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  1. You need to arrange the

    and call it Sweet Home Suite.
  2. Thanks all! It's definitely an exciting project to be a part of and even cooler that I can utilize the original themes! This kickstarter still needs your help... so please please please go back this thing if you haven't already. Thanks! Rich
  3. Good choice! I recently re-orchestrated this piece for the Shadowgate remake... check it out here: http://soundcloud.com/rich-12-1/shadowgate-25th-anniv-castle Good luck everyone. And no, I'm NOT entering this piece since it's for an official game.
  4. Hey, good luck with the Shadowgate Kickstarter! toilet goat just picked a theme from the NES version for PRC231!


  5. Hey all, So the original creators of Shadowgate have secured the license and have just started a Kickstarter campaign today for a remake of the NES classic which will be headed to Mac, PC, and Tablets! As I'm the composer / sound designer on the project and fairly active here at OCR, I figured I'd share. If you're like me, and played the heck out of the original back in '89, please support this rad project! Oh, we also have all of the rights to utilize the original NES tunes. I've already done an updated version of the "Castle Halls" piece which can be heard via the kickstarter page and via soundcloud. Thanks! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zojoi/shadowgate
  6. Thanks all! For those curious about what libraries were used... ALL String work - LA Scoring Strings(LASS) Brass - custom Percussion - custom Vocal Solo - Francesca (8dio) Choir - Requiem (soundiron), Symphony of Voices / Omnisphere (spectrasonics) Synths - Omnisphere (spectrasonics) This was done in 12 tracks... I've never been one to utilize huge templates. Thanks again.. and to you other remixers out there.. keep up the great work! Rich
  7. Hello all, I just recently started a new blog on which I'll be reorchestrating / updating a slew of sierra game soundtrack cues in my spare time. At the moment, I'm on a Police Quest kick and have a handful of pieces up already with many pieces already in the pipeline... so there should be fairly regular updates. Please check out the blog here and help me spread the word! http://sierrasoundtracks.blogspot.com/ Thanks! Rich
  8. Thanks!! Sure, feel free to send me a pm...but know i most likely wont give away most of my sample secrets. This sample set gives me a competitive edge you see. I will say a few things about the library though for those curious: - All of these Indy pieces were done in 8 tracks or less - the samples are true legato...hence the smooth transitions - there was no verb added....they sound like this out of the box (save for some added eq and compression) - the players involved have been used on countless high profile film scores - once again, just one sample library was used for this project - each piece took 2 to 4 hours from start to finish...I work fast to begin with - is this lib comercially available? Sort of.. but i'll never tell. And no, its in no way related to project sam or east west.
  9. Thanks guys! I'm glad you like it so far! I've been wanting to do this for some time as FOA is my all time favorite adventure game. I wouldn't dream of charging for this... besides, it's under copyright so I couldn't even if I wanted to. Enjoy! Rich
  10. Over the last month or so I began to re-orchestrate and re-arrange pieces from an old adventure game that is dear to my heart... Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. The original score composed by Clint Bajakian, Peter McConnell, and Michael Z. Land was epic in its own right and has some amazing themes and motifs running throughout. What I've done here is totally reworked some of the original midi source files and have re-recorded them utilizing a custom sample library recorded in London... which is why this album is called "The London Sessions". Because only ONE custom sample set was used the album has a very nice cohesive feel to it and turned out really well! Those familiar with the game will REALLY enjoy this for sure. Those who aren't should grab a copy of it off of STEAM or unlock the game within the Wii version of Staff of Kings. Old school goodness. Anyway, this is far from a complete score from the game, in fact it's more like a "best of" but all of the big pieces are there. Here's the full track list. TRT - 31 Minutes +/- 1. The Raiders March (main titles)* - 2:23 2. Map Screen - :30 3. Kerner and Trip To Iceland (Kerner steals the statue)* - 3:13 4. Sophias Presentation - 2:19 5. Streets of Monte Carlo (monte carlo car chase) - 1:47 6. The Unfortunate Death of Dr. Jones* - 1:24 7. Fight at the Dig (fight music)* - 1:31 8. The First Ring of Atlantis - 3:13 9. Crab Raft - 2:25 10. Lava Maze - 2:54 11. Finale and End Credits (the second ring of atlantis)* - 9:25 *-Contains portions of The Raiders March by John Williams Check out a few samples: Fight at the Dig: http://snd.sc/v61g8S Crab Raft: http://soundcloud.com/rich-12-1/fate-of-atlantis-crab-raft Finally, the FULL album can be downloaded here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=60ECVZEM Or if that link is having issues, it can be downloaded via my site here: http://richdouglas.net/ocr/FateOfAtlantis_LS_Soundtrack.zip Enjoy! Rich
  11. Lol... Nice catch fellas, thanks. Ive got a few more releases up my sleeve, at some point in the future Ill release a bundle at a discounted rate. BUT, thats why i opted for the "add to cart option" so you could purchase them all at once via paypal if you wanted. Thanks for the support, and enjoy! The Door turned out really well.... Its amazng the material I was able to squeeze out of a metal barn door. Rich
  12. More Info, Extensive Demos, and To Purchase: http://richdouglas.net/projects/thedoor.php What is THE DOOR? If your next project takes you to the deepest and darkest depths of a dungeon, basement, or into a serial killers house, THE DOOR would be a perfect companion to bring along. Recorded from a 10 foot metal barn door (as well as a few other small found items in the barn itself) the door is an ambient horror scoring juggernaut consisting of two separate packs ($15 per pack). One is centered around deep, dark, and low end percussion perfect for subtle stingers or heart pumping chases, while the other consists of a series of pads, buildups, and drones to help augment the horror or tension of a scene / level. THE DOOR - Features: - Up to 4 Velocity layers for some patches - The attack has a knob on the GUI and is mapped to the mod wheel for added control - Additional reverb has been added, which can be turned off via a button on the GUI - Use the pitch bend wheel for even more horror or to create slow creepout pads. - Ambient Tension ($15) contains 14 kontakt isntruments, the mod wheel is a powerful weapon with these as it can allow you to create your own slow buildups or just off key creepout pads. - Percussive Tension ($15) contains 14 kontakt instruments Teaser Video
  13. For details, a demo, and to purchase, please visit the tension snare site: http://richdouglas.net/projects/tensionsnare.php For info on more Cinematic Tension sample libraries, please visit the main page: http://www.cinematictension.net/ REQUIREMENTS: FULL Version of Kontakt 4.2.3 Please note that this library WILL work in the Kontakt Player, but only in DEMO MODE, you'll have a 15 minute time limit. What is TENSION SNARE? A long march, an epic uphill battle, or a counterattack launched on the enemy. What do these all have in common musically? Most likely, a powerful snare drum! TENSION SNARE is a very suitable snare library which has been competitively priced and contains a very rich and epic sounding snare which has been mastered to sound more like an ensemble. TENSION SNARE is a great additional to any composers arsenal! 5 Kontakt Instruments included with TENSION SNARE: CT_TensionSnare_A_TheLongMarch.nki This is the main patch of the library and is a basic pearl snare recorded in a theater so it has a nice rich ambiance. Overall it has a deep timbre perfect for all of your cinematic snare needs and is very aggressive in sound. There are even short rolls mapped to the upper end of the keyboard. CT_TensionSnare_B_HoldTheLine.nki This patch is once again from the same snare recording but has been pitched up slightly to make it sound more like a piccolo snare. CT_TensionSnare_C_FuneralPyre.nki Stemming from the same recording, this patch has been pitch shifted down slightly as well as EQ'ed to give it a much more lower end timbre. CT_TensionSnare_XTRA_AlmostToms.nki The first of the EXTRA patches included with this library which have been sound designed to sound like something much different than a snare drum. In the case of this patch, it is meant to sound like a set of concert toms... and succeeds. CT_TensionSnare_XTRA_Warcry.nki The second of the EXTRA patches included with this library which have been sound designed to sound like something much different than a snare drum. In the case of this patch, it is meant to sound like a bass drum.. and would be great for an orc onslaught. Enjoy!! Rich
  14. Demos, and tons info for THE DOOR has been added: http://richdouglas.net/projects/thedoor.php More to come later on... enjoy! Rich
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