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  1. 5 rounds != win, sadly. Sad for me, anyway. Good games Arek, was fun. Ill get you next time, Arek.... next tiiiiiiiime... </inspector gadget>
  2. Ok guys, if you need to contact me use Seg3ta, my AIM account, or PM.
  3. Sure, was fun, broken. I'm not much of an expert but i can at least hold my own. I could show you more of art of fighting sometime later if you like... it IS hard though.
  4. I just wimp out on zero and fire random projectiles... of course, I cant do that with Ryo... Out of interest, what are people's common team? Mine is the famous faces i suppose: King, Iori, Ryo and Kyo/Terry/Joe.
  5. a MAME version of the rom must be used for anyone having problems.
  6. Anyone want to arrange some practice games in the next day or two?
  7. We may have a problem. Im not in the USA, so latency issues cant really be avoided..
  8. Armageddon is more updated thanks to Team17, so Armageddon
  9. Woah there billy boy. Just chill out for a sec Anyway, even if you are from england there are plenty of broadband isps that cost less than £15. That's surely not something you cannot afford? I dunno, maybe it is. But like they said, its not ESSESNTIAL, but it will help if you can get it. Good luck with that.
  10. Sounds like fun to me, though i suck at KOF, generally speaking. 00 and 98 seem like the best 2 to go for. Might need some help with kawaks though because i use Neorage right now.
  11. I have to disagree with the Soul Calibur comment, the original SC is the clear front runner in that series, the additions only seem to serve to weaken it slightly, and im not sure why. 3rd Strike is definately a better sequel to the past SF3's, and with most fighting series, some sequaels are better, and some worse. Quite often, if the sequel actually makes an effort to build on the original, it is on some level better. But the most common type of sequel, which is put the same game into some poorer level design, doesnt usually work.
  12. Rez Ollie King(Honestly, brilliant soundtrack.) Katamari Tetrisphere
  13. Uh.... Wii, 4 games. Laptop, which im talking to you from. Poker set(s) Signed copy of Wintersmith, the latest discworld novel. Clothes, chocolate, money. Good enough to me
  14. Im sure Sir Nuts made Run for your life, Knuckles! like a year ago.
  15. Impressed by the anthemic qualities and subtle style-switching. Very well done, Paragon, 2 out of 2.
  16. I really want something, but the shipping charge is ridiculous (to the uk)
  17. Any guidelines on what style/content you want the art in Walan? I could probably make something.
  18. This is probably your best ever work for the remixing scene blind. It all comes together very well, the energy peaks are very invigorating and the breakdown is superbly done.
  19. Comedy lyrics for the win. Love it guys, even if im not a rap person.
  20. It has a good groove in the vein of Bangalter and De Homem-Christo. I love it.
  21. Its a very good project overall. Nuts, everytime I hear your intro I keep thinking it'll say 'Welcome to the Cosmic Gate' cos it sounds exactly the same as the intro song to one of their albums. (The voice that is). I like the percussive work you did on this one, in comparison to your usual focus on the synth. Evil Horde, I love the guitar work, especially on Hangarmageddon. Carbunkie, some good stuff from you too, as well as Beatdrop, Roetaka, MNousentre... Everyone really. Gj.
  22. Very nice. Great atmosphere and how the russian influence still manages to stay in a trance song is very clever.
  23. I never really appreciated hysteria till i heard this I like the agressive nature of it and the fact that it sounds good loud.. the louder the better imo.
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