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  1. It has its strong points, and I agree it's halloween appropriate fare, but on a whole, it failed to impress me.
  2. This was quite a nice remix. I've never heard the original, but based on this tune, I think I'll seek it out. I might even have to check out fruityloops too. But, Darkesword, great job I really enjoy this mix.
  3. Took me a while to find this review thread, but it was worth the effort. Simply put, this mix made my jaw drop. I've read what eveyone else wrote, strings =ok the rest=bland, and I think that's a half truth. Strings= great, everything else= great as well. This was an awesome mix. It's on my top ten remixes of all time.
  4. This was a great track! If only it wasn't for that sudden ending. It soulded like it was cut off.
  5. I liked every part of this mix. The guitar was simply awesome, the beginning starts out kinda slow and then just builds, I felt an actual jolt when the guitar started in. It's so rare that a song can trigger a response like that. Great job!
  6. Wow. Another Zeal theme. I agree that it's been played out, but Unipulator, congratulations on rekindling my interest on Zeal remixes. This mix is absolutely beautiful, the piano is awesome. Keep up the good work.
  7. I must thank AmIEvil, for were it not for this remix, I would have never found this site, nor would I keep coming back to it like I do. This remix is absolutley incredible, and even that's an understatement. The whole minimalist arrangement that has been discussed here is in my opinon the very thing that makes it work. It's simple, its raw, and its emotional. I eagerly download and listen to all of AmIEvil's remixes.
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