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  1. is 2dc still going on tomorrow? can someone remind me what time it's going to be?
  2. iirc you should be able to play a CHORD on your keyboard and have it arpeggiate through those exact notes that you play.
  3. Good news; I got out of my class so I'm still free for OHC. yayyyy. I have something at 7-ish this week though so I won't be able to join in with you guys for listening. d'oh!
  4. yeah, mad props to everybody =D Was my first time and it went really well! Don't know if I'll be able to make it next time...starting next week I have a class that runs tuesdays/thursdays and goes until 6:30 D=. Which also means I can't join you guys for 2DC. Though I guess I might sit in with the listening party again. I'm trying to get out of the class though =D So I might be back after next week.
  5. hey, you gotta do what you can when you're stuck with FL's default samples =P (have definitely had to use fruity kick plus probably 4 different bass drum samples in order to get anything decent back when FLMC was still running. And that's not even taking into account all the crap you have to put it through to get it to sound decent =P)
  6. wouldn't have posted it if it hadn't already been "leaked" xP edit: I've always been getting enhanced marchers/phaseboots on elec, but i've heard plated greaves are the boots of choice for him. What say you? I was also considering sac heart instead of going for HotBL like I usually do... (disclaimer: I don't play at your skill level at all xD)
  7. 1.66 test client patch notes http://www.cybergamer.com.au/forums/thread/47873/HoN-1.66-Test-Client-patch-notes/ interesting changes =D
  8. patch 1.66 is bringing a rework of electrician. YESSSS!!!~~ (loved playing him, and it worked often at games of my skill level, but was always painfully aware of his limitations)
  9. oh nice, yeah i'm definitely going to be digging the bloodstone/sac stone buff, i liked playing defiler a lot until there was no more HP regen.
  10. I play as well with some friends at college, though haven't really been for the past two weeks or so due to having other things to do over winter break. ign is [T1T]DDRKirby(ISQ). edit: oops, it's [T1T]DDRKirbyISQ (no parens) also, I was looking through this thread and came across this post. win. playing electrician all the time does wonders for your KDA xD
  11. +1 on this. Though at the moment there's this sort of awkward limbo since Median XL v1.E9 is being released to coincide with 1.13...but 1.13 isn't official yet, etc etc. Median has still been a blast. I still play Zy-El from time to time for the heck of it (only in act2 normal), but i'd recommend Median XL over it.
  12. Is it just me, or is the "auto bpm" setting for Fruity Delay (not Fruity Delay 2) broken in v9.0.1? If I set the bpm to my project bpm manually, it works fine, but otherwise the timing is off. Fruity Delay 2 and Delay Bank don't have this problem (they don't have said setting). For reference, I'm using Fruity Delay as a VST plugin -- it's not under "fruity effect plugins" (and i don't think it has been for a while) edit: errr....that's weird, it's working now. will try and duplicate the error. edit2: okay, I was able to duplicate the error with one of my existing projects, but it's very easily fixed by simply tweaking the tempo and then tweaking it back, so the auto bpm "catches" the new bpm. or something. in any case it was basically a fluke.
  13. Actually, my laptop can't run asio4all without getting some underruns for semi-busy projects. But you should at least be able to get it to output -something-.
  14. if you're using asio4all, try making sure you don't have anything else open (media players, etc.) that could be using the sound interface. otherwise, it probably won't work. and, you want to go to the asio4all control panel, switch to advanced mode, and try fiddling with what devices are enabled/disabled. Sometimes it won't work unless you ONLY output to the device you want (speakers/headphones).
  15. in case you didn't already know (you should). the main draw factor here was a song by our very own zircon, feat pixietricks! (already announced on OCR's front page) Awesome. The other main thing seems to be the new playlist. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand it seems "interesting", and I'm open to trying out a new workflow. On the other hand I'm distressed by the fact that you can't swap the two panels to how they used to be in earlier versions anymore. So if I want to keep my old playlist functionality, I'd still be able to do it, but then I'd have audio clips/etc on the top, which would be somewhat awkward. Either that or I'd just end up throwing out the audio/pattern/automation clip section entirely, which ironically is the exact opposite of what seems to be intended . But, as I said, I'm open to trying new things. And I admit, as cool as my spiffy color-coded-gradient playlists look, it's also pretty neat to have a whole crapload of blips and bars that visually show you stuff. I suppose if I'm using this "new style" of playlist, then it actually MAKES SENSE that the default zoom on the playlist window is "Close". That always always bugged me ever since they changed it for version 7 or 8 or whatever. It made no sense because when you alt+click it, it resets to Medium anyways. Nyyargh. Gross Beat seems like a neat toy, but not free, so that's mostly a moot point. IIRC there's also improved multithreading support, but it didn't really affect things for me--my desktop rig still handles everything fine, while my laptop CPU still chokes on anything but the most meager of projects, despite me fiddling around with settings (yes, I have tried the obvious). What else? Oh, they changed the look+feel of the FL Wrapper, and also all the default FL plugins that don't have a specific GUI. Something is weird in that ever since I upgraded from version 7 (ish?) the "bars" of the FX plugins didn't display correctly. whatever. Anyways, FL Wrapper has some nice changes in how it works--there's a nice "Wrapping Settings" menu that's a lot more useful than the old dropdown menu if you're trying to get VSTs to play nice with FL. (edit: actually I'm pretty sure they just changed the look of the "bars") Does it seem weird to anyone else that they STILL have pattern 10 as "Main Automation"?
  16. i'm currently suffering from problems, and it was caused by about 85% mouse, 15% keyboard (my mouse wrist has it a lot worse) proper mouse technique, and a mouse pad with gel, though, can help (more so the former than the latter). if your wrist is touching the mousepad it's probably badddddd. and of course microbreaks, physical therapy, etc etcetc i haven't really considered switching to trackball seriously, though as somewhat of a last resort i would certainly go for it.
  17. (full track, as seen in FLMC9) mp3: http://files.filefront.com/Zelda+3+The+Dark+Side+of+emp3/;9719498;/fileinfo.html project file: http://files.filefront.com/TheDarkSideOfHyrulezip/;9723466;/fileinfo.html well then. That's what's most important! I always found the lack of a "reset this knob to default" feature annoying about synth1, but it's definitely a neat synth, and it DOES do all sorts of neat stuff (ring modulation, FM, LFOs!) that 3xOsc doesn't.
  18. I firmly (yet humbly) beg to differ! http://ddrkirby.googlepages.com/3xoscsupersaw.mp3 http://ddrkirby.googlepages.com/3xoscdarksideofhyrule.mp3 http://ddrkirby.googlepages.com/3xosctopmanspunwild.mp3 Okay, maybe other synths (and other producers) can do better. But 3xOsc is more than capable, if you use it right! Did you know that "Fat mode" essentially gives you 10 note unison on each of the 3 oscillators? That's 30 saw waves at once! "Phase Randomness" is absolutely essential for any supersaw sound with 3xOsc...
  19. of course! But most of us don't have the money/time/effort/expertise/skill to do real legit mastering (or more likely, have it done by someone else), or we're not going to bother doing it for all of our tracks. So we're just talking about "home mastering" techniques which could really be considered as part of "mixing" depending on how you look at it. It's obviously not gonna come out as good, but it's better than nothing. Not to mention, for some of us (*raises hand*), the mastering step doesn't really matter too much because there's more important things to focus on (such as, not making things that sound like crap in the first place). But, good clarification to make. edit: i'm probably preaching to the choir here, since you already mentioned in your post that you don't master your remixes for a reason.
  20. ah yeah, -this- is something that I've definitely found useful.
  21. iirc, wasn't the tendency to slap on too -much- reverb when mixing with headphones? I used to slap on a limiter/soft clipper/compressor FIRST THING and then mix while it was on. Nowadays I mix at -6dB so I can actually MIX without getting everything compressed and having the balance messed up by maximizers and such. I've actually been mixing without mastering plugins turned on, though every so often i'll stop and turn the maximizer back on to hear how the track sounds when it's turned up.I'm no mastering expert so for me "mastering" basically consists of, slapping on a maximizer (my mix should still be at -6dB before this), and fine-tuning the gain until it's loud enough without introducing too much compression/distortion/killing dynamics/etc. edit: and cutting inaudible freqs below like 20Hz, though I doubt it actually helps in a significant manner.
  22. as much as I'd like to join in on the complaints, this thread has largely served its purpose and i don't think it's all that productive just to turn it into a gripefest. move along, nothing to see here... plz don't steal "cheers" =/
  23. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aofficial&hs=mGP&q=what+is+vst&btnG=Search http://www.google.com/search?q=install+vst+cubase&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a hey, post-processed square waves can be cool too...
  24. (technicality: a 3xOsc with noise+noise+noise is actually the same volume as one with noise*1 and the other two set to 0% volume, since the 3 volumes are relative)