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  1. Did our team actually send anything in or were we all too busy getting our ass kicked by RL stuff? xP
  2. Can I export waveforms or drum beats using the default plugins/samples and then reimport them for use in slicex/granulizer/3xOsc? Or make something like TehBlob? Or do you want us to stick to flps only?
  3. DUDE! Heck yeah! Remixes are always clunky for me to start, but FL Studio defaults is easy peasy no problem loads of fun! Totally doing this. I still remember KTHX2. Actually, I still remember the giant FL collab project from wayyyy back when that included Prophecy, Beatdrop, Nasseman, and a whole other bunch of people that I can't remember. Pretty epic times...
  4. What do you get when you combine Gangnam Style with Chiptune, dubstep, video game SFX, and the Macarena? Download: http://ddrkirbyisq.bandcamp.com/album/gangnam-style-ddrkirbys-roflmix There was also a performance:
  5. Fruity Delay 1 is slightly buggy in the newer versions of FL, from my experience. I used to use it exclusively but then I started running into weird tempo issues, so now I either use delay bank or delay 2. Lets me do stereo offsets while I'm at it. That doesn't really seem to be what you're describing though. If I had to guess (without actually opening the project file, sorry), my best intuition would be that the effect has smart disable on, which automatically silences tracks that aren't active after a while (which can cut out long delays or reverbs). Of course, smart disable is -disabled- for rendering mode, but when you're previewing it does kick in after some amount of seconds.
  6. We meet every week on Thursday night. 6PM pacific, 9PM eastern. Join us in IRC at #thasauce in irc.esper.net for the chat before and listening party afterwards. All the info is at http://compo.thasauce.net/compos/view/OHC
  7. Does anyone have a way to get in contact with Usabell? He's the only old-timer I can't seem to pin down, unless http://www.youtube.com/user/Usabell is his channel. Did he live in Switzerland? I forget... Please continue to spread the word about OHC200! Only a few days left!
  8. Try listening to songs right after you wake up...oh man, they sound so loud, and fast! Somewhat distantly related is the phenomenon where when you first shift vision to a clock, the first second that passes seems to be stretched/longer than the rest: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chronostasis The most prominent example of tempo perception being off that I have is that I have two versions of the same song: The first version is at a faster tempo, and slows down at the end. The second version is at a slower tempo, and has no slowdown at the end. Now, the first version is the original version of the song, and I've listened to it a bunch more, so my mind has gotten used to it. The effect is that when I listen to the ending of the second one, I =expect= the slowdown, and when it doesn't happen, my mind actually perceives the tempo as =speeding up=! It's super weird! Another thing: I did a song for a dance choreography once--everyone kept swearing that at the climax where it went up to a higher key, the song got faster too, but of course, that was just a mental thing....more excitement/higher key sounds like it's going faster (plus, that part of the choreo was more complicated, so we probably felt like we were getting behind, and perceived it as the track speeding ahead of us).
  9. Yeah, let's try and round everyone up and try to make it the biggest OHC ever! Get anyone you can if you know how to contact em...InvisibleObserver, Usabell, trenthian...heck even Beatdrop has done OHC at some point!
  10. Forgot to add, I thought it was funny how at certain points I almost thought "wow is zircon trollin us by entering his own contest?"...particularly when I heard Rexy's Umaro remix, as I just couldn't help but think of the Return All Robots OST when I heard it. xD Anti-Syne's mix also gave me strong VibRibbon vibes for some reason.
  11. "It's better to write for yourself and lose your audience, than to write for the audience and lose yourself" --Souleye, composer for VVVVVV
  12. Amen to that! Two years of doing OHC have taken me from doing meager <2 minute repetitive tracks to things like 6-minute monstrosities that are also remixes of not one but two other OHC entries from the previous week. It's ridiculous how much it's helped me improve! (and before all that, I was making things like a stupid rejected OCR submission that was basically like MIDI rip with bad mixing and boring samples...not even up to the OCR standards of 8 years ago!)
  13. Yep, that one was definitely mine--it's distinctively my style, got my name written alllll over it ;P In case anyone missed it, not only did I incorporate Setzer/Daryl's (also in ) and Terra's theme into the song, but the arp in the intro is straight out of "Adventure", a track from the wonderful FEZ soundtrack by Disasterpeace. One of the melodies in the intro is also from another one of my songs, Fractale, which is an entry I did for OHC. Ooh, =that's= what "Gobble Snarf Snap" was (thought it might have been one of the umaro mixes from the title). I don't really feel too bad losing out to that one, it was so FUN! =D Congrats to everyone!~ And high five Rexy for getting the exact same score And, of course, thanks to zircon for running the contest, and processing all the votes manually O_o
  14. I've been told mine sticks way out and is instantly recognizable...i'm inclined to agree
  15. I was sad because I think there were at least a handful which I wanted to give a NO (resubmit) to because I liked the idea/potential but the execution fell short for me. d'oh!
  16. I was totally going to! But didn't have the time...D: Actually, I was going to try "Rest in Peace" as well...I haven't listened to everybody's yet, but I bet no one did that one, am I right? (or am I in for a pleasant surprise?) Edit: I stand corrected! I see at least one Rest in Peace ;P
  17. I think you need to take a little care in defining the ratings, as in should we "normalize" our ratings so that the "least outstanding" entry gets a 1 even if we thought it was still overall really good (just not as good as everything else)? I'm just having a hard time imagining a mix that someone would submit to a contest that is "quite unenjoyable", which means that lower end of the rating scale might be severely underutilized. I'd rather have that scale width to differentiate the mixes that are OMGWTF good from the ones that are "just" really enjoyable (Just my 2 cents though!)
  18. Forcing people to rate all 33 entries might deter some people who don't want to plop down >1hr of their time, but I wouldn't have it any other way...this means people will be giving real, objective feedback! Thumbs up! I feel like I'm going to be hard-pressed to vote though...given the level of talent in this community, my first instinct is probably going to be to give 50% of the tracks a rating of 5 xD. So hyped for this!
  19. Well, so much for the idea of doing more than one entry On the plus side, the one I'm working on really started coming together yesterday. Will send mine in within the next 24 hours or so
  20. Also good to know! Though, I can only recall ever running into that once, I think.
  21. Ahhhh that makes sense. I've already memorized some of the samples that this happens to because I use them frequently, but never thought of why it actually occurred in the first place...