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  1. You know, I didn't think a remix consisting entirely of unpitched instruments could be done very well. Glad I was proven wrong. Of course, it helps that the source material is basically just that too.
  2. For some reason this song makes me envision sitting on a blanket at night on some remote hilltop, stargazing with a loved one... A canvas of dreams indeed. Top notch work, you two.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly. If I didn't know the theme I'd put it right up there as another song from Django.
  4. Very nice piano piece. I love the slight changes in the cadence starting at 1:30 and the very bright modulation at 1:50.
  5. I initially had difficulty pinning what song this was based off of, though when I did find what it was I abruptly realized that this is an example of a great remix. I could suddenly hear where the original piece from the game was interwoven with the rest of the remix - it was neither a direct copy nor straying too far. Excellent work, in all.
  6. I don't like the vocal parts all that much, but it's more personal preference than anything else. Love the guitar and the entire 5/4 feel. All in all, another great remix of a great soundtrack.
  7. To be honest, this is probably one of my favorite remixes. It's one of the very few songs I have that simply makes me want to crank up the volume when I hear it (which I do if no one's around). I don't believe I had heard the original theme before first listening to this, but after I compared the two I like how this works with it. Good stuff.
  8. When I first noticed that there was a Lords of the Realm 2 remix on here, I tried and failed to remember what the original music sounded like.. then I listened to this and it all came back. Very nice piece, though after 5:00 or so it doesn't seem to match well with the previous parts.
  9. I was also going to mention how Robo caused them to first arrive at the End of Time, but that's resolved through the script anyway. In addition, there's a typo in the script. Right after they arrive at 12,000 BC, Marle says "Would’ve been nice to have Marle’s fire magic now..." - should be Lucca mentioned instead of Marle in the dialogue, obviously.
  10. Ever since I first arrived at OCR I've been waiting for a remix of this track.. and now that there is one, it's just what I had been hoping for.
  11. This is almost exactly what I was thinking. I just finished watching The Matrix: Revolutions and randomly picked this out of the playlist.. and it's actually very fitting considering the ending (or so I believe). Very calming remix.. definitely in my collection of piano remixes.
  12. I loved this song from the first second I heard it. The intro makes me feel quite nostalgic (though I'm not quite sure why, as I was born in '86). Vocals are cool, I usually prefer non-lyrical stuff but it works great with this song. One of my favorite remixes ever.
  13. Intro's completely different from the rest of the song, but ignoring that, this is a solid rock and electronica remix. Very much 80's rock, as others mentioned.
  14. Synthy, along with a wavy bass. Kinda repetitive, though it does change it up a bit with alternate-panning synths starting around 1:34. Nothing outstanding about it, though.
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