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  1. I like the eagle noises, that really added to the effect of things to come. I think this is good remix, considering there aren't too many Storm Eagle remixes out there, so I'm impressed with this one.
  2. Haha, but it's soooo true...can't have an OC Remix site without some annoying Pac Man theme.... Anyways, can't say this was one of my favorites, but oh well...can't win em all...
  3. I'm gonna have to go with the fact that this mix kinda made me laugh...just the intro sounded soooo silly, I just kinda chuckled to myself when I heard it. Nevertheless, I like it....I don't see anything really wrong with the Pac Man theme...although if you listen to it over and over for days, you do get to the point of throwing something...or someone...
  4. Being in a jazz band myself, I can tell you right now, I loved this one from the start. And I how it focuses around the tradional theme (and not going into different beats and stuff). Nice solo section too! Great mix!
  5. I had to think to myself what you meant by special effects...but then I go back to my first time listening to this and know exactly what you're saying. I love this mix, and what a classic game to do it for. I personally enjoy this one more than most of the remixes I listen to. Fantasic job on this one!
  6. I honestly kinda like :50 - 1:09, but that's just me personally....but anyway, you wanna talk about showing your skills, this is perfect example. I mean, an almost 4 minute remix is no piece of cake. I thought this one was done really well, and I enjoy it...and not just because I'm a huge Mega Man fan....
  7. I love the flute in this Salsa mix. It takes the melody and expands it, making it not only catchy, but also in a way, quite beautiful. This is such a smooth flowing mix, you can't help but love it. I know I do...
  8. How you can turn something like this into a song is truly amazing. It's really a jaw-dropping mix after you listen to it. Without a doubt the best mix for this game!
  9. I was impressed with the different styles used in this mix. First, with the soft, traditional introduction, but wait...all of a sudden, you think it's still keeping traditional, then whats happening? It becomes heavy with guitars, and you can only say to yourself "Holy crap, this is awesome!" I for one, really enjoyed this mix, and can't wait to listen to more to come in the future!
  10. I think the whole party-type remix is what makes this unique...I mean, I can honestly seeing myself getting down with something like this at a club or party....it's just got that feel to it. I really like this remix, and thought it was well done.
  11. This game doesn't have that many remixes, so I for one, was excited when this one came out. I, too, love the build up in the intro until 0:41 when you can tell which music from the game is...from there, I just imagine myself playing Blaster Master again....great game, great remix!
  12. I love how unique this mix is....yet it's not hard at all to tell when the theme comes in, because it's still mixed in so well. I have a lot of Bubble Man remixes, but this is one of the (if not THE) best one I have.
  13. Everything about this remix just makes my eyes pop out and my jaw drop. I just LOVE the beat in the mix, it's so fluid and smooth. I think it's hard to argue when the phrase "Best OC remix" comes up with this song.
  14. smooth with a nice beat...just an overall great mix. What will McVaffe amaze us with next?
  15. yeah, the intro wasn't really my style, but I LOVE the salsa-type mix. Great job!
  16. The synthesized guitar suits a mix like this one, it was very well done. I enjoy this remix a lot, especially for this piece of music in the game. Now if this were only the way the music went in the game...
  17. very smooth, relaxing, to the point remix. I'm not quite sure if i'm for the guitar.....just sounds as though something else would work better. But overall, a very nice remix!
  18. I will say it was nicely done, but it could be better. There are parts that could use a little bit of fixing up, and other parts that you should never touch again, because they're awesome! But I thought it was an interesting take of this theme. Very creative...I like it!
  19. Whoa, that's not a bad idea...and who in this world wouldn't recognize the Super Mario Bros. theme!??!?!? I mean cmon! It's the Super Mario Bros. theme!!! Anyways, a nice slow, to the point, remix. I like it.
  20. Tune down the volume a little bit, and i'm all over this one. I like the beat, and the bass isn't THAT bad...I mean, it didn't kill my sub. Anyways, overall, I thought it was a pretty good remix. Just the volume factor was my only beef.
  21. Ok, I listen to this and it just screams "insanity"!!! This mix is just all over the place, and that's just not my thing...not a real fan of this mix. But oh well, enough of what I think, nice job on your mix!
  22. I like this mix, kinda laid back with a nice beat to it. I love how they included the "Password theme" in the beginning. I can remember being 6 years old again, and wanting to play that game but couldn't because I was afraid of the password or start music, so I'd have to mute the televison to play the game...haha, fun times!
  23. Alright, I LOVE THIS REMIX, IT'S SOOOOO WELL DONE! I can remember listening to it over and over, and just LOVING IT! But... "Sad Melody"? I don't know about that one...when I was listening to it, I didn't even percive it as "sad"...maybe if the title were changed, it would be more convincing. Oh well, I still like listening to it.
  24. Nice approach taken on this song, I thought it was well done. Seems to have a lot of that "mysterious flavor" added to it, which helps complete the remix. I love it, well done!
  25. I loved this remix personally, especially for a 2 minute remix, I thought it was well done. Glad to see more Ninja Gaiden remixes coming along, a great series with great music.
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