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  1. GT truly helped me set a ball in motion a year and a half ago with a few inspirational talks and the like, and right now I'm far more fit than I've ever been in my life. In additional to normal exercises (push-ups, pull-ups, curls, bench presses, one-legged squats, and crunches) that I've made my routine I also took up rock climbing mid-last year as I've said, and I slackline which is amazing for legs, core and balance, and I play basketball every now and then. I have to say I'm pretty happy since I was never strong or athletic beforehand, but now I'd consider myself fairly fit now. Just how far you can go in just a year and a half is pretty surprising, and it's really beneficial if you make it fun. Music combined with regular exercises has always really got me going, and rock climbing is way too entertaining considering the amount of exercise you get from it. To put things in perspective from just one angle, I could only do 10 push-ups when I started, and they were the most grueling exercise I did. Now I do 35 every morning, then 2 minutes of the plank (holding the push-up position), and then 15 more. They're pretty simple now, and they have always helped wake me up. Essentially, what I'd like to emphasize(without writing a superficial biography or infomercial XD), is that will power can go a long way. And it doesn't hurt to have a good time in the process.
  2. I tried this before in Off Top awhile back and the thread didn't last too long, but given that there is a ridiculous amount of amazing music out there that isn't widely listened to; this is the thread for it. Any great music you think you might not have heard of if you hadn't been lucky enough to happen upon it should definitely be posted, and don't be concerned if you accidentally post something relatively popular as long as it's good anyway. I'll start with some of The Bad Plus, which is a post-modern Jazz cover band: (bad quality, great cover)Also, Black Light Burns, a relatively new alternative-rock band that, to put it bluntly, kicks ass, and features both soft and hard rock: Anyone who considers themselves a seeker of good music, like myself, feel free to post and listen away.
  3. Some truly badass photography, Rent. It's interesting that much of it seems reminiscent of Half-Life 2 for whatever reason. Pretty much every picture is worth taking a close look at and has a mood to it, though I imagine you took many more that aren't quite as good as these gems. Heh, maybe it's just me, but this one looks like you're peeping in on some fire hydrant pron.
  4. I was thinking that Jackie Earle Haley, aka Rorschach, would be so perfect for the part of Cletus Kasady (Carnage) in the Spiderman movies.
  5. Good movie, maybe great, though not epic, apart from a few scenes. Definitely worth seeing. Disappointing from the minute they head to Antarctica though. I think IGN's review sums it up as I saw it pretty closely.
  6. I am. Though I have a feeling it is going to be quite cheesy, hopefully in a good way -- at least it looks that way based on the trailers, though they're obviously going for serious biz. Guess I'll find out in less than 24 hours.
  7. Wizardry hasn't been mentioned yet. Wizardry 7 was pretty great from what I remember.
  8. You want hilarious, you should try Leisure Suit Larry (the old school ones).
  9. Not sure if it has been mentioned, but don't forget charming sprites. Square has always had charming sprites -- the amount of emotion they captured in their sprites puts some real people to shame XD
  10. Yes, yes, yes. Primarily the first and fourth. I give them my highest recommendation as far as classic games go. Yes, these too, and the Indiana Jones Scumm VM games were great from what I remember. Some these require a Mac emulator though, I think. If you do get a Mac emulator, then you should play Escape Velocity Override if you want to play a great story-oriented space shooter, or just get EV Nova for PC which lets you play them all with a mod. Also not adventure, but Commander Keen was pretty fun, at least, at the time.
  11. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I forgot about that, but I think I'm pretty sure I thought it was cool at the time XD
  12. You're not impressed? It looks spectacular to me, yet little of the game has been revealed -- still. Reminds me of FF8, and that's undoubtedly a good thing from where I stand.
  13. Oh yeah, same here, and it all seemed to be going so well until #3
  14. If you want something that may have better value than the above, Logitech X-230s, which they don't sell anymore are pretty damn good. I got them off of Ebay for $50 after reading some reviews awhile back, and they're really good for the price in my opinion, and those who reviewed them seem to enjoy them too (Don't get the newer X-240s though, seems they aren't anywhere near as good.) http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-2-Piece-Speakers-Ported-Subwoofer/dp/B0002SQ0A4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1232443866&sr=8-1 They have one set on Ebay right now: http://cgi.ebay.com/Logitech-X-230-2-Speakers_W0QQitemZ260348569862QQcmdZViewItemQQptZPCA_Speakers?hash=item260348569862&_trksid=p4295.c0.m299&_trkparms=240%3A1318
  15. Wow, so many spectacular photos in this thread. I really enjoy jmr's, G-T's, and Black Mage's in particular, though most of the pictures in this thread are really good. I'm more of a videographer than a photographer, but my Canon HV30 has a pretty decent photo mode aside from it's 1080i video. It's also got a fair amount of manual settings to fiddle with. Here are a few photos I took while I was out rock climbing:
  16. So what if it doesn't add anything to it? There are lots of movies that don't add to other things, why does that matter? You can still watch the anime as much as you want, so really, I would like to know, why does it matter to you? I agree with you, there is no way they can do the entire series of Cowboy Bebop justice with only a movie, but that's not what it's intended to do. It's intended to be an entertaining live-action interpretation, nothing more, and similarly, the effect it will have on the show as it stands is nothing. In fact, if anything, it might inspire enough popularity within the series to warrant more episodes. As a Cowboy Bebop fan boy myself, I see no reason to rant.
  17. Heh, Keanu Reeves is probably the most emotionless actor in existance, which actually made him perfect for some movies, though I suppose we'll have to see with this one. Regardless of what it is, it won't change the fact that the anime kicks ass, so I'm glad for its existence. And really, at the end of the day, it's pretty easy to bash Keanu, but we all know he's awesome. For this role? I don't know, but awesome none-the-less. He's fucking Neo.
  18. GI says how they rate their games in every magazine, and they don't write their magazine to appease GameRankings.com, though one would hope GameRankings would be smart enough to take this different rating systems into account. The average games only seemed better than they were to you because you didn't read GIs rating system -- plenty of magazines have different rating systems. I mean, GIs rating system is in every magazine on the same page as the games of the month (the first review page), so it's not exactly fair to say that's misleading. Exactly. Hah, have you ever sounded prickish or confrontational, Coop?
  19. Haha, yes. That theme song cannot be unforgotten.
  20. I remember loving Battletoads when I was 6 or 7, but I nor any of my friends ever did get past that f'ing ridiculous racing level -- it had me throwing my controller at the ground. I used to have dreams of what came after that level. I still don't know what is after that level to this day. Maybe I'll find out sometime. Also, Chrono Trigger, being my first RPG, will always be memorable -- especially since I played new game + on it until the cart battery died and my game was erased. That game was unusually deep for its time. Same here. Those games were completely epic when they came out, and they both still hold up pretty well considering their age -- though MGS holds up really well. Hah, it was great music. I remember I used to stick my grandpa's giant old tape recorder up to the T.V. speakers while playing Street Fighter II just so I could listen to the music
  21. I wouldn't be surprised if they adopted the rating system partially so that games to look better on paper, as that would actually benefit Gamestop with little more than a slight spin. However, rigging ratings is far beyond that, and based on their averages they do stick to around an average of 7. Most reviews in the magazine get a 7 or less. That leaves more bad ratings available to GI than good. I would think that would indicate that they don't hesitate to give a game what it deserves. Yeah, I see what you're saying, and it's definitely worth taking an objective look. It's a shame, about society, too. I read GI, and it rings true to me, and the writers seem genuine -- more so than most gaming magazines I've read. Yeah, Gamestop is "big corporation" so naturally people seem to assume anything they do is bad, but it seems a little unrealistic to me that Gamestop is somehow so desperate for more cash that they'd resort to making a magazine with rigged reviews. Of course, that's just my take.
  22. Then they've shot themselves in the foot numerous times. Wouldn't make sense if that "conspiracy theory-like were true, would it? I'm not saying it isn't possible that they do that, but there isn't any evidence to support it, and as DarkeSword said, they make money regardless of what games you buy. Also, I just thought I'd mention that many people come to these conclusions because they don't understand Game Informer's rating system. Game Informer, unlike most other review sources, uses a review system similar to that of school. They consider 7 average ©, an 8 is equivalent to a B, a 9 is the equivalent of an A, and anything above is outstanding. Because of this it may look like they give more games higher ratings, when in fact that isn't the case. The average review score in Game Informer is a 7, and a little while back GI said that is pretty close to what you get if you actually average all of their reviews scores.
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