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  1. Averaging about 6 hours a level right now on my mage. Today I hit 77 and got my flying ability back for another 1000g....sigh.... Your right about Dalaran though it is VERY small in comparison to Shatt. Smaller then any previous major city. I must say though that the music is 100x better then the soundtrack from The Burning Crusade. I actually enjoy listening to the in game music rather then listening to some onlline radio in the background. The violins in Grizzly Hills and the piano in Dragonblight are my faves:-P. The quests are very well made and far more interesting. Sure there are some grinding quests here and there. Or some go to point X and get item Y. Any online game will always have those. Getting to see the lich king in some of the longer quest chains pulls the lore together. Although I think he sounds alot like Christian Bale in Batman. That raspy sounding voice makes him sound like a chain smoker. I'm hoping to hear him say "I'm the God Damn Lich King!". The zones themselves look beautiful8-O. I didnt care so much for Borean Tundra, although the expanse of the place is huge. It seems like you can see for miles on end. My scaling atleast with my hp/mana pools have gone to ridiculous amounts even keeping most 70 raid gear that I've yet to find replacements of. I went from a 70 around 8k hp and 9.5k mana to about 11k hp and 13k mana at 77. Another interesting thing I've noticed about leveling was the fact that the EXP from 70-71 or 71-72 doesnt jump by a large amount from what leveling used to be. Each level even at 77 is only about 1.6million EXP. The instances are fairly cool too, most seem to be well designed. I enjoyed The Nexus alot, lots of cool effects and glowing stuff to look at. Haven't tried to many of the others yet.
  2. Yeah we killed Kael with a PUG also. Some of the player inside had only been lvl 70 for 4 hours hahaha. Some noob mage named Corney also rolled need on a T5 chest when we had the rule to pass then roll /random 1000. After he needed the leader kicked him out of the raid and rolled need against him but he ended winning the roll. However he didn't receive the item since he was no longer in the raid and after I won the random roll I couldnt loot the corpse to receive the loot. So now my ticket has been escalated by a GM to see if I can get my token. I HATE NINJAS! I also crit the mechano-lord in mech where you stack the polarity for 19,000 THREE TIMES!!! Fireball, Fireball, (hot streak) Pyroblast! I was laughing so hard we literally killed him in about 15 seconds. My new guild cleared Hyjal tonight also, I was 4th on dps averaging about 2.8k for the entire time I was in there, with some ZA and t5 badge gear. That a huge improvement from my previous 1.1k pre3.0 We do have a sunwell geared druid (moonkin) averaging 4.9k dps! 0/50/11 Flamestrike + Icy veins + Combustion spam FTW! Also I noticed that flamestrike is only 460 mana with talents to cast. And with the flamestrike crits I was getting 600 (3x200) mana back from the master of elements talent. If I needed mana back I'd just spam it and actually regain to full. Probably a bug right now since you should only gain 30% of its original cost.
  3. True, but not everyone has the key to UBRS too. Luckily I got the seal off of the 2nd trash mob as I was waiting around for the group to get in and finished the questline once everyone came inside since no one had a key. Even if I don't need to get into UBRS for the title I make a good 50g just opening the door for people who don't. Now I need to go back into LBRS and get my dog and spider pets.
  4. Got my Jenkins title today! Kill 50 whelps in 15 seconds is harder then it looks, at first we had a tank go around and gather them all up. But because the mass of whelps trying to be AOE'd we all got disconnected about 2 seconds starting the fight. The second time we all just ran in and used all of our AOE at the same and killed 50 with 3 seconds to spare.
  5. Your using what is essentially lvl 80 spells or attacks at 67. So of course its overpowered. You have to wait until all the mobs and other players catch up to the level of the power to see things balance out. My mage is almost all frost right now. In the last few AV games I've played either im in the top 1-5 of killing blows, or if I choose to spam Blizzard in chokepoints where groups of enemies dont have much room to move, I can top the damage charts. 615,000 damage in a single game is nuts considering the person in 2nd was at 520,000. I also had a epic AV win for alliance, we won with 1-0 reinforcements and took a Screenshot, which i cant link here cause im at work. Blizzard now crits and with all the slowing effects (75%) and freezing in place. It makes it extremely easy to farm multiple mobs anywhere, as long as they arent casters or ranged. And if you go far enough into fire to get the 10% chance to stun, it affects ALL spell damage now not just fire. So if enemies arent freezing in place they are getting stunned for 2 seconds. With master of elements restoring mana on crits, you get around 60 mana for every crit that Blizzard does! Leveling in the xpac is going to be amazing!
  6. I just recently rediscovered this song after hearing it a long time ago. All I can say is that the beauty is in the simplicity. And its Wonderful!
  7. To the OP: You must be new but "favorite" threads are not allowed due to the breakout of flame wars. See here: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=2360
  8. Pencil trick... 'nuff said
  9. It was an amazing interview. He is so passionate about his work and to learn of his reaction to the concerts must have been an truly inspiring and deeply motivating moment for him. I would recommend that anyone who has an appreciation for his music, or making their own compositions read the interview. Its very inspiring!
  10. http://www.1up.com/do/feature?pager.offset=0&cId=3162780 Personally I think its a great interview with some insight of how the game development works. And sorry if this has been posted, I wanted to share with the community in case you haven't seen it.
  11. Marle (マール [Maaru] in Japanese, which would indicate a silent 'e') Taken from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marle_(Chrono_Trigger)
  12. Piracy

    Sony PS3

    I'm gonna requote my post because i dont think anyone saw the the post since the threads merged.
  13. Piracy

    Sony PS3

    Many of you have maybe already seen this, some of you may have not. These are scans of the April issue of EGM, and feature the new Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. Looks like PS3 has its first killer app. And a video from the GDC conference.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5m6n1U-pTM
  14. ANYONE (stealthed or not, i did it as a mage) can hug the wall and grab the container containing the key, it is on the left side when you look at murmur (his right). It is located on the first ledge, behind a protuding wall, you can see it if you are in front of murmur. When opening the container a elemental will spawn. You can kite him back to the front of murmur and kill him with 2-3 people, without going out of his aggro range. The elemental has 20k hp and hits clothies for about 800-900 regularly. If you die the mob will return back to his container, the container will disappear, however the mob will not despawn. If you die for some reason or aggro murmur in the process. Just come back in and he will be waiting for you. Blizzard also nerfed the amount of people that can loot the key at one time, you used to be able to switch out members for others to have a maximum of 2 groups (10 people) loot the key. It is now only possible as of the recent patch that only 5 maximum are allowed to loot it. GG ALL!
  15. Rose and the Female cop both died when each crashed. Rose in her car and the cop on her bike. They were then pulled into the limbo realm that already existed that was controlled by Alessa with the help of Death. Alessa, the townsfolk, Rose and the cop are all dead. Sharon was the human form of the good part of Alessa that remained in the earth realm. When she was brought back to Silent Hill she was removed from the earth realm into the limbo realm and reunited with her evil counterpart and Death. All remained in limbo due to several reasons. The townsfolk remained because they refused to admit to killing Alessa and to face their guilt for it. The townsfolk dieing in the fire that occured during the burning of Alessa. Alessa remained in limbo because she needed revenge on those who killed her and with the aid of Death she was able to create the limbo realm in Silent Hill. Alessa died from her burns, this is seen as Death visits her when she is in the oxygen tent and the Alessa look alike shows up and peers in the tent window, the Alessa in the bed reaches and touches hands with Death through the tent and the creation of the limbo realm ensues. Rose and the cop remain in the limbo realm because they are looking for Sharon. Only after helping Alessa are Rose and Sharon able to leave Silent Hill and return "home". Only Sharon is not Sharon anymore, Death took over that body as Rose and Sharon were coward with their eyes closed and Sharon opened her eye and saw Death approaching and "passed out". Rose and Death returned home in the fog and we saw Chris in the earth realm in the same space and time and he senses Rose as he did earlier when he was searching the earth realm of Silent Hill. Just a little focus and the movie does explain itself.
  16. What about Eye of the Storm? I haven't tried it yet, for some reason I get a internal error every time it begins to load, and my game crashes. BTW DING! 70 and I love my flying mount....
  17. Piracy

    Windows Vista

    http://www.gamespot.com/features/6164940/index.html Gamespot.com has a good article about XP Vs. Vista as far as gaming is concerned. Obviously in the article you will need at least 1Gb of ram to do anything, with 2-3gb being the "sweet spot" for gaming. Most games only have a few FPS difference between XP and Vista. Not the performance promised from DirectX10 I was hoping for initially, but that to be expected with any new platform, you have to give the developers time to upgrade and optimize everything first.
  18. Give Barret nothing but maxed out counter-mime materia for both weapon and armor. Go into the fight with his limit break all the way up. I think cloud gives him hero potions, but im not exactly sure, its been a while. Basically, He uses Ungarmax, and then Emerald WEAPON attacks him, and then the eight Counter/Mimes kick in.
  19. About killing the Weapons in FFVII here is a video in japanese that will make scream why didnt i think of that before? http://n.ethz.ch/student/wmartin/videos/FFVII%20(JP)%20Beating%20Emerald%20Weapon%20(in%201.18%20min).rmvb sorry if its been posted before...
  20. she is a he... but anyways great music, I especaily enjoy his other tracks on his site, check em out....
  21. It sounds very cut and paste.... Definately not my style, and not the best example of what it could have been.
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