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  1. i might be interested in doing a song or two.. though i've got less and less time as of late to spend on anything... and i'm supposed to be working on an album
  2. man this is pretty awesome, just got redirected here from another thread and didn't expect this interesting of a song. i do like the drums with it and the effects on the squares are a nice touch.
  3. mv @ vgmix made a "NES" remix of mario world songs, though it's not really what nintendo would have made it sound like. i don't know where to find the mp3, so here's the tracked file http://4x86.com/mv-smw8b.zip
  4. 25% and 75% aren't exactly the same since you can make some cool effects with them or avoid unwanted ones in some circumstances. They do sound the same most of the time though! Anyway this sounds more like it'd be done on an SNES.
  5. http://8bitpeoples.com/discography_gfx.php#8BP076 http://nsf.4x86.com/index.php?p=music Finally, after many months, I've finished this thing. You can download the songs from 8bitpeoples.com or my website (nsf.4x86.com). The MP3s are recorded straight off SLiVeR's NES, so if you want to hear those, go for it! NSFs are also provided for people who don't care / don't have the bandwidth. I'm glad that with this album I could actually design some sounds around the actual NES hardware's flaws and incosistencies that emulators don't pick up. Many thanks to SLiVeR for helping me out there! These are links to the NSFs- the MP3s can be downloaded at the links at the top of this post. 01-Out There 02-Nebula 03-The Voyage 04-Asteroid Run 05-Forgotten_Planet 06-Fighting for Control 07-Tension 08-Rocket Flight 09-Unknown Sector 10-Story of the Constellations
  6. saw this at gamingforce but didn't bother to respond there... these are nice! i'm keeping them.
  7. on the whole subject of chiptunes here, i submitted one a few months ago (grim determination, secret of mana remix) and it got auto-rejected. the only reason i can guess why is that it's a chiptune. really, though, auto-rejection sucks a lot in that it doesn't explain anything.
  8. It's a good song... I've had it on my playlist for a looonnng time.
  9. I found the final bossin Golden Sun 2 to be rather hard. It has a move that can take out at least 1-2 of your party members in one hit, if it's strong, and it uses this move a LOT near the end. Hm... reminds me of Necron from FF9 - if the guy had more HP than 200,000 (weakers HP for an FF final boss ever) he could have been a candidate, but that was his weakness. Oh and the final boss from Mario is Missing!!11 not.
  10. Well I liked this mix when I downloaded it, but it's grown on me more since that time. I like it a lot, and I hope the author comes up with more music of this caliber. I especially like the strings that are near the beginning of the song. Only one complaint though, near the beginning, I always get a sense that there is no midtone whatsoever, but that's just me, I guess.
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