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  1. You're talking about the panning knob at the very top of the box of the channel settings, right? Will using this panning knob effectively pan effects, too? What do you think of the panning knob in the step sequencer? That's the one I've mostly used. The panning knob in the sequencer is directly linked to the one in the channel settings. Also, you can right click on it and use the edit events box to do a lot of automated panning. it takes a little longer, but its better than using the piano roll. it works the same as the piano roll, it just works in values from 0-100% rather than notes.
  2. sry this is so late, yosh, but whatever works. if you're going to pan in Fruity, use the panning knobs in the properties box for that channel - its the most accurate. the PanOMatic isn't all that great no matter how you tweak it, and the pan knobs on the basic playlist and the mixer are only so sensitive - not quite as clear as you want. If you do it through the piano roll, its pretty good too because you can control exactly whats panned - but your eyes will fall out of your skull after doing about nine thousand notes - lol - so watch yourself. Just use the panning in the properties - its the easiest and most accurate one to use.
  3. Ah - the Prophet understands now - thanks skulkrusha. i'll have to check out that other site to see what i can find there - maybe thats what i'm looking for. thanks, people!
  4. Okay - half these don't work! Did someone purge the threads, or did they just kinda die form inactivity and now they dont exist? I wanted to use them for info - whats goin on?
  5. Oh man - this is one of the best songs in the whole game. Russell Cox makes a perfect background part for the best story in all of video games - excellent! The man is incredible.
  6. I can honestly say that this piece is quite good. I do a lot with jazz and that style, and Lau does an excellent job making a difficult genre to mix for sound good. Keep it up, Lau - we don't have enough of this here!
  7. I love this remix - except for the soundfonts. If Ubik used better sounds on this (as in a better vocal samplings, for example) but I love his style. I'm a fan of the mellow drum cuts he's got in here, and definately like Ubik's style - keep it up!
  8. I love this song. Period! I love the section in the middle (aroiund 2:00 or so) that its just the synth and offbeat chords - its incredible. Yet again trance comes through as the best stuff on the sight. FF musicDJ is the best at this kind of stuff for FF7 - thats a final decision. I really like this! And the great bass does help too . . . when you're an evil snake-demon prophet, this kind of stuff really its great lol.
  9. I love Starla - lol. I can honestly say that with Dune-Arrakis Wormsign, this song is my favorite. I love trance and analogue stuff, and this fits the bill nicely - did i mention that I love Starla? lol. Anyways - I love her selection of instruments for this - the Synth lead and the sound of the piano are perfect for this style of music. I love it !
  10. I say it once and forever - THE PROPHET LIKE PERCUSSION no matter what kind (i like percussionists too) and thats why this is my fav remix on the site (with Megaman Circuit Breaker, of course). Atmosphere is great, and I love the tuned xylophonery throughout the middle section. Great job Bart!
  11. I love the entire piece! i love the atmospheric stuff (after all, ebing a prophet, I have to love entrance music and background for my new movie, The Prophet of Mephisto does Dallas) so I love it. LOVE THE BRASS AT :51! Its great! Can't wait till Master and Chief, Edgen! Keep up the sweet orchestrations!
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