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  1. Hey, this is cool. Very melodic and trancey, which I didn't initially think would work at all with the particular track... JTT did an excellent job of reinterpreting the theme. It's rather subtle, but not so much as to be completely ignored and forgotten in the background as you listen to it. When I saw the mention of a froggy's ribbit, I was a little worried that it'd be blantantly used (I'm not a huge fan of voice clips and sound effects in songs...), but it's well-incorperated and doesn't seem out of place in the least. Nicely done.
  2. Wow. Very pretty and emotional. It's a shame the vocals, while well done, are a bit quiet at times, making it hard to catch the lyrics. Overall, beautiful work.
  3. Well, it definately gets points for originality. I'm surprised how well Terra's theme worked with that genre... it's great! As for the rap itself, well... not bad, but it sounds a little odd... maybe because of the French pronounciation? Not a lot of hard, precise sounds... either way, I couldn't pick up a lot of the lyrics myself; the only definate words I think I caught were "with me." o_o I'd like to see them written. At times, however, the vocals almost sound too seperate from the melody track, as though they were seperately recorded and added as samples. Not that that's a bad thing... ah, I don't know. I don't really like that little moan either. =P Overall, pretty cool work tho.
  4. Oooh, very nice. Seems to have a subtle life to it, like an underlying force... No, I'm not getting into the technical part. Great mix!
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