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  1. all i have to say is...omg i can't stop listening to it!
  2. I thought that the jazzy parts in DK2 remix album were amazing...would love a remix with just that kinda style.
  3. can you guys please tell me what software you use to stream the audio? I've been looking into helping a friend start up an internet radio station for his educational lectures. I have someone I could use as a host, but setting this up myself is a huge technical challenge. I wouldn't even know what kind of bandwidth is recommended for streaming. I'd image there would be at least ~200 people listening at any given point.
  4. lol well you know the saying, "fake it till you make it"
  5. maybe its time you became an xprtmaster then he'll take your music without even checking it
  6. no, no i did not know this But im sure whatever is, the final result will be just as great if not better. Sometimes simple and clean is all it needs to be slick
  7. i hope "setting the bar high" doesn't necessarily mean you need to do vocals to consider it really good. Don't get me wrong, I saw that video a looong time ago and i loved it, but I personally wouldn't mind having a different take on the piece. (Though i think the rock guitar versions are so abundant on youtube of your not alone that its been way overdone).
  8. Pretty much this, I'm no composer so it was really hard to articulate what I thought about the song. But I think with some more refining it'll be cool...and yea...didn't really think that voice in the beginning fit.
  9. eh, its ok. Kinda glad that someone else will be redoing it for the ff9 project tbh.
  10. Love it! Can't stop listening to it over and over
  11. Easily the best mix in the album. Only thing I don't like are the vocals. Would love a version without them.
  12. This is true, but lets be honest here...ocr > bandcamp
  13. I don't want to pressure anyone but I'm too poor to buy music - and I despise stealing it so my only source of music is for ocr....and I need new music....I'm experiencing the lack of new music withdrawal.
  14. as a side note, i really hope that whoever does crossing over the hill does a good job...if you need some inspiration check this out:
  15. Yea I guess you're right. FFIX was a favorite so you know how that goes....
  16. I know it can't be released "RIGHT NOW". But unreleased tracks are holding the rest of the process up. And no, eternal harvest and all that other stuff is not really critical(except for crossing those hills). Dont get me wrong, i'd love to hear them remixed but they can always be added in later as a separate track.
  17. why not just release this already, there are only a few tracks missing and they aren't really that critical imo.
  18. Oooo...I don't visit this forum very often but seeing this thread made me all excited. I don't know what the direction will be like but I hope something along the lines of voices of a lifestream from ff7 (The best album from ocr ever in my opinion)
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