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  1. very good point, there are A LOT of these songs out there, but also good point, the upbeat/dance beat is something I could listen to on the way to a club. I like it, it's a good mix, I enjoyed it...away from the traditional remix of this that has been done so many times, and put a funky beat on it.
  2. I agree, it's an outstanding beginning, but after that, I lose a little bit of interest....not saying it wasn't done well, because it was...I just lose interest (that's just me)
  3. Ehhhh, can't say it's my favorite, but I will say it was very well done, and I did enjoy listening to this. The guitar provides good lead and good backgrounds as well.
  4. This is one of my favorite Castlevania remixes....I love the fact that it's upbeat, yet still keeps the traditional theme going...this is one that can get addicting very quickly.
  5. I agree, a well done remix, but not the best....I will say it was well done, but I mean, I really don't see anything THAT special about it.
  6. I like the phrase "bouncy little bass line"...hehe It's sooo true...but I think that's what helps complete the song...I really like it. I think it's about time they got good games with great music (such as this one) on here.