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  1. Oh God... I'm currently without a computer and I don't get Comedy Central here in Canada! I still haven't seen the episode! This is the longest I've gone without seeing a new episode in about five seasons. It's killing me...
  2. Hmmm... I honestly thought this song was already on OCR. Like other people, I must have come across it on VGmix. Whatever. My review is simply to say that Torvus Clockwork has rarely left my playlist since I discovered it. It was definitely my favourite track from the game and I was absolutely elated to hear that such a fine remix of it had been released. Thanks, DarkeSword. You did a bang-up job!
  3. Are you being a conscientious objector or are you just unaware that Revolution is no more?
  4. Yes! Praise the Lord! As for Solid Snake, OH MY GOD!!! Sorry, I just found out about this about five minutes ago. This is the sort of thing I've always dreamt about but would never have thought possible. Now my friend and I can settle our eight-year-old debate of who could kick whose ass, Link or Snake.
  5. In a world where 50 Cent rules the music charts, the DK Rap really deserves more respect.
  6. Back when it was first released, I used to rent Super Smash Bros. everyweek. I probably spent enough to have actually bought it... but I was just a stupid high school kid. After playing Melee all these years, I went back to try the original again. Not only does it not look so hot, it doesn't play that great either. Super Smash Bros. Melee improved upon every single aspect of the original. I'm really excited to see whether or not the Smash Bros. Wii can improve upon Melee. The first way they can do that is to have Pit as playable character!
  7. You poor, pitiful fool... I'll probably go see Silent Hill Monday night. I'm not too encouraged by the 28% at rottentomatoes.com and 27 at metacritic.com, though. I'm unable to turn my brain off and enjoy this movie simply as a fanboy. The shitty things I've been hearing about it are most likely going to stand out to me as they would in any other poorly constructed movie. Although, I've been playing the first Silent Hill again and the acting in the movie can't possibly be worse than in the game.
  8. Shit! The movie was not screened for critics. That does not go along with the "maybe this will be a good movie" theory. Almost all movies not screened to critics are just garbage. My hope has sank...
  9. You sure are! I'm not sure I'll go see it Friday, though. I have to work the graveyard shift my job and I'll be the only one there working for eight hours. I'm not so sure I want to do that after witnessing the horrors of Silent Hill.
  10. Everytime I hear this I think back to XMark's joke/alternate submission to the July 2005 DoD Competition entitled Mario Jam. Both Mario Jam and Gypsy Jazz strongly, and fantastically, utilize the guitar. I've been listening to both a lot lately. Gypsy Jazz, to it's credit, is longer, much more developed, and upbeat. I don't usually review OCR songs but I just had to throw my two cents in for this one. Great job!
  11. If you expect the filmmakers to find a way to explain some of the most obscure details in the series' to appease hardcore fans (which are fewer in comparison to the "general public") and to somehow make the movie fit in line with the game storyline, then I'm willing to bet you're going to be sorely disappointed.[/ quote] David Lynch does it, why can't Mr. Gans? That is to say, a movie that is so intricate and complicated thatnobody gets it. Fuck the general public. The Silent Hill Movie's not about money, it's about Chris Gans making a movie of a game that he really enjoys, and us being glad that someone is finally doing it. (After we see it, we can talk about content). The way in which David Lynch makes movies is done because that's his mode of telling great stories. He's not doing it for the benefit of anyone, he does it for the benefit of the movie. In a licensed property, such as Silent Hill, appeasing fans with things they recognize and including convoluted references to inconsequential aspects of the games can detract from the movie itself. A movie should be made with a view to it being a good movie, not just a movie based on a video game.
  12. [Editted quote to emphasize spoiler warning]Yeah, I think that pretty much settles it there.
  13. You know... that could have been preceded by a possible Spoiler Warning. It was in a press release. I figured you people would've seen it by now. Yeah, I personally don't care about spoilers and all that. I just know that some people are trying to avoid as much information about the movie as possible and, since this a general Silent Hill thread, and not a movie specific one, they may find what they're not looking for. That said, Cybil is a dispensable character, really. Her death might add more to the story than her living ever could.
  14. You know... that could have been preceded by a possible Spoiler Warning.
  15. I read the interview, yeah. Gans was pretty blunt with his thoughts about Boll. I liked that. It shows me that doesn't want to be associated with Uwe in any way. What's the best way to do that? Make a good movie! (Yes... my logic is flawed...)
  16. I've been a part of OCR for nearly two years, been visiting the site as a non-member for quite a lot longer than that, and somehow this remix has gone unnoticed by me until just now. I don't understand how... The Water Theme from Super Mario 64 is among my favourite VG tunes of all time and I've heard a great many mixes of it in my time. Some good. Some bad. Sunken Suite here is, by far, the most fully realized remix/rearrangement of the Water Theme that I have yet to come across. My iPod has found a new permanent addition.
  17. Hahahaha He mispelled it even after ifirit corrected RazorOutlaw. That's rich!
  18. Oh god... I think Pyramid Head may once more haunt my dreams.
  19. So, apparently I've been living in my own little bubble world since I only discovered last night that there's a Silent Hill movie coming out soon. High Definition Silent Hill Trailer It was only yesterday morning that I started a thread talking about how I wasn't sure that a Metroid movie could make a good film. Here, however, I find myself on the completely opposite side of the fence. Despite what I know of video-game-to-movie translations, I want to believe Silent Hill will be good. Unlike Metroid, its plot is more suited for a motion picture without having to sacrifice key elements what makes it great. I won't lie, I got more excited watching the Silent Hill trailer than I've gotten watching a trailer in a long time. I wait in eager anticipation of April.
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