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  1. Yeah, that part is bothering me as well. I lack money, but it's going to be hard to avoid purchasing this game at launch. I'm going to attempt it by watching someone else play it on launch day for charity instead. Of course, that will probably just backfire on me anyway, but hey, it's for charity!
  2. The November 2011 Poetry Competition has begun. All submitters, start your pencils!
  3. Results are in for the September 2011 Short Story Competition! 1st Place: Savanna Dream by Simplicity Runner-Up: NOBODY by Jax Mandrake The vote tally: Savanna Dream by Simplicity - 10 NOBODY by Jax Mandrake - 6 Bobert's Boredom by Mirby - 2 Good job, all, and I hope to see more submissions in the future! Tomorrow starts the November 2011 Poetry Competition! Also, NaNoWriMo 2011 is starting again tomorrow! Feel free to post what you write here.
  4. My desktop meets everything on the Recommended front EXCEPT the graphics. On that, it's only Minimum... Dammit. I'd be upgrading immediately if I had any money to do so.
  5. Shame. Was considering getting on tonight after not being on for... what, two weeks?
  6. The voting period starts now*! We have three** entries: Bobert's Boredom by Mirby NOBODY by Jax Mandrake Savanna Dream by Simplicity Voting period ends on the 29th. Please, if you read this thread, do everyone a favor and vote. * Would have been earlier... like, a week ago, but... yeah, I have no excuse besides bad memory. ** Would have been four, but I 'completed' my entry just a little while ago, well after the deadline. Le sigh...
  7. One year ago, today, I bought Minecraft. Crazy.
  8. The submissions stage has been extended, but I want to know if there's anyone even considering participating. I haven't heard a thing from anyone.
  9. I'd like to make a quick request that anyone playing on the server to try to avoid generating new chunks on the main world (the one we've been on since October) until after we have 1.9 running. The terrain generator is going to be changed again with that update, so I think we can all agree that we'd probably prefer having only one set of chunk discontinuities on the map, not two.
  10. After much delay, Bukkit is released for Minecraft 1.8! ... Jeb releases the Minecraft 1.9 pre-release a few hours later. At this point, why even update the server to 1.8 at all? I think we should just wait for 1.9.
  11. Not completely broken. The problem in SMP is that the detection of when they're in your crosshairs is a little above their heads. So instead of not looking right at them, you need to avoid looking right above them. Hopefully that'll be fixed for 1.9.
  12. Yes, but it will be temporary, since the terrain generator in 1.8 is an unfinished product (for instance, in 1.8, there are many biomes missing, including any and all snow biomes). The full generator will be released with 1.9. So when 1.9 comes out, we will likely be replacing the 1.8 map with the 1.9 map.
  13. It's a common problem related to how many chunks are loaded at a time. Turn your view distance down a notch or two so fewer chunks are loaded at a time; that usually fixes it. Naturally, if you're using higher-res texture packs, that's going to reduce the number of chunks you can safely load even further.
  14. He means not to update your client to 1.8 until the server(s) you play on are updated if you want to actually play online. Which is true. Bukkit isn't yet released, so for at least the OCR server, it won't be updated until Bukkit 1.8 is released and Multiplay installs it to the server. We'll let you know when the server is updated.
  15. Voting's over, and the results are in for the July 2011 Freeform Competition! 1st Place: The RPG Element by Jax Mandrake Runner-Up: Humanity Is Queer by Mirby Here's the vote spread: The RPG Element by Jax Mandrake - 8 Humanity Is Queer by Mirby - 6 No Xenoblade? by Capa Langley - 5 CRACKTON, August 1-5 by JH Sounds - 5 ----- On a serious note, I'm not pleased by the decline in participation these days, particularly on the voting side. Only ONE of the submitters actually voted. ONE. The rest of the votes came from myself and a few people that haven't shown their faces in this thread as of yet. Without those people, we'd be looking at another no-vote situation. So, I'm asking everyone for their opinions on the state of this competition currently and suggestions on how to improve it. I'm all ears at this point. In the meantime... ----- The September 2011 Short Story Competition is underway! Now accepting submissions until the end of the month! Don't forget to read the rules in the first post if you are unfamiliar with them or have forgotten.
  16. Too bad on the loss, but OMG WIN on the signatures!
  17. I still have to re-place myself. I was near the top of the Gold league when I stopped playing last (in the first season, no less), so I'm probably only mid-Silver now. But maybe not. I haven't had a chance to practice at all yet.
  18. Let us know if you're going to be shown on one of the streams or something, Taucer! Best of luck!
  19. No, more like 'my equilibrium is completely off, I shouldn't try standing up right this moment.'
  20. Felt a little swaying and vibration here at Virginia Tech. Could see my monitors shaking enough to make it hard to read the text on screen, and the swaying I felt in my chair was enough to make me feel odd. Otherwise not much happened.
  21. Definitely just skip the practice league. As was already mentioned, the surplus of rocks blocking entrances just completely changes the nature of the match. All it'll do it just teach you bad habits that'll need to be broken in order to learn the true fundamentals. Also, if you want someone to play against, I'd be game. I've been meaning to get back into playing after not touching the game since last year, so hit me up if you're interested.
  22. News on the 1.8 update front: - Notch has added rivers to the terrain generation code; here's an example picture - Notch has also made "deep oceans" now. - In doing so, he's been experimenting with the height limit and the terrain scale, including biomes, trying to balance scale and gameplay. - He's released a picture of a test map layout with the new terrain code implemented.
  23. Of course they didn't say it up front. They didn't expect they would even get near enough money to have anything extra after the fact. By the time they figured out that, hey, they were going to have a sizable amount left over, they were well over the donation goal and people were still donating, even after they announced that they didn't need any more and they would be figuring out what other kind of project they would work on with the extra money. People even sent them suggestions and kept right on donating knowing full-well that it was going to be going to a purpose other than fixing Allison. Pretty much all the money that was donated after that point (which was still quite a bit) was done so with that knowledge. Presumably, anyway; you can't say for certain that every single person actually read the page after the initial call, but that's true for anything. As far as continuing to take in money, if I'm not mistaken you can't close down a donation page on RocketHub before the initially set time limit is up. That's how I understood it as it was happening, anyway. If so, there's not much EC could've done to actually prevent more people from donating other than saying "stop." Not going to start debating this myself after this post, just throwing that out there.
  24. Right. So job hunting is kicking my ass. No time to actually finish my entry, so once again I'm left not participating. I really wish my life would stabilize so I could get shit done again. Four entries this month! No Xenoblade? by Capa Langley Humanity Is Queer by Mirby The RPG Element by Jax Mandrake CRACKTON, August 1-5 by JH Sounds You have until the end of the 23rd to vote! Get to it, don't delay, or else you'll forget. Trust me.
  25. Server page says it's up, but I can't connect either. Probably a glitch or something.
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