too much, I seem to enjoy that most in remixes. I thought this was really well done, McVaffe has done it yet again!
  11. Very nice...I love the original Game Boy clips...awesome job!
  12. I like the clip from the Mega Man cartoon....but it about ends there.. Just not really to my liking, just going a little too far maybe?
  13. This is truly a VERY well-done mix. Sure, it's the main theme, but it's the main theme DONE WELL! Hampton truly does an amazing job making this mix. Everything flows absolutely PERFECTLY! This is up there on my all time favorites list! If you don't have it, I don't know why you're still reading this, GO GET IT!
  14. I love the electronic keyboards in this, they just flow so well, bringing so many different beats together to make an awesome sounding piece!
  15. Very nice and melodic piece...good game too! This is the type of game that not many people know about, yet is an amazing game...and this piece completely reminds me of the game. Sets a good scene...in this piece I'm thinking the very first level, going to the castle.
  16. alright, now I have heard this mix LONGGGGG before it was put on here, and was never a fan of it....just in my opinion, the guitar could use some serious working on. Just something about this mix...just doesn't seem to flow right. Not a personal fan of this one...but oh well, everyone's hit and miss.
  17. This is an awesome remix.....I love it alllll the way around...and from the only Zelda game I DIDN'T beat... Anyways, I like the beat that goes on in this song, heavy and upbeat. Very enjoyable! Great remix!
  18. I must say I enjoyed all of this remix...ok, so not so much the beginning, but overall, it is a very well produced mix. The bass line is very good in my opinion, a little loud, but really hits well. Great mix!
  19. Man, everything about this is amazing, especially the intro! I love it...not to mention what a great game this came from...wow!
  20. Who else could get down to this on the dance floor? I know I could....wow, I like it, just an overall nice dancing mix! You can just feeeeeel the trance...it's amazing! Great job!
  21. The flute is what completes this wholllle piece....couldn't have picked a better instrument. Especially for a game like Dragon Warrior...it sets the stage for what is an excellent remix! Great job!
  22. Starts out the same way as a the Arkanoid 2000 Remix...very nice beginning IMO. I like how laid back it is....very nice! Great remix overall!
  23. haha, RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE! indeed. Very loud noises going here...I can't hardly bear it listening to it with headphones on (like right now). But nevertheless, it is a very nice arrangement....quite possibly my most favorite Genesis game....ever! Very nice!
  24. McVaffe once again....very well done! My favorite track from this game...just all around well done. Is there any remix this guy can't do perfectly!?
  25. Smooooooth sailin' beat going on this remix, I like it! Not to mention the kick-ass solo section! Hehe, I actually enjoyed that! Overall, just a great mix! I give high props to this one!
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