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  1. My CPU isn't powerful enough to capture at full res while also running FL studio and not getting any underruns ^^; My desktop is a great machine, but it is 6 years old and I'm using onboard audio.
  2. Haha, I don't know if I have the "commercial aesthetic". That section of Welcome to My Kastle was actually really tricky to mix right, I think the sounds there are verging on being too crowded, but I managed to work it out in the end. I'll make a video in the next few days about it, and maybe show another song, like my touhou OC remix, explaining how the soundscape all fits together, and how i achieve "fullness" while avoiding muddiness.
  3. Sure, I can do something on that. Do you have a specific song segment that you feel has a lot going on but still sounds clean?
  4. I originally posted these up a whiiile ago, but figured you guys might appreciate them here as well. I'm a posted mixer now (woo!) so I feel like I have at least -some- credibility ;P In most of these I aim to take a real example from one of my songs and reconstruct it to show you how it was made. Full youtube playlist: Tutorial 1: Chip Drums - (This one's a little more lengthy. Also has a small bit of clipping on the voice track, so try to avoid listening on headphones if you can) Tutorial 2: Drum Layering - Tutorial 3: 3xOsc Fat Mode, Phase Randomness Tutorial 4: Mixing (1) Tutorial 5: Mixing (2) Disclaimer: I'm not an expert on advanced mixing, drum processing, etc. My production style is super-duper simple. But again, I'm a posted remixer, so I've gotta be doing -something- right. Less is more. Let me know if there are any requests for anything else along these lines, especially if you can point out a particular example from my music that you want to know how it was produced.
  5. Can't good arrangement contribute to it being a cool, creative piece of music? I'm not going to disagree with what either of you have said, but I don't know if I'd put myself -that- far over on that end of the spectrum. I just want to see people making really awesome music with FL. That could involve some crazy ridiculous setup with formula controllers, envelope controllers, beepmap (beepmap is awesome btw), and processing the heck out of a single sine wave to end up with something completely different. Or it could involve just plain good EQ, good mixing, tasteful arrangement, and awesome drum programming. Either one proves the point of "hey, you can make awesome music with just the demo version of FL, no need to cash in for ginormous orchestral sample libraries and hardware synths". Is pure "FL geekiness" technical exhibition going to weigh in on my vote? You sure as hell bet it is. I don't even care if it's something as silly as making a stick figure dance via Fruity Notebook, or writing a song at 999BPM using only C_Kick (awesome fun btw), that stuff is awesome! But ultimately if you applied a bunch of FL-wizard tricks and you still end up with a "meh" sound, I'm going to vote for the guy who "just" used good mixing skills and got something that sounds more professional. Nevarrrrr!
  6. You bet I'm planning on submitting it! ;)

  7. Uhhh, probably not, sorry to disappoint ^^; I don't do any commenting on YouTube except on my own videos. There's one or two other DDRKirby's out there, but they're all totally fakes, we all know I'm the most important ;P

  8. How the heck is Starcon2 an RTS? I DON'T CARE, EVERYONE DO STAR CONTROL REMIXES nawyuvkouy3kuyfweweeeeee!!! We will be *dancing* with the *squeezing the juice*
  9. Try alt-clicking all the timestretch settings. zircon explained to us why this happened once, it has something to do with metadata in the file, something about loop or beat markers perhaps? I can't remember it that well, really. edit: though, what you're describing sounds like something different. i've never touched those samples in particular. Do they play fine in the browser? what about in an external audio editor?
  10. Dude, emulating chip sounds with 3xOsc is ALL I do. Once upon a time, I was like "man, I love my 3xOsc but it can't change the duty cycle of its waves, so I have to use TS404 instead. But that's annoying because TS404 is monophonic! I could use a VST like tb_triforce or something to get past that, but then I can't use FL-style native pitch slides. There's no perfect solution!" (I actually considered making my own instrument in fl's synthmaker, to get what I wanted) Then I was randomly asking flashygoodness about some stuff and he told me he used custom waveforms in his 3xOscs. Brilliant! Now I had access to my beautiful 25% and 12.5% pulse waves using 3xOsc. And they even had that chippy old-school aliased sound since I ripped them from LSDJ/FT! Fastforward to last week or so when I was listening to and I was like, man, the duty cycle changes and articulations on these pulse channels are great! If only I could do this with 3xOsc...hm, I suppose I could try to fake it by...oh wait, what if...and then a few minutes later I opened up my test export in audacity and it looked totally good! 25%->50% pulse wave, just like that! 3xOsc foreverrrrrrr, it's the best best best. Also check out Supersaw_Pad, which has "fat mode" enabled so that each note turns into like 20 different detuned notes. Yay polyphony. Still nothing compared to TehBlob from KTHX2. Also, I know there was no demo flp for this round, but if we're getting KTHX3 that more than makes up for it because omg that would be AWESOME. Can we have more FL notebook visualizers please? |-< :D/-< \-< Also, ecto, what in blazes is going on in your .flp file that makes it so huge? hahaha...
  11. aw man, ecto you did the whole pretty-colors treatment for your project file. I shoulda done that too...used to do it back for FLMC. Then again, back then I was using pattern blocks, and they actually used the colors you told them to xP
  12. Aaaaand I'm done, after 14 hours of work (says the FL project info). I'm used to making things in ~3 hours, maybe 6 hours max including tweaking/mixing/mastering time, so this was crazy.
  13. Ah yes, you're right. Huh, doesn't that mean some of the FL demo projects will have random drops in sound? Some of them do use Toxic IIRC.
  14. Except AFAIK the demo version of FL studio also includes the demo version of slicex, which you can still use for listening purposes, so that's a nonissue. Just like how the FL demo projects use Slicex, and Sytrus, and Toxic, and whatever. You just can't save your Slicex work.
  15. Yeah, I should have double-checked the list, so I guess it's on me for not being careful, haha. Well, it wasn't quite so bad in the end anyways, once I got off my lazy butt and did it.
  16. Alright, I did it. I now have 19 instances of FL Slicer going on, no more Slicex. Hope you guys are happy ;P
  17. Right, but it includes the demo version of slicex, and all of our team has Slicex already so it's a nonissue for us. I mean, if I were doing this over, I'd have no issue using slicer. It's just, it didn't even occur to me that slicex wasn't included in FL free, and now I've got all this elaborate drum break stuff that I'd have to port over. xP If need be, yeah, I can bite the bullet and go do that, but I'd just really prefer not to, especially if it doesn't even sound any different in the end ^^;
  18. omg, we can't use slicex??? argggg too late Can we possibly allow slicex here? It's exactly the same functionality as FL Slicer, at least how I'm using it. If you want I -could- convert all my 20+ drum patterns (like 6 instances of slicex so far) into using Slicer, by converting each Slicex into two Slicers (one for normal, one for reverse hits), but it'll just be really tedious work on my part and in the end it'll sound exactly the same.
  19. If MM stage themes are "character themes" then they don't fit the criteria.
  20. Great, so Mega Man stage themes are out then. d'oh! It's okay, I have a plan B too.