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  1. i'm responding now, actually =)

  2. i literally got a wip for it like a day ago and just haven't updated yet. sorry, dude - feel free to throw a wip down for any of the other tracks that are left. i'm updating the page now, we should have a few new ones opening up soon.

  3. because, you know, i never am online here. or check my pm box.

    what'd you get?

  4. hey rexy - we're nearing release of LAproject, and i need a .wav of your track (if you have it) and a name for your track, please! =) thanks so much.

  5. what the hell has been going on with your sig? i'm being visually raped every time i post under you.

  6. it's looking like it'll be close =)

  7. it's just been a bit random. there was the cat, and that was cool, and then there was the pixel gif thing, and that was crazy, and then there was this. it's just a bit too much to take *tear*

  8. to be fair, i snagged a fair bit from reich's New York Counterpoint. but it works well with saxophones. hard as hell to record, though =)

  9. i was looking at that movie in your sig again and saw the following comment:

    "niggers cant b bosses"

    i laughed hysterically.

  10. probably because i'm never online. i never really was before, tbh.

  11. let me know how that motherboard is. i've heard a lot of mixed reviews about it, but i'm thinking that the people who didn't like it were on crack or something.

  12. oh, excellent. thanks, man.

  13. probably because it's either set on the wrong time zone or because it's thinking it's DST when it isn't, or the other way around.

  14. no, that's Geoffrey Taucer here on the boards who sang that song. if you want to hear me, check out 'thieves of fate' in the radical dreamers project, and the hymn arrangement in my music page (linked in my sig).

  15. depends on how high you want to go. a computer using one of the new i7 processors, 4gb of ram, good graphics, decent power supply, would likely be around a thousand or so if we skimped a touch on little things like the optical drive and silencing options. lots of hd space, bigger processor, either one big or two decent-sized graphics cards, etc - you can just go on and on with customization. i could easily do a 5k system with stock parts and not even scratch the surface of high-end customization of components and case structure.

    give me a money range over pm and we can talk. if nothing else, i can work up a build so you've got a reference. not like i'll charge for that or anything.

  16. why, video games, of course =)

  17. ccleaner would probably help. if it won't let you run mbam, boot into safe mode and use it a few times. run ccleaner while you're there, too.

  18. your system restore things are probably infected as well.

    if you're downloading mbam through your infected computer, i'll bet it's hijacking the dls with something else. there's literally no way that mbam can be eaten in safe mode - there isn't a way for it to run without you allowing it to. download the program at work, install it in safe mode, boot, run it while watching process explorer for any suspicious threads (aka programs that run instead of mbam when you boot it). if you see them, write down the name, manually delete the files that are running (as long as it's not like system32 or something), and try, try again.

  19. an fyi - the theremin isn't manipulated by light, it's manipulated by the interaction between the natural electrical field of your body and the field of the theremin. fluctuations cause the sound.


  20. boy, that flamerwolf guy spammed like every judge's profile, didn't he?

  21. thanks for the info, man =)

  22. i still need a bio =) thanks!

  23. as soon as amazon delivers it, i will be!

  24. ...it's still functional? i guess i don't know what you're asking.

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