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  1. Relax man, this project is scheduled for christmas. Plenty of time till then!
  2. I was in the previous beta, all I'm going to say is that it has the skin of a TES game but plays nothing like it.
  3. I'm sure there will be one for the next one...
  4. As much as I'd love to push for this year....still gotta remember that these are people with lives of their own, they aren't doing this for pay either. So with the kind of dedication they've had up until now remixing SO many other pieces I certainly wont be complaining that they take their time.
  5. Dang...was really hopeful of sometime before the end of the year...Well...all i can say is as long as its awesome...
  6. here we go http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2q532qcgD1rs55b4o1_500.gif
  7. do we need some cheerleaders to get this to the finish line ?
  8. Its more like, "Now that you've played this awesome game, do it again but super fast!"
  9. Yeah....seeing just 3 more pieces to go drives me crazy.
  10. personally not so into rock....i like the variety that ff6 had tbh. And yeah I'm sure its going to be a long wait....but it'll be worth it
  11. next up...ff8....must say that despite how awesome ff7 & 9 were....8 just blew them out of the water for me.
  12. Just wanted to pop in after listening to the whole thing many many times... Here are my 5 starred ones in no particular order: Go Go Gadget Gonkulator Idle City Street Katabasis Ascension of a Madman La Montana des los Caballos Jidoorian Rhapsody Fiddlesticks Rag The Impresario Blackjack's Breakup Gobble Snarf Snap
  13. Yes it was, I was just mentioning one particular track from balance and ruin that I really liked. I showed it to my father without telling him it was a remix from a video game and he loved it. (If I had told him that it was from a video game he'd shun it like no tomorrow)
  14. fyi i didn't mean in any way to say that balance and ruin wasn't good. I thought a lot of stuff there was great. Just liked donkey kong style more....though one particular track, the impressario...that just blew me away. And I very very rarely like rock stuff.
  15. I thought balance and ruin was alright, liked the recent donkey kong release more imo. But still realllllly looking forward to this one.
  16. i know what it sounds like....i meant the remix.
  17. would love to help name it but...would really need to hear it first.
  18. to get the release date all you really need to do is look at past expected release dates and actual release dates
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