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  1. I've just released "All in a Day's Work" - a compilation of 24 of my best OHC entries (including 14 first-place entries). Check it out! http://ddrkirbyisq.bandcamp.com/album/all-in-a-days-work
  2. Bandcamp link (free download) A compilation of 24 of my best One Hour Compo (OHC) entries, including 14 1st-place winners. Since each song was completed in one hour, you could say the entire album took the equivalent of a single day to make. My usual chiptune-made-modern sound is here in full force, but I've also tried to include some of the darker, weirder, more experimental, and more fun things I've come up with over the course of the 100 or so OHCs I've done. Hope you enjoy! There's actually nothing in here that isn't available in my free "Monthlies" series, but it's a nice compilation regardless, and as a bonus it comes with a nice 10-page liner notes PDF with my thoughts on each track.
  3. GLL told me I should think about getting in on this! No real idea what track I'll get, but most of the time my track ideas come to fruition over the course of a couple of hours tops (must be all that OHC experience), so no need to really claim anything...we'll see what happens!
  4. Thanks! I wouldn't say OSTs are a "regular" sort of thing for me; more like I can do it whenever I need to (as in, whenever I'm actually making a new game =P).
  5. Sampler: My bandcamp site is now live! Link: http://ddrkirbyisq.bandcamp.com Featuring: -Over 200 songs (that's more than 10 HOURS!), produced over 7 years -...most of which is absolutely FREE to download -Awesome pixel art album art covers for free music releases, grouped by month (example) -Batch downloads for your convenience -24 OHC 1st place entries, 12 OHC 2nd place entries, 14 OHC 3rd place entries, and 2 FLMC winners -Soundtracks for 3 video games, all programmed by me -Mega Man remixes, Zelda remixes, collabs, Reason rewire experiments, a 16-minute song, and more! So go, now! Download! Comment! Donate! http://ddrkirbyisq.bandcamp.com Follow me for updates: http://www.facebook.com/DDRKirbyISQMusic http://twitter.com/ddrkirbyisq http://www.youtube.com/user/DDRKirbyISQ And for even more cool stuff that I do, check out my main website: http://sites.google.com/site/ddrkirby
  6. This is actually a point I'd like to emphasize. I know my workflow is a little skewed because I try to streamline everything for One Hour Compos, but this function is really handy for me. Like everything, give it at least a couple of tries before you write it off (and there's nothing stopping you from reverting if you decide it's not for you). I know that in one of the updates they changed right-click behavior for scrollbars in the playlist and that kind of threw me for a loop at first but after a few sessions I adjusted just fine.
  7. Re: the ABC piano roll, just press "m" the first time you start up the piano roll in FL. It's silly but really not that much of a nuisance.
  8. I wait for the One Hour Compo theme to be announced at 6PM Actually, contrary to what people have said, I find that nowadays my best work is done when I DON'T have ideas in my head. Call me strange or weird or broken, but I find that whenever I try and go into a new project with any sort of specific preconception of what I'm trying or planning to do (other than a =very general= idea), it tends to block my flow of ideas and things don't "click" as well as they do when I'm just being freeform. This has been both a blessing as well as a curse for me... ...Which is not to say that this will or should be true for you too. Just wanted to point out that it's necessarily going to differ based on the natural "flow" method of your musical ideas.
  9. Clearly the answer is to use Reason, rewired in FL Studio... But, of course, the answer is to go out and try both and think critically about your first impression, because FIRST IMPRESSIONS MATTER. Feeling clunky about a workflow/UI is something that is possible to overcome...but will be a stumbling block; one that will demotivate you very subtly. Whereas if your interest is piqued by something, you'll naturally gravitate towards it anyways...
  10. 1. Make stuff 2. Look at other project files 3. Make stuff 4. Listen to other people's songs critically 5. Did I mention, make stuff?
  11. I -should- have experience with this but ever since I reformatted my macbook and started running windows via bootcamp on it i've just been always using my windows desktop for FL stuff. I can say for sure that you probably won't want FL running in OSX via wine though. It -works-, and you'll be able to do things in it, but there's just enough annoyances that you won't really like it. Well, I guess it also depends on how heavily you rely on VSTs, how you're used to entering notes (mouse sequencer? midi keyboard?), etc. You will probably be just fine though.
  12. speaking of tempo automation, do you guys generally use edit events or automation clips for tempo changes? I think I generally find IIRC that automation clips are really buggy for me for some reason when it comes to tempo changes (note that my automation clip isn't the length of the whole song) or maybe it was just when I tried to combine the two that all hell broke loose. heh.
  13. Nice! I've still been using the MIDI out method as well, though i do use note color when I want reverses in slicex. Do you know any way of quickly changing the current note color that you're drawing in? Right now I'm having to resort to actually clicking on it, which is sort of a pain... (also, S for pitch slide is super-useful, yay)
  14. I do believe we might have similar views but are just speaking on different wavelengths. ^^; I might be misunderstanding the OP's familiarity with the basic UI but since they said that they "recently got a copy of FL" i assume they're still learning the very basics, like "what is this piano roll thing and what are these green bars everywhere". At that point I don't think it's -necessary- to have someone explain things to you, since you can either learn just by looking and playing around with it, or you can just quickly look at the manual which will basically tell you. That's definitely....not all there is to FL. xD hence, toolbox (it's abstract, i know). -Having someone there to help you- is always better than being self-taught. But if you've never used FL before, you'd probably learn more just by going through the process of making a simple song (and maybe DURING the process, asking "hey, i want an echo effect, can you tell me how to do that?"), rather than me giving you a 20-minute lecture on what the playlist and mixer are, which could just go in one ear and out the other. Then again, maybe different people learn differently. Again, I don't think I'm actually meaning to disagree here. I think what I basically meant to say is, it's good to ask people for help, after you know what to ask. @Protodome: is this my cue to ashamedly admit that i didn't actually read through your post before writing that? >_<
  15. Yeah--even though it is -possible- to get someone to teach you the basic "how to use FL" (there's this thing called the playlist...and here's the mixer...and here's the channel settings dialog, here's what everything does in this tab), i wouldn't recommend it. It's mundane and tedious for the explainer and not as helpful to the student. I find that getting other people's advice only helps you once you're past that phase, and again, looking to expand your "toolbox". Once you're there then people can share their "tools" with you and show you how to use yours better.
  16. learn yourself around the basic program ui and workflow. make a few basic songs (even if they suck) just to get used to things. look at the example songs and see how they did things. once you're past the initial "how do i make notes" phase, it's all about improving your ever-expanding "toolbox" of techniques...by experimenting, by looking at other people's projects, by looking for new VSTs, etc etc.
  17. That would work if i stuck to always using the same track for my drums xPPP
  18. that's what i was talking about xD. It just seemed like project picker is more or less the same functionality as plug-in picker. Except I guess with plugin picker it would be easier to differentiate between a bunch of VSTs (that all look different, and are hopefully sorted into the right category), rather than a mixmash of patterns. (it doesn't really help that I don't label my patterns when I'm doing something like One Hour Compos) I guess maybe I just got too used to the add one ... dropdown menu that I didn't really need the plugin picker, despite the fact that i thought it was really cool!
  19. Yeah I remember checking out the similar interface that they had for channel->add one that let you pick from a whole bunch of VSTs in the same manner. I remember carefully cataloguing all of my VSTs so that they would show up the way I wanted....and then proceeding to never ever use that feature ever again.
  20. ...which settles it, now i have nothing good to say at all. =( was the double-right-click behavior in as well? I did, but I was just wondering what the "correct" (lol) way to select them was.
  21. Just installed it. From first impressions, a mixed bag. As I imagined, no major changes that affect me, but it's all the little UI tweaks that I'm either pleased or worried about. for one i'm worried about the change in behavior of right-click dragging a horizontal scrollbar. It used to be that that would let you scroll in both X and Y directions, but now it just seems to be scroll X + zoom X. And zoom X is something I almost never do! also, if pattern blocks are dying, what was supposed to be their supposed proper way to select an arbitrary pattern? The only two things I see are the pattern selector at the top (ugh), or right-clicking that, or clicking in the title ba of the playlist... I'm looking forward to playing with patcher though, hopefully it's good. =D edit: i guess the new "pan in X and Y is middle mouse button, which is a problem because my mouse doesn't have one. hmmmmm....." edit2: ...but one of my other mouse buttons works fine for it, yay. overall verdict, there is nothing really new for me here aside from potentially patcher (maybe???), but an update is an update. it'll basically just be me learning a few new UI things and readjusting my shortcuts and such. I'll probably discover one or two shortcuts and such that already existed in previous versions too, hahaha. edit! okay, patcher can't add 3xOscs. it's useless to me now. i'm left with almost nothing good to say about this version =( probably one of the only things that i like is the ghost note display in the piano roll, which i think will be useful when i'm doing harmonies with two monophonic synths (TS404!). i disagree with most of the other interface changes. poo.
  22. I haven't actually gotten around to trying out FL10 yet, but isn't subtle relative-brightness linked to velocity an old feature?