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  1. Just came here to say two things: First off, that site is STILL selling the megaman remixes! Freaking cheating bastards I hope someone reports and sues the shit out of them. Secondly, this entire album is AMAZING. I'm not a trance person, just a little, not much. But I loved this album for the most part. Just to list a few of my favorites, Return to Dust East Meets Western Holding the line Dust Trails Forbidden perception Inner light Godspeed and so he flew.... anyways many more great ones that i didn't list. Frankly, I think this album has had much higher quality than the more recent albums. (Though the megaman one had a few very nice ones as well).
  2. FYI the rest of the album is amazing as well. This is the first remixed album ever that I have loved every single remix from it! BTW is this album going to be posted on ocr?
  3. I love Nobuo's work....he's the man who got me into video game music!
  4. Gonna have to say that this is really awesome. My wife approves as well.
  5. great piece, can't stop listening to it....though there is this one part that I really don't like.
  6. am i crazy for wanting the Of Sea and Fire remix played at my wedding? Wondering blasting that song will even sound good through whatever speakers will be there....
  7. too bad i can't plagiarize your skills....i'd be making music non stop lol
  8. that makes sense, i was skipping all over to hear a little of everything too
  9. wow, why don't you guys post this stuff in the newerth forums, the devs read virtually all the feedback. I personally haven't gotten into the game too much due to time restrictions but it seems like u guys are talking about stuff that would be really useful to the devs for balancing and whatnot.
  10. pretty much this hah...though even then u will have some ppl who don't care
  11. i play wow and i've played lots of other mmo's. I think wow does have issues, most of which you've already mentioned. But tbh, why do u need the forums. I found a great casual raiding guild that doesn't suck. The people are great, they don't care if i don't log in for a month straight and still let me join their raids. In the forums 50/50 chance that someone will agree with you and disagree. I can respect someone disagreeing but often you do get trolled....frankly im sure this is on ANY forum where people are passionate about some game. Especially if you dare to try and post something that would change it. I NEVER understood how anyone could like grinds though. I can barely tolerate wow's grind. Whatever puts it into the head of those asian mmos that grinding is 'fun' is pathetic to say the least. I know some ppl consider grinding just killing mobs no questing but to me grinding is anything that u have to do to get to the end game action. Oh ya, anyone on skullcrusher ?
  12. heh its crazy to see that you guys play this game. I've been playing all of s2's games from their very first beta. Even keep in touch with their devs now and then. And here just now I find out that there's a whole bunch of u guys from ocr playing this game! (I check out the forums here every now and then). Not everyone had to preorder the game to get into the beta....knowning the devs they sent me one free But I think that I can invite a few others into the beta(not 100% if that option is still there)....so feel free to PM me and Ill see if i can make it happen. Oh and ya, if you haven't played or heard of savage 1(not 2 cuz i didn't like it...maybe you would) but anyways, its S2Games first game which is heavily supported by the community so check it out Its different from heroes of newerth. Its err a melee/fps game where you're on a team and both teams have a 'commander' who builds tech/weapons/new spawn points for the team and the objective is to kill the other teams stronghold. I'm personally addicted to that game but i figured hey while i'm talking about heroes of newerth i could show people where a lot of those characters came from
  13. whoever said that Of Sea and Fire is too long is crazy, i can't get enough of that song. Yesterday at work i started listening to that song 9am at work and finished listening to it when i went to sleep at home lol
  14. I don't post very often (as you would tell by my post count if there was one) but i felt I had to leave some comment. A huge thank you to all those who made this album happen. Its really damn awesome. I'm not one of those ppl who steals music online and I'm too poor to justify spending money on music. So my only way of getting free music has been mainly through ocr. So when an album pops up like this I'm always super excited to hear a whole new batch of music. So big props to you all and thanks
  15. this is a killer song, i've listened to it sooooooo many times since it first came out, great job!
  16. i liked the beginning a lot, i like stuff that starts out with only an instrument or two and slowly builds from there. Good job!
  17. kick ass song i really liked it. Catchy, quick, and just plain ol' awesome. Loved the tune and great progression most of the time.
  18. dont know what the original was like but this was awesome
  19. it was ok....man i remember the countless hours i spent trying to beat this game, never did in the end.
  20. ....it was...interesting, not really the stuff im into though. Felt very...'flat'.
  21. i thought it was pretty good, my only grip is that halfway through it doesn't really feel like its getting anywhere anymore. Anyways great job still.
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