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  1. Hey all, We at Plucky Duck Productions are working towards making our hobby game (Duck Jam) a reality. Towards that goal we are setting up a Kickstarter so that we can hire artists to create original music for the entire game (currently we're using music from a variety of OCRemix artists) and promoting our game. As part of that promotion we want to make a couple trailers to help highlight our game. The first trailer we want to create is a 30-60 second show off of the gameplay and story. We're looking for a composer who would be willing to make a sound track for that trailer. We don't have much money (hence the Kickstarter) but are willing to pay for this piece, unless you're willing to throw us a bone and do one for free which is always helpful. You can message me here or find us on Discord if you're interested in the project. https://discord.gg/966j8s
  2. Listening to this makes me want to produce a black & white old timey cartoon.
  3. Can't believe I had to add this entry to Wikipedia for the Balance/Ruin album. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Final_Fantasy_VI#Music Anyways, you should probably flesh it out some, I'm not the best encyclopedia salesman.
  4. Pretty much what it says, if you want to make a new remix or original track (that sounds like it belongs in Tyrian, but is not an song directly from it specifically, something like Her Smile in Every Summer, Wind Waker) you're more than welcome to contribute it, however the main focus of this project is securing high quality sound formats of already made music and artist permissions to create a album from them.
  5. Tyrian Flight of the Carrot A compilation of fruitastic proportions! Process * Confirmation of final masters... in process * Any Artwork... in process * Video Trailer (Optional)... none planned, but would like if someone can make one * Website (Optional)... planned for launch on project acceptance (I will be developing it) * MP3 Tagging... done * Musician consent agreements... in process * Evaluation Submission Package... in process Download Link for beta After many years of waiting it's time for someone to head a project like this, to take it in hand and make an official OCRemix album for Tyrian! This album currently is comprised of musical selections that have been found across the internet, bringing all the best of the Tyrian fandom musical lore together into one place. I present it to you experts and otherwise to help beat from this crude ingot a mighty bar of worth. The purpose of this project is to create a Tyrian album from original sources and remixes that will do the OCRemix community proud and satiate the fans of this venerable top down shooter on this 19th year anniversary of its release. Things needed to complete the project: Album Art Currently the album art being used is a generic album art image from the game. However to make this project truly unique we need a specific cover for it, and have some extras. Currently we need one or two artists to make one or more images of 100x100px size for a cover. Preferably this image would feature the SuperCarrot. Finished Master Copies I am trying to contact all the artists that have so far been selected for this project to get the highest quality versions of their music. Preferably I can get the ones who have unfinished music to complete their songs as well. If your name is in the artists list, please contact me, I know several of you frequent this site. Video Trailer While no plans for one as have been made, if someone who has some skills in editing can put one together for us, we would appreciate it! Website I am a php developer by hobby and as such can handle creating a simple site to showcase the album on. However I'm not so good at graphic design so graphics for the website are always appreciated. MP3 Tagging Eh... not a problem. Musician Consent Contacting all these musicians will be a bit difficult. If you know any of the ones listed and can send them a message for the project, that would be fabulous. I have already made some efforts towards this, contacting them through their respective social medias (YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter, etc). If you can't help in any of these ways, you can help in others! Music Voting This project plans to only be one CD, so while there is a lot of great music out there, not all of it will fit on the CD! We need help deciding what is really the best of the community so that we can include only that. Download the beta files and let us know what's hot and what's not. Music Sourcing Know someone who's made a Tyrian remix? Let us know so we can include them in this project! We'd hate to leave someone out just because we don't know they exist. Original Tracks Do you have what it takes to make a original soundtrack, or original remix? Pledge your skills to this project to make it even better, and who knows, if we get enough submissions we may make a sequel! Current Artists List I should say most of the track names in the current album were made up by me while compiling it. If the artists hates that name I'll gladly revert it to the original, or one of their approval. Madad134: Beer - Beer; Space Journey 2 - Space Journey, the Sequel; Composition in Q - Q-space Orbik: Tyrian, the Song - The Song; Rock Garden - Hard Rock Revival; Asteroid Dance 2 - Electrick Bugaloo (yes, the misspells are intentional) The Experimental: Buy & Sell - Buying for the Choir; Composition in Q - Nocturne in Q hurleybird: End of Level - End of Album Kllu: Medley - Fourteen Photosynthesies hakushi: Tyrian, the Song - Tyrian, the Chiptune MagellanicSound: Tyrian, the Level - Data Flux Rayza: Sarah's Song - Threading the Needle Arnout van Heereveld: Tunneling Trolls - Tunnels Trolling OGO: Space Journey - Space Journey to Nowhere winKoneR: Camanis - Frozen Caves of Camanis Melonman67: Sarah's Song - Sarah's Spaghetti Western; Quest for Peace - Quest for Pizza fatalM4: Rock Garden - Schist Happens Tyler Woods: Return me to Savarah - Return me to the Front tibone: Deli Shop Quartet - Don't Leave me, Deliani Arcosaphire: Gryphons of the West - Gryphons on the Wing technoguyx: Sarah's Song - Melodies Ahead khoal: One Mustn't Fall - Battle in the sky Zaghurim: Quest for Peace - Quest for Pizza
  6. An epic piece of art, and make sure you check out the movie as well, it will leave you craving for that Metroid movie that keeps floating about in rumor.
  7. This song.... it's two songs. You could easily break it up at the 5:40ish mark where the sound drops off. Nobody would know the difference. Otherwise, this is a great mix.
  8. I always took it for more of a dock/open work area, not a tavern (hence the anvils and such clinking at the beginning).
  9. Hey all, this game brought me a lot of fun times with my friends when I was a teen, in fact it's the only racing game I ever really liked. So I'd really love to see a remix of it some time to bring back the memories, capiche?
  10. I enjoy songs like this that can cleverly hint at the game, but the lyrics don't blatantly mention it. In short, I like lyrics that aren't all about the game, or games in general.
  11. That one's actually one of my favorites, cool song. The guitar breakdown is really reflective, like someone in a very vulnerable position contemplating the meaning of their battle, the why, etc.
  12. Yeah, I edited a couple of these songs, just a bit for my listening. Yours is the spaghetti western sounding one right? I renamed it as well for my records, "Sarah's Spaghetti Western", little unoriginal, but fun like the song.
  13. .z7 is the native 7-zip file format for making archives, nothing suspicious about it in general. If you want me to, I can post the individual songs. Besides that, the reason I'm posting them is because I can't find the original artists anywhere on the internet myself. Figured I should at least make sure others can hear them, if not find the originals for me.
  14. I know you're all fans of Tyrian 2000, because who isn't a fan of the greatest top down shooter of all time?! Anyways, here's my top 5 remixes that I've collected over the last couple years, thought I should share as they're hard to find. https://skydrive.live.com/embedicon.aspx/.Public/Tyrian.7z?cid=e281e8290bc869a0&sc=documents Beyond a bit of post editing, none of these are my originals so I can't officially post them to the site. Hopefully someday someone will find the artists and get them on here, till then.
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