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  1. I can hear them all. Im 25, but I had to turn my volume up abit, I normally listen to my music as low as possible
  2. I am hyped for this one, So much good music out of the original game, plus it will complete my sonic remix collection.
  3. to lazy to change my signature again this year. I guess Ill just have to donate some.
  4. I cant wait for this to be out, if only for that track there. Incredibly catchy!
  5. This was one of my favorite tunes from this game. I am glad some one finally remixed it and its good!
  6. They did have rights to transformers until 1990 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transformers:_Generation_1#Comics
  7. 24 years old here, and I enjoyed it, but I went in expecting Giant Robots,Giant explosions and Meghan fox. It didn't disappoint.
  8. Donated my 10 dollars because I am to lazy to change my Signature. And the fact I get most of my music from here.
  9. Ive loved all of the battle front games, next gen battle front? I'm stoked.
  10. Just so you know the new ps3 80 gigs are not ps2 backwards compatable.
  11. I all ways like this theme, Kind of had a sonic the hedgehog thing going for it.
  12. sounds kinda fun, If you need extra let me know.
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