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  1. It's so close i think im smelling it.
  2. We have a whole unlimited supply of those just for you...
  3. There are no words to describe the awesomeness of this piece...I hope there is more to come from deedubs in the future!
  4. Release is in december man....plenty of time left!
  5. Didn't DJ say this album was FOR SURE going to get released this year....not much time left...unless he meant NEXT year then it would all make sense!
  6. I'd offer you my design skills but 12hr work days + newborn + another organization I volunteer to help out is eating all my time
  7. Awesome update DJ! So very much appreciated...good luck with the rest of the piece!
  8. Who said I was talking about this december
  9. There is little discovery right now honestly. Mainly because the default is sorted alphabetically, so actually the biggest promotion goes to the people at the top of the alphalist. Regarding new artists, there can always be a "discover new artists" or something along those lines. Though frankly for me, the new artists are always discovered via the homepage where all new mixes are posted.
  10. Let users rate music 1-5 star, then let people view by most popular music. Perhaps add a bit more searching capabilities such as most popular, most viewed, hottest(most views in past week), etc
  11. Why? There's still another two months until december
  12. nice, maybe this will get rolled out before December then!
  13. Quick question - does patreon email out the code to use for the record site or does ocr have some sort of system that keeps track of everyone who pays $5 and automatically send out the code? Curious if this is a manual or automated process and by which party (patreon or ocr)?
  14. Wow dude i just ran that thing and it just saved me days of work....thanks a ton!
  15. Thanks, going to look into that program. Not too sure of the difference between metadata and the tags but the place that stores info like album, composer, etc...all that got wiped. I know I probably won't be able to get back most of that info but at least to have something change the empty album tags to the same as the folder name that contains the mp3's would make a huge difference for sorting.
  16. Hey guys I recently swapped over to a new comp and when i popped in the HD of the old computer to the new one...it unfortunately messed up a lot of my mp3 tags. I don't have a backup of the original mp3 files sadly. Is there a program anyone knows (free) that I can use to fix them? Most of the messed up tags are from remixes I've downloaded from OCR - including many albums which I've starred and removed the ones I didn't like...so it's not something I'd want to do all over again by redownloading them all. The names are all intact but the album that they are from is not...even though they are all in their own unique folders. I use wmp12.
  17. With no offense to the others in this album...this one is the star of the whole album. Cannot stop listening to it...its going to be stuck in my head for a very long time.
  18. this is amazing. The harmonica grates on the ears a little but still just beautifully done...
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