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  1. Exactly . Though anyone who has a Windows key on their keyboard can say goodbye to that key by disabling or remapping it with this VERY handy free application: http://webpages.charter.net/krumsick/ Personally, I made mine into another control key.
  2. Think you're old school? Or you can just run with it...
  3. Yeah, I haven't looked at mice for awhile, so I missed the Deathadder, which, apparently, would definitely be the mouse of choice if one were to go with a Razer. Personally, I cannot imagine a mouse more comfortable than the Logitech G5, it feels amazing.
  4. One of these two: http://www.techspot.com/reviews/hardware/mouse_roundup_gaming/ I have the Logitech MX518, which is basically the optical predecessor to the Logitech G5. I bought it before the G5 came out, but it is still awesome. I would probably go for G5, because it's cheaper, and Logitech is awesome.
  5. I've only commented on two other pieces since I first discovered OCremix in 2002, and the fact that I am commenting on this piece means I feel it is one of the best remixes I've ever heard. Completely flawless, it really stands far above anything that has been on OCR recently. Beautiful only begins to describe 'Gale of Ages'.
  6. It seems like nearly everything Apple has released within the last few years looks like a lifeless, white, shell of a product.
  7. Google is easy to use, but pics are always nice. While the G15 looks really cool, I'm more than satisfied with the keyboard I bought for my laptop (my laptop's "D" key stopped working). It's not quite as fancy, but it's stylishly simplistic, and it was only $20 with the google checkout deal at Buy.com. It's slim, light, and it isn't clunky like desktop keyboards, but it has feels more "crisp" than a normal laptop keyboard. http://the-gadgeteer.com/review/kensington_slimtype_keyboard_review
  8. Vista will take as much time to stop sucking as XP did. Depending on your point of view that should be anywhere from one more year to never.
  9. Looks really great. I would have gotten it, but I beat FF: Tactics on the PSP emulator right before they announced this. Side Note: Ironically, a couple of years ago this thread would have been locked. I'm glad things have changed.
  10. Someday when I have the time and money I will do this (only better): I will then proceed to knock on peoples door, and when they open up I will do this:
  11. Atomicfog

    Halo 3

    Yeah, it will be awesome and superior if/when it actually comes out. Unfortunately that won't be any time soon according to the article below. Besides, Halo 2 PC just recently came out. Shows you how much they care about the PC version. Luckily UT3 will be here in no time. Source: http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=170224
  12. Atomicfog

    Halo 3

    Halo games are too slow for me... Feels like you're walking with an anchor strapped to your back -- I guess that is what happens when you're constantly wearing a two ton suit. Also, there is the fact that the Halo series just now caught up with UT2K4 in FPS innovation. There are hardly any features in Halo 3 that really go beyond UT2K4, and UT2K4 came out three years ago. In any case, I'm not in here to "hate" on the Halo series. They are both solid and fun games, though not entirely worthy of all the praise they get. I'm guessing that the Halo series is so popular because console shooters are so easily approachable, and the Halo series are some of the best console shooters. It just doesn't seem quite so great when compared to modern PC FPS games. In any case, I would like to try Halo 3 (possibly buy eventually), but I have a feeling UT3 is going to blow it out of the water.
  13. Mortal Kombat: Armageddon is great online.
  14. Yeah, the blue was always much better and more welcoming. I wonder if my original really old wayback machine post is anywhere to be seen using the wayback machine.
  15. Yeah, I saw it on opening day -- excellent movie. I highly recommend seeing it.
  16. I never played WOW, but there is hardly any continuity bending I've ever encountered throughout the rest of the awesome series.
  17. Yeah, I agree with you and the audience in that regard. Hopefully we'll see the alliance's perspective of hammer time.
  18. Sounds epic. http://www.gameinformer.com/News/Story/200708/N07.0804.1531.11771.htm
  19. Atomicfog

    Sony PS3

    Yeah, it's not exactly worth the money when compared to the cheaper 60 Gb, but it won't be too bad if that is the option I'm stuck with. Also one other thing that plays a factor in all this is the fact that I don't have an HD T.V. After always playing the PS3 on a my friends huge DLP television, I don't know how well I could deal with my PS3 on a regular T.V. I've seen it it 480i, and it just seems so much worse. I was thinking of getting a T.V tuner card for my laptop since it has a 1080P LCD, but I heard there is a pretty decent chance I might end up with frame lag if I go with that option, so I probably won't. I'm definitely considering getting a PS3 soon, but I'll have to face the fact that it will probably be on a regular television for a while if I do.
  20. Atomicfog

    Sony PS3

    Yeah, I'm going to try to get a PS3 as soon as possible because of that, but I don't mind too much if I miss the opportunity. I'm about to start college and move out of my house, so my money has to spent wisely, but even if I miss the opportunity to get the cheap 60 Gb model. The new PS3 will still play the old games, and it doesn't matter if for some reason it sucks at doing so since I still have a PS2, a PS1, and the ability to play any PS1 game on my PSP. Besides that, Motorstorm is more fun than one might think, and the extra 20 Gbs would be nice. I definitely want the cheaper 60 Gb version more, but it won't be a horrible loss if I miss it.
  21. Atomicfog

    Sony PS3

    The real irony is that I never got one. I did wait in line when it came out but barely missed getting one. Really, I don't really care for the PS3 right now, but when it starts getting all of the amazing games that have been shown at this and last years E3 I will most definitely get one. Right now I really think that the Xbox 360 is way better then I would have ever expected, and I want to get one of those as well. I have played all of the systems quite alot though because all of my friends have one or two next-gen consoles. Sadly, even the best next-gen console games just don't feel "next-gen" enough for me. This generation of consoles is really exciting graphics wise, but, for me, extremely disappointing game play wise. Regarding game play, I feel like we have been doing the same thing for years, and even the Wii-mote doesn't seem like much innovation to me. There are so many awesome games out there, but I just don't feel like the controllers match the graphics. It is also pretty annoying that almost all games still have doors that just don't open, scenery that you can't explore, and there doesn't really seem to be that many new ways to interact with your environment... With all of the insane amounts of details in these new games it still feels like your limited to the same amount of environmental interactions as most original Playstation games. Just because those trees look really beautiful doesn't mean you can climb them, or even move the branches (It takes a game as next-gen as Crysis to just scratch the surface of this issue for some reason). On the other hand the best of the games for the systems are extremely fun , and even if they aren't as next-gen as I'd like they are still very fun, just not enough to warrant me buying a next-gen console right away. I'll probably buy a PS3, Xbox 360 between next month and early next year, but I don't feel any rush since the majority of the games I care about for all of them still aren't out yet. I might get a Wii as well, but only if SSBB is everything I think it will be, since I really don't care for much else on the Wii. For now I am still getting tons of enjoyment out of my PSP, and my new high-end gaming laptop dishes out great fun as well.
  22. Atomicfog

    Sony PS3

    Same old gendisc . It's great, thinking back to all of the older arguments made, and what ended up happening regarding future predictions.
  23. New higher quality video: http://www.vsocial.com/video/?d=74729
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