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  1. I totally wanna hear what you come up with. Yes, that can be very interesting. This song is the only main reason why Shael got his verse into River City Rap. And that's why I'm not listening to it. Sorry, buddy! I'll listen to your other pieces though. This is the only one I don't like.
  2. I could if you post a link. Anyway, this remix gives me a flashback of X-zibit's "X" theme song. It might be the rythum of the piano and bassline in correspondance to the beat. Interesting stuff. I likey!
  3. It's all right, but not for the faint of heart. BTW, one thing, bud. You should have sent this remix and requested to have it posted before grad last year.
  4. Bass is too loud...plus yeah, it adds nothing to the original, just syncopation and new electric instruments.
  5. Well, yeah, true Jose's voice is a little too soft sounding as a rapper, but instrumentally, the mix's very moviing even though it's slightly repetitive. I don't know what to say regarding your opinion, but from what I can see, mainstream rap is not the primary genre that you listen to daily. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. You couldn't be more wrong. Not to mention that your post is incredibly classist and even subconsciously racist. I'm about to graduate from college with a BA in English, and I can greatly appreciate the lyrics of many, many rap artists. Hell, my sister's in postgrad law school at University of Chicago, and she will sit down and actually listen to the lyrics of rap songs. Many people I know, including some of the whitest living-in-the-country people you'll ever see, not only appreciate the musical aspect of rap but its lyrical aspects as well. If you have an analytical mind that can actually get past a few reiterations of the word "fuck," you can hear that many rap songs are about personal struggle, emotional turmoil and achievement. Just because zykO's lyrics don't read like an after-school special doesn't mean the spirit of camaraderie, struggle and friendship isn't there. Believe it or not, words can have more than one level of perception to them! There's a little something called "subtext" you might want to get to know. And if you refuse to believe that people of intelligence and sensitivity can identify with rap, you're simply denying the validity of an art form because of your snotty personal opinion and blatant classism. You know smart people who actually respect the lyrics behind rap as much as I do. I do see the sub-text in some parts of this song. I just don't see all of it. I know where the camaraderie and struggle is, but not the friendship besides what's belted in the chorus. When I said my remark about A students, I was refering to the A students who actually don't listen to rap as a primary genre and regard it just as pure entertainment. And I'm refering to people of any race, not just white. arthropod stated a message regarding these type of people up above this post: In Canada we have either wannabe rappers, gangsters, or people who just don't respect hip-hop and see it as either pure amusement or some guys yelling profane words and statements over a microphone. I know what these artists actually go through and that's why I respect rap music. Other people just want to get a high from it. My people choose not comply to arthropod's suggestion and that's what I'm saying. You've encountered the right people who can actually take in hip-hop for what it trully is. I barely do encounter people who respect hip-hop at all. That's my problem and that's my reason for posting that comment.
  7. The sample is from the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" it came from the "spaceman" telling the woman "If anything should happen to me, repeat these words to Gort." Even though I don't like how the samples are morphed etc. This mix is really good. Vivi's the fav of Final Fantasy 9. My sister also thinks he's cute. Anyway excellent remix loud buzzes, and killer industrial kits. This puppy's a keeper.
  8. The jaws of Jelly Roll Morton, Wynton Marsalis and Vince Guaraldi will drop if any of those guys are alive and listening to this. Nice stuff.
  9. This is very good stuff. First track I heard from MV. Even though the section with the saxaphon reminds me of some elevator music I heard in Walmart, this song is really catchy. Gives me that "Stayin' Alive" disco feel. Excellent.
  10. Frikin' finally! I've been waiting for this mix to hit this site for the past summer! Every single milli-second of it rocks! "The Beginning" is the best song in all of the Castlevania series next to The Tragic Prince. Not only has goat managed to enhance the hardness of the 8-bit's original buzzes and bleeps, but he also adds his own spin offs with loud but pleasant window-breaking guitar work! I love the squel that opens things up, the solo at 2 minutes, the cymbals and strings at 3 and a half minutes, and the wolf howl that ends it off! goat, when people hear of you, they will remember this song. Every one of your other rock remixes here just got served. A shout out to everyone.....download or cry like a baby who just lost his/her pacifier. I love you, goat!
  11. Wow! Very dark, but well written lyrics. The guitar work is great! If a Mega Man movie is ever made, this song had better make the soundtrack album or I ain't buyin'.
  12. Holy crap! Not even the Soundblaster Card has enough cache to run this thing! Beware folks, beware! EDIT: Actually, if you have the skill, be prepared to cut the sf2 file into a few smaller peices using the bank manager in Vienna. There are some instruments in there you may or may not need.
  13. Then why do the lyrics mostly introduce the Asterix characters and have them brag about their adventures and how hype they are? It does sound hip and all and a little bit's good for the song, but I don't see the focus. If you can back yourself up by quoting some of the lyrics and emphasize the focus on the theme besides the chorus then I'll know what you're gettin' at. The swearing and use of the word "nigga" are nothin' to me, but the focus of the song bothers me. That's exactly why people, innocent straight A+ students who can't relate to one bit of the rap culture, who listen to hardcore stuff like gangsta "crap," love it. They just like the hot beatz and if they actually pick up on some of the lyrics, like what they hear even though deep down, they can't relate to one word of what comes out of the subs. Some of rap's target audience is just sad.
  14. Super Adventure Island is the best imitation of early 90s dance music ever. "Big Zen" is even spot-on with the style of the KLF. Which is why Double A Ron and myself dig both the SNES soundtrack and this shiznit!
  15. I love you, Ubik. If I were a female, I want your babies now! Anyway, I heard this awhile back on VGMix and it is sweet! Nice industrial drums (constant garbage can bangin') with tribal percussion. I love the bass, too. The meatiest bass I've ever heard in a long time. I will always be a Ubik fan!
  16. This is a great song for a rap...(not River City Rap though). I like it alot, but the melody is covered very minimalistically. There was alot more of a melody in the original track. This just covers a tenth of the main melody. Although, the beat is killer, the patches are excellent, the bass will kick your arse, but it just needs alot more to it. If there's a version of this instrumental without any rap lyrics overtop, this will be a highly recomended song.
  17. Butthead: Thith thuckth, Beavith! Beavis: HE HE...HE HE...Yeah! HE HE...HE HEEE.....sucks...HE HE....HE...HE. Change it!
  18. Not bad, but not great either. The equalizing between the sampling and the added in stuff is way better than Krakenphonic at VGMix.com, an Earthbound remix done by Spekeosaurus which sampled extremely heavily from the original theme but added a whole bunch of industrial loops and other stuff. A definate keeper even though it breaks one big rule in the remixing community.
  19. Well he's keepin' it true to the original mix. There's nothing wrong with that. Although he could have used some vocabulary above the grade 9 level to give the lyrics less cheese. I strongly agree. "Tikal, ha hah ha! Yeah" That was uncalled for. It annoyed me like the plague. Once you get to the end of the last hook chant, shut the song off right away. On top of that, fade out would be the worst approach to end the song. The reason everyone loves it is because it's Knuckles. The roughness of rap suites his character as a fighter and protector of Angel Island. On top of that, it's not too hardcore gangsta, nor is it so kiddy-ish. It's the average rap song that's good enough for the entire family. G-funk will never be outdated. Dr. Dre thought G-funk gangsta rap was dead in 95. Well guess what happened? Now it's glorified. The bassline is definately modern. I disagree with you regarding the vocal opinion, Sambo. Aggressive sounding vocals would have kept this song from hittin' OCR. Not everyone loves that kind of crap. Let the man tone it down if he wants.
  20. I agree and disagree. This is not a disgrace to rap as the beat is pretty good.Ubik did a nice job. It's just zyko's lyrics that show concern in my honest opinion. There's an essence of gangsta feel in the mix as threats are uttered even though the chorus boasts of friendship between "nigaz". There should be only one subject. One or the other (love or hate) should dominate the lyrics. Instead, your threatening your enemies in the verses and your showing love in the chorus. That is messed up. As for the Al Capwin's comment, you can't judge a rapper's color by his accent. Just so y'all know, Double A Ron is Phillipino and English and he raps white, I mean "pure" white. His style's his own. If both these people are black and rap white, who gives a dang! Let the men do their thing. zyko, brotha, just keep a focus if your gonna continue writing rap lyrics.
  21. Didn't Protricity cover this track before? He did something called "Enter the Cryptic Wood". I have no biased opinion as to which is better so, I conclude they're both awesome. Keep the DKC2 mixes comin' big guy!
  22. Here’s what Aaron Parsons has to say: Well that’s it! He’s summed up almost exactly what I was going to say. I hope to see more rap remixes on this site. There’s been one for each month so far.
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