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  1. Yeah, valid points for sure Zircon. But I think I'm speaking more from my experience at my own skill level (S1 ATM, knocking on the Golden gates I hope =p) while you look at the game from a very theoretical standpoint. Not that there's anything wrong with that, far from it- but in low level play there is a huge discrepancy between what should happen and what actually happens in games, which is where I think Nasus' strength comes from. Nasus should be losing CS and lose lane and get ganked etc but players in my skill bracket kinda suck and can't do that. Countless time's I've had Rivens and Renektons play aggressive randomly and lose trades badly due to minions, or I'm sitting at tower with 30% HP getting poisoned to hell by Teemo, but I'm double his CS. In a 5v5 ranked there can be a lot more organization, so needless to say it is a different scenario altogether. Edit - Just wanted to mention that Summoner CD reduction in utility and Distortion boots gives you a 136s cooldown on ghost, which can help mitigate his lack of innate ability.
  2. Nasus, in my opinion is an extremely safe pick for top lane and a niche pick mid. The only melee champ that I've found difficult for Nasus (accounting for Silver to low/tilt Plat skill level) is Jax. Riven and Renekton are supposedly hard for him but most people who play those champs tend to get antsy and make huge mistakes and take alot of creep or tower damage. Kennen, Teemo, Swain and especially Kayle can be difficult (Kayle particularly, extremely faceroll). The range nerfs on Wither were actually pretty huge (and necessary). Granted, I don't have any experience in Ranked 5s but in solo queue I still love the amount of pressure he applies just by being picked. RIP in peace if they pick something like Shen, Zac, or Singed against Nasus, you'll get to farm your Q all day for free. The key to making tough matchups much easier is to use your first TP into lane to come back with an early chainvest/negatron or kindlegem and lots of potions. Also, tell your jungle to ignore your lane unless your lane opponent is someone that can actually be ganked efficiently (IE: not Riven, Renekton, Shyv etc) or to counteract an incoming tower dive. Edit - AP Nasus is troll, but it can be effective and is very funny. Farmed Lich Bane Qs are something to see haha.
  3. Gragas is definitely kinda overbalanced. Reliable AOE poke/waveclear, damage reduction with sustain, low cooldown mobility and huge AOE displacement. I've actually experimented with some Nasus mid against Gragas (and LeBlanc). Granted it's not the most reliable pick because he is banned often, but with the AOE magic damage reduction in masteries it is very hard for them to push you out of lane without blue buff or a gank. Gragas will push naturally if he harasses, so all you have to worry about is CSing under tower. The main problems with the matchup are that you have a low chance of killing Grag without a high-pressure jungler gank (Like Elise or Lee) and don't have as much roam potential without TP. Generally I go 0/23/7 masteries. Once you get a Spirit Visage you heal 100+ per Q, and at that point they have zero chance of killing you 1v1.
  4. Lifesteal is hardly a broken mechanic, its just that most teams don't build enough CC. Soraka, Ez and Orianna are all also very weak when behind. That being said, Yasuo is definitely emerging as an outplaying machine. I suck at him though x_x. Nerf Riven please, too horrendously broken. Edit: I'm levelling an Urgot only smurf, he's actually so fun... Summoner name is Arcsine (lvl 15) if anyone is interested in queuing up together!
  5. Definitely, you have to communicate with your team to run double ADC and get away with it, but it's viable with smart picks. You can have someone like Zac to engage, and Leona sit back and peel for your two ADCs. Not having the bulk that bruisers tend to bring will definitely backfire if you don't compensate though.
  6. That's what I was referring to, yes. If you animation cancel too early AFTER the projectile leaves your character, you can negate its damage entirely. The projectile will appear, but do no damage. I didn't know it was intentional, as Neblix stated. PS: Played Quinn top against Jax... With BT/LW/Triforce, my passive-proc with triforce proc was doing 900+ damage without a crit. Zelda OP.
  7. My main issue with her is the 'swing time' (not sure of the correct term) on her passive-proc auto attacks. It makes it harder to follow up because of the animation time, and it is easy to 'cancel' the projectile which makes the missile travel but do zero damage (common bug on range champions and especially ADCs when you want to stutter-step). Quinn's ult should be used solely for chasing/escaping and the execute re-activate. Autoing with Valor is generally pretty bad unless they're running and you need to stick to them; even moreso in team fights. Her range makes her a situational pick, no doubt. But a niche pick in the right situations can really influence games. Tip: Try maxing E instead of Q. By the by, my in-game is Bironzu. I'm Silver III with a month's experience in ranked, add me if you're up for a game! Edit: Despite many peoples' first impressions, I feel Lucian is pretty strong, especially with the triforce buff. He doesn't have as much upfront damage like Graves or MF, but cycling through abilities while managing his passive and triforce procs, paired with his mobility, makes him a solid pick. He is comparable to Ezreal in a sense, but it's too early to tell just how good he is or isn't. Whenever people cry 'underpowered' at a new champ, remember that people thought Jayce, Elise, Zed, and many others were UP at release.
  8. I generally pick Quinn against Vayne, Trist, Graves and Twitch (aka relatively short range ADCs). In fact, she is my go-to counter to Vayne, who is a stupidly safe pick for a hyper-carry with spammable roll+invis. She can never out-trade you in lane between Q/E/passive, as long as you don't get wall-stunned you should be able to beat her in lane and in teamfights (considering evenly skilled supports etc). An ADC that prevents trading from enemy ADCs with blind is extremely potent. It's comparable to fighting a mage when you have silence (Kass,LB etc). Range from enemy mages is a concern as Zircon mentioned, but she would be overpowered with more range. She is also a solid counter-pick top and mid as well, provided you have enough of a front-line from your team comp (which is the 'easier' way to play, as opposed to split-push strats). She massacres pretty much any melee bruiser, especially Tryn and Yi. Mid, you can use her against skill-shot mages. For example, if Lux misses a snare you can E onto her and punish hard.
  9. Saw this on reddit, don't know how real it is (Reactions to casting of Ledger as Joker). http://i.imgur.com/MpguI.jpg Carry on.
  10. Wow, I almost teared up a bit at the start. Green Hill Zone is so nostalgic ;_;. Good stuff guys, as usual. Can't wait for the next one! Definitely recommend checking out their other vids as well for anyone who hasn't yet.
  11. As aforementioned, a nice hard rock/metal/whatever you want to call it mix. Sixto's guitar playing is regularly among the best you'll hear on this site (or in general), and this track showcases no different. I'd agree with Psychowolf that the source is kinda 'meh', but Sixto does it justice; definitely give it a listen if you're a fan of his other work.
  12. I've played them so much on WC3 that the console rehashes don't do anything for me. But the best is Element TD, as aforementioned, and also Sprout TD is pretty fun.
  13. I personally listen to a lot of classic rock, and older rock music in general, so I'd have to disagree with you about it being a 'crappy genre'. Although it's painfully obvious you're more then welcome to have your own meaningless opinion as well though. Hmm... I haven't listened to much of The Who lately but I think my favorite is The Seeker. I've been searchin' low and hiiiiigh...
  14. I'd have to agree that 'casual gamer' is sort of an arbitrary term. I think it's a concept that was somewhat more 'relevant' 5-10 years ago, when video gaming wasn't as mainstream as it is today. I remember growing up, people would call me a nerd for playing video games at least a couple of hours a day. And now even 'popular' people, who 'have lives' play games as well, whether it be on Wii, or something else that is mainstream and 'casual', like Halo 3. I almost find my self in the same boat as the OP, but it's primarily due to time restraints. I like to play in-depth or 'hardcore' games, but I just don't have enough time to find one, figure out how it works, or even play it. Honestly the only games I've played in the last two months are WC3 (best $40 I ever spent) and Pokemon Diamond, and I still feel great games are out there, you just have to look.
  15. rofl ya cuz rap eznt moozik!! Bullshit. This song is easily one of my favorites already. Congrats, DCT, for getting your first mix posted.
  16. Awesome. It has a wide and open feeling to it. I love the Song of Storms, and this mix is a really interesting interpretation of it. Very nice work.
  17. if you're so sure, kid, then say it in my face and not from behind your computer screen and then we'll talk. otherwise, sit the fuck back down. ~weed By the way, this is a great track. Both the lyrics and the actual music fit together very nicely. Well done Ubik and Zyko, I'd give thie ReMix a 9/10.
  18. I really, really like this piece. FF6's battle theme ownz. Anyway, before I listened to it I was expecting some sort of heavy metal mix. Even while I was listening to it, I half expected Noir to break out into metal guitar. Of course, he didn't, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  19. Unlike most of the bosses in FF7, you couldn't just run into battle and just keep mashing X to win against the weapons. If you know what to do against each one, it's not really that hard.
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