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  1. Heh. This song made me fall in love with the Chocobo theme. Very fun song indeed. I think this would be better cattegorized under Final Fantasy X, though. Anyway, I love the robotic vocals, and the entire song is really fun. Well done.
  2. First of all, I love this! Now, forgive me if I'm mistaken, stating something painfully obvious, or it's already been said, but it sounds to me that the piano provides primarily "You Can Hear the Planet's Cry" while the low strings have taken over "Those Chosen By the Planet". The two tracks make beautiful music together [if you'll forgive the pun,] and I'm surprised that this combination hasn't been done more. Maybe the other mixers are afraid to take on your mix? I know I would be if I were a mixer. Anyway, there's a constant light-vs-dark sound that makes me wish there had been more interaction between Aerith and Sephiroth. Dark, but light at the same time, if that makes sense. It's actually a very relaxing mix to listen to. A job well done, in my opinion.
  3. I think this one I'm going to review in portions. I enjoyed the first part of the song. While it does take some time to get into the main melody of Tifa's theme, I found the extra attention to the opening of her theme quite nice. I have to admit that the quivery sound that plays in the background from 0:59 to 1:28 [i think that's the mysterious thing that djpretzel was mentioning in his write up,] drives me absolutely nuts. It reminds me of how whiny Tifa seemed in the game. From 1:28 to 2:02 would have to be my favourite portion of the song. Much more upbeat than the original, and still fiting in with the song, making it much more enjoyable than the original song. Between 2:02 and 2:16, it was a wee bit too powerful, considering the rest of the song has been much calmer, however it was led into well. From 2:16 to 2:44 we once again return to a calmer atmosphere, but it sounds a bit strange when it picks up at 2:44 again. Still, it remained calm, which was quite nice. But again it gets very rock at 3:30, killing the calm atmosphere again until about the last fifteen seconds. Overall, I thought this mix was so-so. It would have been more enjoyable [iMO] if it were calm the entire time or rock the entire time. The constant ups and downs made it difficult to really grasp and enjoy the mix. So... Consistancy is my biggest problem with the mix [besides the quivering, of course. ; ] The calm and energetic portions were equally good, though.
  4. I love the original version of Liberi Fatali, but I have to say that I have a much better time remembering how the opening of FFVIII played when I listen to Pollard's mix. Love the organ work, and the addition of drums makes it fairly fun. I think the only thing I didn't like was the inclusion of the vocals. They seemed a bit too flat for perkiness of the remix. Other than that, this is be my favourite FFVIII remix.
  5. There’s something that has bugged me for a while. I see remixes of every game I grew up with except for one; Duke Nukem 3D. So, I thought I would drop by and leave a couple requests. The first is a remix of the Intro/Menu theme. It's quite fast and is more of a rock or metal genre. It'd be neat if it were slowed down and given a more orchestral sound. The second would be "Water World." There was once a time when it creeped me out, but since I've grown it's lost its creep factor. Again, it would be neat if there was a slightly slower mix, and possibly more gothic [right now it reminds me of hip-hop, or some other 'nowadays' radio genre like that.] Here are links to the two songs I mentioned. The sound isn't as great as it could have been, since 3D Realms used midi files for the background: Main Theme Water World If anybody is interested in seeing what else is available from DN3D, I have listed all 30 midis here. Thank you for consideration. It's appreciated.
  6. ;_; This is absolutely beautiful! I've seen a couple of people say that the electric piano wasn't as good as a real piano would have been, but I think it added to the atmosphere so well! Once again I've seen a couple of people mention something along the lines of creepy. Me, I happened to be writing a sad/romantic scene for a story when I started listening to this. The scene is now a page longer than it was supposed to be. It also reminds me of something from a fantasy-like game/movie/cartoon/etc. Okay, now I'm rambling. ^^; Key words: Beautiful, sad, romantic, inspiring. And with that last note, I'll end by saying this remix is going on my "Dramatic Inspiriation" playlist. Great work!
  7. What can I say? This was and is a terrific remix! I've even got my dad hooked on it. Placing parts of Hitler's speech in it created a perfect effect to the song, and makes me kinda jealous. ^^;; Anyhoo, I love this. Way ta go.
  8. Blindstrike mentioned that the main meldoy was hard to hear, but I found it excellent. There were some points where there was a bit too much noise, but that's no biggy. Gives the song a dark, twisted atmosphere, which I found to be quite... intriguing. I'd have to say this will be the song needed in the background whenever I'm writing twisted darkness or the evil bad guy's layer. ^^;; In short, it's made my insperation playlist. Once again, the dark atmosphere is excellent. Not to sound like my teacher or anything, but continued efforts will make your future remixes as enjoyable as this one. Great work! ^_~
  9. I am officially obsessed with the Chocobo theme now 'cause of you, Draggor. ^^ This is the best Chocobo remix I've heard so far, and I'm certain it's going to remain my favourite. It actually sounds like it belongs in Gold Saucer, and not all of the remixes sound like they 'belong' in the game. Great work!
  10. Holy mother of Monkey D Fluffy! ( or so my sister puts it ^^;; ) This is an awsome remix! I've slapped myself so many times in the last 5:26 seconds for not downloading this sooner! This is the first and only remix that comes close to my love for "Rape of a Planet" by 'mp'. I'll admit that the start is a little slow for my taste, but after 2:03 it's awsome! That's not to say that before 2:03 it isn't insperational. On it's own it's great, but it seems to be too slow for an intro to the rest of the song. No biggy! I still love it! I'm overwhelmed by how greatly you remixed the opening to the best game ever! I would swear Nobuo (great man, btw) was in charge of this remix if I found it any where but on OCR.org . Excellent work!
  11. This I love! It has such a unique sound for OWA (which I would like to save is probably my most favorite video game song EVA!) But the sounds seem to mix between the original choir sound, dance, a sci-fi sound, and something Arabic (i think? ). And then when it starts to have a calm, sad theme starting at 2:10 when the Sector 7 theme becomes alot more clear (to me, anyway). Plus you got the lyrics out so clearly! It's great! On top of that, both songs were mixed together so well that they almost sound as if they are one and the same! (that's what i think, anyway). ^^ This was an extremely beautiful remix, in my opinion, and I find it a shame that some people don't enjoy it. I can already tell my dad's gonna kill me for playing this day in and day out. ^^; ('specially considering I'm on the tenth repeat now). Regardless of what some of the other reviews say, I think you should be very proud of your work on this, because it was excellent! Great job!
  12. Well, to be honest, I had to listen to it about seven times before I was sure this was based on the victory theme. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it. Definitely different, and the concept is attention grabbing (for me, anyway). I believe it was Toxic Soul who mentioned it sometimes sounds taticky, and I have to agree with him on that, but I found that added to the unique effect. I'm really impressed with what you did with such a short piece to work from. Good on you, Mate. ^_~
  13. This is a beatiful piece. I love it. The way it starts out so calm is really beautiful, and then when it begins to pick up at 0:49 is definitely effective. And the way it becomes calm again at 2:01 was definitely effective, leading into the more upbeat sound at 2:24. At 4:25 when the music goes back to that spacey sound is really neat, and then leading into harmony with the piano, and then ending with just the piano was quite effective. This is definitely an inspiring piece (thus, it goes on my inspiration playlist ^^; . Dare I say, this would have been a good piece to play in the final showdown between Cloud and Sephy-sama? Great job!
  14. Oh my... I'm only 2 minutes into this and already I'm in love with it. So sad and beautiful. And I can easily find the pieces of "The Nightmare Is Just Beginning". A remix of Vinny's theme! YEAS! I LOVE IT! But seriously, I like how everything seems melded together, and the whispers... Totally cool effect! I strongly recommend that any Vincent fans listen to this, because this was done so well! Not only that, it stays true to Vincent's personality. Guilty, confused and mysterious. I have got to say, this is one of my remixes. Great work!
  15. This is really unique. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I LOVE the easier sound this has. Don't get me wrong. I love alotta heavy bass in remixes and stuff, but to see a battle theme turned into something so... easy. I'm truly impressed. This is something I could leave playing all night and wake up without a headache. Well done!
  16. I listened to this before I read the description (which i seem to have a habit of doing ^^; ), and I did look for the Turks Theme in it, then realized "That's not Turks". Surprised? Yes. Upset? Hell no! I love this. It sometimes reminds me of a 007 theme, and I love the start of it when it has that almost tricky-child sound to it with the brass (did that make sense? o_O) Anyway, this was well done and I recommend that anybody who liked the music in the Midgar area listen to this. Well done.
  17. This was an interesting song. It sounds like a song from a gameboy game mixed in with a techno version of a song from Dark Cloud (Perhaps the Yellow Drops theme or Yellow Drops' dungeon theme). Anyway, this is quite an interesting mix, and I agree with Blindstrike. The spacey and haunting atmosphere of it is quite captivating. Good work.
  18. As my little sister put it, this song is the shizznick! I LOVED IT!!! It almost sounds like it's the end of a show or movie or something, just before the credits roll and you get the hero saying a final line like "The war isn't over," or something to that affect. It's a shame that it's so short, but at the same time the length adds a neat 'to be continued' affect, and the electric guitar (i'm guessing since i'm tired right now), is absolutely beautiful! I'm truly in love with this song! Excellent work!
  19. This wasn't too bad. My favorite part is actually what was mentioned in the description, when the music gets that reverb thing. And I love the amount of drums used in this. It's not my favorite remix, but I still like to listen to it. Good work.
  20. Another song on my "Inspirations" playlist. I really, really enjoy listening to this song, whether playing FF, writing stories, or anything else. The second OC Remix I ever heard, and it greatly increased my fondness for techno. I especially like when the music picks up at 1:33. Anyway, this is a great piece of work. Great work.
  21. This was really well done. I love the sad tone of it. This is definitely going on my "Inspirations" playlist for when I work on stories. And I love how the piano and drums work together in this. And the faint whistling in the background reminds me a little of one of the BGM's from Castlevania. Well done.
  22. This was the first OC Remix I ever heard, which was about three months ago when I was on Kazaa, and I LOVED it!!! At first I couldn't find any information on it and thought it might have been a remix of City of the Ancients (which I think it sounds a little simillar), but then i found it here and it made sense. Anyways, I really impressed with the song. Great job!
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