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  1. hehe, and I'm listening to it right now with headphones.... But seriously, this is my favorite mix from this game...I love it! So much going on, and the beats are nice, uptempo, and happy....I'm very pleased with this. (Besides the fact that OWWWW! Now it's getting to my ears)
  2. Very mysterious, exciting intro to this song....then you hear the actual theme of the song, and realize immediately what it is! I love it, very nice beats going in this song....GREAT JOB!
  3. dude, for experimental, this rocks! I love this mix, it's awesome...Life Force is one of my favorite musical games...every track on it is AMAZING! I love it! I hope to be seeing more and more mixes from this game!
  4. hehe, it gave me a little chuckle....just can't see "orgasms" in Mario...
  5. Well, for the first time listening to it (as I type this post), I must say I like what I'm hearing....now maybe if I listen to it over and over for a day or two, it will get old and boring...but I must say I think it's a good mix still, I like how he's expanding this theme and doing different things with it. Just my opinion...
  6. very nice & smooth mix here....makes it really feel like christmas time. I can envision the cave in this game, and remember how icy and blue it is in there...a real winter enviroment. So, I think this mix is a great setting for the level. Very well done!
  7. starts off nice and sweet, then gets into the techno beats....very funky! I like it! Well done!
  8. Very funky and crazy....good stuff....I like it...nothing like a good ol' Metroid Funk remix...hehe
  9. I love this mix....I normally don't really like vocals in a mix, but this works good...seeing as it relates to the game if you've ever played it. GREAT MIX!
  10. I personally really enjoyed this mix...kind of a medley going on in a sense....which gives me, the listener, a feel for different parts of the game....I enjoyed this one a lot. Still do...great remix!
  11. Nice remix, but I agree, more bass in the beginning would help. I know I don't have another remix named CastleMania, so I thought the title fit well. Anyways, overall a pretty good mix. I like it
  12. Very nice, really nice use of sounds to help really remind us of the game itself. Keep it up, and hope to hear more great things to come!
  13. wonders never cease to amaze me with McVaffe's remix of Castlevania. Everything done precise, and perfect. Nice job!
  14. Good lord, for anyone who has subs in their car, take this song, burn it on a cd, and go play it at night....WOW! The bass in this song is absolutely incredible! I'm always afraid I'm gonna blow my speakers....wow! I must say I realllllly like this mix, it's well done, and has a lot of good things happening in it.
  15. I like what's going on in this remix...very smooth flowing, an all around great piece to listen to. I thought this game went along well with the type of approach taken to the mix. Well done!
  16. this is indeed, trance done right....everything about this mix is amazing....this is one of my all around personal favorites. Not to mention what a cool game to do it to. AMAZING JOB ON THIS ONE!
  17. A more serious approach taken on this song, as opposed to the other mix done with this song, "Sad Melody". Nice piano in this, adds some good effect to the piece. A well done mix!
  18. Very nice piano in this mix! Smooth and melodic....very nice. Great game with many great mixes for it...including this one. A recommendation for anyone looking for a great Super Mario mix.
  19. I've always thought this was a unique & fun mix. I've enjoyed it for some time, very smooth and relaxing. I place this high on my list...especially since I don't hear many mixes from this game.
  20. Very outta wack tune in the introduction....I still must say I always liked this level's music from the game. Something about it always just grabbed my attention....or maybe it was the whole game itself.
  21. Never really did play much of the first Metal Gear, but nevertheless, this remix is well done. Some very interesting things going on in this mix. Hope to hear more in the future!
  22. Nice remix, kinda all over the place, but the late night scene makes it very enjoyable. Nice remix!
  23. I know the drums are a little faint, but I like that...soft, smooth, relaxing...great job on this mix!
  24. I personally think the intro is kinda freaky...I mean seriously...WTF? I didn't know it was playing the first time I heard it, and I was in the dark in my basement, and it just scared the crap outta me. But I think that just makes it all the better. The bass is a little weird throughout the piece though....that's my only beef.
  25. Almost makes ya feel like your sittin at the slots...the money just flying outta your pockets....and I love that. When a remix can just set an enviroment like that, it really shows that it's a great remix. Great remix!
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