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  1. You know, I didn't think a remix consisting entirely of unpitched instruments could be done very well. Glad I was proven wrong. Of course, it helps that the source material is basically just that too.
  2. For some reason this song makes me envision sitting on a blanket at night on some remote hilltop, stargazing with a loved one... A canvas of dreams indeed. Top notch work, you two.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly. If I didn't know the theme I'd put it right up there as another song from Django.
  4. Very nice piano piece. I love the slight changes in the cadence starting at 1:30 and the very bright modulation at 1:50.
  5. I initially had difficulty pinning what song this was based off of, though when I did find what it was I abruptly realized that this is an example of a great remix. I could suddenly hear where the original piece from the game was interwoven with the rest of the remix - it was neither a direct copy nor straying too far. Excellent work, in all.
  6. I don't like the vocal parts all that much, but it's more personal preference than anything else. Love the guitar and the entire 5/4 feel. All in all, another great remix of a great soundtrack.
  7. To be honest, this is probably one of my favorite remixes. It's one of the very few songs I have that simply makes me want to crank up the volume when I hear it (which I do if no one's around). I don't believe I had heard the original theme before first listening to this, but after I compared the two I like how this works with it. Good stuff.
  8. When I first noticed that there was a Lords of the Realm 2 remix on here, I tried and failed to remember what the original music sounded like.. then I listened to this and it all came back. Very nice piece, though after 5:00 or so it doesn't seem to match well with the previous parts.
  9. I was also going to mention how Robo caused them to first arrive at the End of Time, but that's resolved through the script anyway. In addition, there's a typo in the script. Right after they arrive at 12,000 BC, Marle says "Would’ve been nice to have Marle’s fire magic now..." - should be Lucca mentioned instead of Marle in the dialogue, obviously.
  10. Ever since I first arrived at OCR I've been waiting for a remix of this track.. and now that there is one, it's just what I had been hoping for.
  11. This is almost exactly what I was thinking. I just finished watching The Matrix: Revolutions and randomly picked this out of the playlist.. and it's actually very fitting considering the ending (or so I believe). Very calming remix.. definitely in my collection of piano remixes.
  12. I loved this song from the first second I heard it. The intro makes me feel quite nostalgic (though I'm not quite sure why, as I was born in '86). Vocals are cool, I usually prefer non-lyrical stuff but it works great with this song. One of my favorite remixes ever.
  13. Intro's completely different from the rest of the song, but ignoring that, this is a solid rock and electronica remix. Very much 80's rock, as others mentioned.
  14. Synthy, along with a wavy bass. Kinda repetitive, though it does change it up a bit with alternate-panning synths starting around 1:34. Nothing outstanding about it, though.
  15. Straight-up dance/techno here, including several voice samples throughout. Fun, fun. Not much else to say about it, as it's pretty solid through the full length of the song.
  16. In the usual style of CotMM, this mix takes the original and twists it into a demented, yet still recognizable melody. Definitely not my type of music, but quite awesome for those that like it. Bonus points for doing this to Barbie.
  17. Cheerful and upbeat, but a bit short. Not bad, considering it's in one of the first batches of remixes to hit the site.
  18. Like others said, New Age-ish without much of a visible melody. All depends on whether you like the style or not. There may be a few minor flaws in it, but it's not bad as a whole. Worth listening to at least once or twice to form your own opinion of it.
  19. Rockin' remix here, and with the strings at 1:18 it strongly reminds me of the classic rock band Kansas, which is pretty cool in my book. A nice contrast to the other remix of this game, but of the same high caliber.
  20. Laid-back jazz with some vibes makin' it cool. I agree with Noodler Sensei about the secret agent part: for some reason this reminds me of James Bond. Definitely one to listen to if you like mellow jazz.
  21. Cool song, lots of synth work, lots of energy. It manages to stay at least somewhat interesting through the entire five minutes, which is good. May turn out to be an unexpected addition to my regular playlist.
  22. Cool remix, well-done and very long, but that's not a bad thing as it doesn't really get repetitive (from my perspective, at least). An imaginative listener may be able to envision Astérix on a long journey, not rushing toward his goal but traveling at his own pace. Will definitely make it to my regular playlist due to coolness.
  23. Dancish with lots of drumwork and several synths. Definitely not my style, so not on my playlist. Others may like it more, though.
  24. Quite nice and quite deep bass in this one, with a laid-back and ambient feel overall. My primary and solitary complaint is that the drums overpower the bass in most places, but that could just be my computer. Only reason it won't end up on my regular playlist is due to the limit I'll have on time.
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